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filesowned item kudos signature
stats topicinfo usersearch v2
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activeusers yes
activeusers_delay 600
activeusers_showIMlinks yes
default_style none
directory_cols 4
directory_custom_icons yes
directory_pathing fileID
directory_sort name
directory_view icons
downloadlist_sort filename
expert_mode no
extended_debugging no
extended_image_info on
favorite_senshi sailorpluto
favorite_switch yes
hidesigs no
image_cols 4
image_rows 4
layout_file unused with crescent 2.2
link_sort_order linkTitle
post_order normal
rows_per_listing 50
show_ads yes
show_menubar yes
show_metafilesmenu yes
show_path yes
show_recent_names yes
show_recent_users yes
show_smilies no
timezone US/Central
topic_fancyusernames yes
use_cfssearch yes
use_infoscreens yes
use_styles yes
use_whatsnew no
user_page_scheme mine
validate_topic_posts yes
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