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leveliconCloudburst2007-03-16 18:54:00
*agrees with lbeth*

Don't like something just because everyone else does. You end up with that whole monkey-see, monkey-do crap, everyone's jumping off of bridges, and then my health & life insurance premiums are just going to skyrocket... >_<

If you happen to genuinely like something that is mainstream and is, "all the rage now," so be it.

Like it and go on. And if someone laughs at you for it, fill their shoes with cole slaw and peanut butter. XD


Um, yea, manga rules! Even though I don't have much of it. ;_; I think all I still have is the Stars manga. I had started reading Chronicles of the Cursed Sword when my man at the time worked at a bookstore. It was really good, but then he quit. And then broke up with me. -_-;; So needless to say I never got to finish it. ;_;

*on topic*
lisa 2007-03-16 19:17:52 for the giggles Points: yes
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