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Image and Multimedia FAQ
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Image and Multimedia FAQ
What about the movies, sound files and other downloads?
spacer We have no plans on ever making episodes or clips available.

The rest of the old stuff is archived.
I don't like your organizational system.
spacer I'm sorry. This is the way it is.
We used to be able to search by description, why can't we now?
spacer You can search within a view by description. That means that if you are in the "Only Mercury" view and you type in a description to search for it'll search only that view for images. So, don't go typing "sailormoon" in "only mercury" if you expect to see any results. The description search narrows down the view you are already in, it will never give you more images than those in the view without a description search. (Confused yet?)

To search effectively:
Start with the view that most closely matches what you are looking for.
Type in a keyword that will help you find the exact image.

So, to find a picture of SailorMercury alone wearing a swimsuit you should start in the "SailorMercury Alone Images" view, and type "swim" or "suit" in the description search.

Short keywords work best.

We don't (yet) support the " word" syntax, if you type in " red suit" it'll search for that literally in the descriptions.
Why can't I see pictures of just SailorMercury?
spacer You can. Look harder.
Why are some of the filenames weird, like
4be10dfdf0305482.jpg ?
spacer When images are loaded into the gallery we make sure the filename that the image has isn't already in use, if it is we derive a new filename from the files MD5 checksum. The odds of two files having the first 16 letters of their MD5 checksum be the same are slim, so this is a good, unique filename. Do you know how many different images have the name usagi01.jpg? Thousands. These are poor names for images because they aren't unique.
What is the world is MD5?
spacer MD5 is a way to verify that files are the same, or not the same. Basically you read a whole file and run it through the MD5 algorythm and it gives you back a 64 character hexidecimal string (0-f). In theory, no two files of any length will generate the same MD5 hash. We use this two ways

To make sure we don't have the exact same file in the system twice
To make sure we do have the right data with the right file

It may not be any use to you, but it helps us make sure we run the best Sailormoon image library on the Internet.
Hey! That's my cel.
spacer Are you sure its the exact same cel as yours, remember that there are over 40 frames a second in anime. Are you POSITIVE that it's your exact cel and not one from the same sequence?

Did you, yourself, make the scan in question? check the MD5 checksum. We don't alter images before placing them in the gallery, if it's the exact same image the MD5 checksums will match.

Are you sure this scan wasn't made by a previous owner? Most of the cel images we have were taken from ebay or other public services and NEVER were they marked not to take them.

Has this scan only been displayed on your site, and does it clearly say on your site not to take scans? Has that always been there? If not, you can't make it retroactive. If the scan was used on ebay or other such service, and it did not say to not take it there, sorry.

The burden of proof in this matter relies on you. You have to prove to me that (1) it's your cel, (2) you've owned the cel longer than we've had this scan, (3) you made the scan, (4) you've always asked people not to take your scans, (5) you've never displayed the cel in a public forum other than your own site. Yes, it's a very heavy burden of proof. We have this level because people have, in the past, asked us to remove cels that WE own, claiming that they own them.

I'm much nicer to people who would rather us just put "cel scan donated by..." in the description than I am for those who want us to remove them. Keep your options open, we'll be much nicer to work with. In some cases we'll even crop the holes and sequence numbers off if the owner asks (going against my "do not modify" policy) to prevent the "fake auction" argument.
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