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leveliconCloudburst2007-03-27 19:01:24

While we're talking about grammar and being able to understand people, what's up with all this internet jargon out there? Have people seriously become so lazy that they can't type out the full word you instead of a u? Seriously, it's like 2 more keystrokes! It kills me when I get something in my inbox or an IM that looks like this:

"I h8 2 c u sad like this. NEway, i will c u 2morrow."

I just want to gouge my eyeballs out when I see something that hideous! My brain turns to mush trying to even begin to decipher something like that. Half the time I don't even respond to someone who sends me a message like that. Maybe that makes me a bad person, I dunno; if I can't understand you in writing though, what makes you think I'd be able to understand you in person? I know a lot of people out there use it, but not if they're going to talk to me...

Cherrii 2007-03-27 20:17:03 Good Post Points: yes
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