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Topic: An open topic for all things manga.
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So far, in the poll I posted, General anime/manga topics is winning.* Not to say that the other options don't have merit, but I want to focus on what the majority has requested at this point.

Anyway, what types of general manga topics are y'all interested. Genres? Something else? What will be most interesting for people and the most conducive to on-going discussion?

* (I consider a vote for All of the above to count as +1 for each option and a vote for None of the above to count as -1 for each option. So as of right now, 22 people have requested General anime/manga topics.)
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I just found out that The Twelve Kingdoms is being brought over here. :) I've already got the anime, but the manga series is far longer and I always wanted to read it. It's coming out in 7 gigantic volumes starting March 13. I think that just made my day.

I'm curious, though, to see how much more convoluted the story is, because I remember the anime confusing some of my friends. It's not a story for everyone, but I quite liked it.

Kahokochan - Actually, I find that getting the manga I want is more the problem than finding manga in general where I am. Borders carries a lot, but the one near me never seems to restock. (Same from Best Buy. *sigh*) But things seem to be getting better.

And kley, I finished Paradise Kiss a while ago. It was love. :)
icklerobynpookins - You get manga at your Best Buy? I feel so...deprived. ;_;

Kahokochan - Fruits Basket! One of my favorites, by far. I have yet to finish (as all of them are at home with my sister), but I enjoy them so much.

You know what I really want to get? Tenchi Muyo. I've been a huge fan since the anime came out, and I'm intrigued at the concept of manga being released for a series after the anime was created. I own a few of the manga, but I'd really like to be able to read the rest. I'm also partial to the style of drawing. :D
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
Ah, sorry, I don't get manga there, that's the place I get my anime. Though, the Best Buy and the Borders are right across from each other in Pentagon City, so it's practically the same store. XD

Tenchi Muyo... Hmm, I kind of liked some of the iterations of the show, but never really got into it. Maybe I'll flip through a volume next time I'm at the store. I think Full Metal Panic! was another show-first, manga-second series, but I can't be sure. It's usually the other way around.
i actually just sold a bunch of my manga on ebay. ;_; i'm kind of sorry i did. (did you buy my marmalade boy? XD)

on the other hand, the money i'm saving up in my paypal account is my play money for conventions this year. so it's all good. :D

do you guys consider "american manga" to be manga? i read stuff like i luv halloween and drama con and van von hunter, but i haven't decided whether i think of it as manga or just... comics in graphic novel format. not to denigrate american comics, which i've been reading since i was a little girl. i just think it's weird to call it "manga" when that's stealing a word from another language to describe what it is anyway.

hahaha, i can't tell if my question even made sense at this point. >_>;
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don't worry, it's all confidential
a few comments:::

writing in japanese imposes its own set of limitations.

cartooning is very old. like, as old as human civilization. cave paintings were the first comics, (that we know about) in that they tell a story through pictures. influences have been flying hither and yon ever since.

i don't know what american comics you've been reading, but i could pull out dozens of examples of fluid line art using plenty of variation in the weight of the lines. and dozens more of chunky, very flat line art. like painters, illustrators have very different styles, especially when trying for a specific feel.

i have no doubt that you consume anime and manga as voraciously as you claim, but i wonder if you are as much an "expert" on non-japanese media?

oh, and i don't even like calling manga "manga." >_> i speak english. there's a perfectly applicable word in the english language for manga. when typing, i can call them manga. but in my head and in my mouth, it's comics.
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EternalSailorSilverMoon: Hi! Since you're new here, it would be a good idea to read the FAQs to answer any questions you may have about the site. One of the things that is not allowed here is making off-topic posts. This topic is for conversation about manga; your post is more appropriate at Central Control, where you can post about general topics. Be sure to read the topic header before posting next time to avoid making off-topic posts. Thanks!

it bothers me when people are embarassed to read/watch/consume whatever it is they want.

naruto is a hilarious manga and anime series. people who don't like it can shut up any time now. i don't like the three stooges or benny hill, but they've had plenty of fans. people like stupid. naruto is stupid. it's also ninjas. so there.

(also, it's got a good message in there about how it doesn't really matter what people do to you, you have to live the rest of your life and blaming whoever for your problems instead of moving on makes you run off and be a dorkwad like sasuke. sasuke'd make a crap harry potter.)
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don't worry, it's all confidential
*agrees with lbeth*

Don't like something just because everyone else does. You end up with that whole monkey-see, monkey-do crap, everyone's jumping off of bridges, and then my health & life insurance premiums are just going to skyrocket... >_<

If you happen to genuinely like something that is mainstream and is, "all the rage now," so be it.

Like it and go on. And if someone laughs at you for it, fill their shoes with cole slaw and peanut butter. XD


Um, yea, manga rules! Even though I don't have much of it. ;_; I think all I still have is the Stars manga. I had started reading Chronicles of the Cursed Sword when my man at the time worked at a bookstore. It was really good, but then he quit. And then broke up with me. -_-;; So needless to say I never got to finish it. ;_;

*on topic*
signature image Hello, sweetie!
I love MKR! I used to have the biggest crush on Clef.. who didnt?! :D
I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them to put out graphic novels. SB has been really slow to put out any of the series they're running in their magazine. (Actually, most of the companies are really slow about releasing manga.) I think they expect their readers to get it in the magazine and only put out the graphic novels once they get that far in the magazine. (Makes sense in Japan since they're waiting for the material to be produced. I'm sure there's other delays to factor in over here, or some sort of schedule they need to adhere to, but it's still aggravating when I have to wait 3-6 months between releases in a given series.)

But that's good that they're bringing it over. Maybe I'll take a look at it when it's finally in the stores. (We used to get SB, but it was a gift subscription and we never got the renew notice so we let it run out.)
Yes, of course there's a long waiting period between volumes in Japan. (I've got up to volume 22 of Fruits Basket, just need to actually get the last two volumes.) Manga is generally published serially in the large phonebook-style mags, and the tankoubon only come out every few months after enough chapters have been written/published. This totally makes sense. And I can follow how SB is doing the same thing with their translations.

I was just pointing out that it will be a while, though it's nice to know that they're bringing more series over that aren't huge names. And I don't mind waiting. But for completed series, like Fruits Basket, I've never understood why we have to wait months and months to get translated volumes. Unless they're just trying to drag it out. XD Oh well, I can read translations online in the mean time. (Or brush up on my Japanese. My dictionaries are lonely.)

Though, this is making me miss my SB subscription. Still no idea why they didn't send us the renew notice. Maybe it was sent to the person who got the gift subscription for us, which makes little sense. (Or is my building messing up the mail again? :P)
Meh, I couldn't remember off the top of my head how long it takes for a tankoubon to come out in Japan. I only get them when I am at the occassional convention. (Plus, the cold medicine, it likes to muddle my brains. XD)

The pace here can be just as bad. I know Ouran is still running in Japan, but it's not been put out here since January. (We're fairly caught up to them, with maybe 10 out there and 8 here so far, so 6 months is okay for a current series.) But like I said about Fruits Basket earlier, they're only on 16 or so over here and the last volume (23, I think?) came out in Japan in March. It's those kind of delays that can be aggravating, since you know they're not waiting on the mangaka to actually write the story before it gets translated. ^^; It's probably mostly a scheduling or marketing thing, dragging out a really popular series that they know people will buy regardless of publishing dates.

I think it also depends on your bookstore. Ours is notoriously bad about restocking. *shakes her fist at Borders* We've had to give up and order online at times. @_@

But yeah, I don't think it's going to be any faster or slower than Japan. We have our own sets of delays between translating and marketing and so on. And it's always going to be faster to read the raw Japanese or google a fan-translation online, though. (Which is what we impatient people do. XD)
I don't read a lot of manga anymore but Oh My Goddess ranks up among my favorites.
I've watched Clamp's Tokyo Babylon / X anime too and that seems like it would be a really good manga.
Gotta check that out sometime.
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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hb: My suggestion to you is not to use manga style drawings but instead nude or clothed real life models, or pictures of them.

Basic human anatomy, proportion, and drawing techniques should be your goal before going on to a specific style such as manga. May not be as exciting but it will payoff in the long run.

There are books on Amazon full of nothing but images of models in different poses.
Also there's a 3D model program called Poser that allows you to position different 3D human, and other types (dog, alien, yeti, etc.), models in any position you can think of. This program is an invaluable resource for drawing and computer artwork if you can afford it.

For great composition and just general ideas from artists around the world, you can visit
*plug* see my stuff there */plug*

Also, this isn't really the place for artist chat, if you want that topic it's in Moon Kingdom > Other > Artists' Corner
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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So a few years ago I read the "Love Hina" Manga and watched the Anime and it seemed like the Amile had less info then the Manga and useally the Anime is longer then the Manga and has lots of filler. Is there any other manga nd anime like that?
Most animes are released at the same time as the souce manga is being published. Since anime can usually fit about 2 chapters of manga into a single weekly episode the anime catches up to the manga eventually. When it does then there's no more source material to use but the studio still has to put out a certain number of episodes so they come out with their own story that may or may not be influenced by the mangaka. That is where filler usually comes from and if the mangaka isnt really involved in the production of the filler then they end up being substandard quality episodes.
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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