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How do I create a new file?
spacer Depending on your access level, what teams you are a member of, and what permissions people have given to their folders, you may encounter parts of the site where you may create your own files. The Moon Kingdom folder is specially designed for this reason.

Folders in which you can create new files will have a dropdown menu towards the bottom of the screen listing the things you can create. Simply select what you'd like to make, and hit 'add,' then follow the necessary steps to finish the creation and publishing of your file.

Remember, files take promotion points away, so please make them cautiously if you plan on getting a promotion with those points instead. For further information, see the Points and Quota FAQ.
What are the different 'files'?
spacer Directories are folders that contain other types of files. They cost 1000 points. It is necessary for you to create a directory in the Moon Kingdom before placing any other files there.

Topics allow people to talk to each other, and cost 3000 points.

Surveys collect user opinions through a multiple-choice question. They cost 1000 points.

Link Lists allow you to create and maintain a list of your favourite links, and cost 3000 promotion points.

A URL adds a link to another site or page located outside of this community. It costs 500 points.

The News file enables you to keep people up to date with any important new information. The price is 2000 promotion points.

An Alias is essentially a link to another file located somewhere else on It costs 500 promotion points.

A FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, very much like the one you're reading now. It is often used to display questions and answers, survey results, or lists of data. It costs 1000 points.

Documents allow you to upload a text file (some HTML formatting is allowed) to the site. Documents can be given ratings, and are useful for things such as rants. They cost 2000 promotion points.

Teams are groups of like-minded people. They cost 3000 promotion points to create, and have their own separate FAQ.

Calendars allow you and members of your team to keep track of events or other important dates. They cost 3000 promotion points.
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