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Who to contact if...
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Who to contact if...
... you notice someone acting inappropriately in the forums.
spacer Monitoring the forums is the job of the Jupiter team. They are here to make sure that the forums are a safe place for other users. In addition to this, they have the power to remove any posts which are offensive, off-topic, or that interrupt the normal working conditions of the forums (such as posts which cause the screen to scroll needlessly). The Jupiters may also deduct points or place people on detention for inappropriate behavior.

The Super Senshi in charge of topic moderation is SailorJupiter. The Senshi consist of evelyn, juilletmercredi, and meatballhead.
... you have a problem with your card, such as password, detention, or other login issues.
spacer The Venus team is in charge of user support. It is their job to help users with problems concerning passwords, email changes, incorrect birthdays, and missing or deleted cards. They also answer other general site-related questions and detentions related to issues like fake names, duplicate cards & IPs, and parental permission. You can email them at

The Super Senshi in charge of user support is SailorVenus. Her Senshi are matt and venuswillow.
... you have a question concerning the Senate, or you have a problem with another member of the site.
spacer The Mars team is responsible for anything concerning the Senate. They are also responsible for helping to resolve conflict between members of the site.

The Super Senshi to contact if you have any questions is SailorMars. The Senshi are Cherrii and silvermask.
... you have a question concerning the Crystal Key.
spacer The Neptune team is responsible for link administration. They review all sites submitted to the Crystal Key against the criteria set out in the Crystal Key FAQ. If a site is deemed appropriate under the criteria, it is added to the database.

The Super Senshi in charge of link administration is SailorNeptune. Her Senshi is Kitsune.
... you have a question about a non-English version of grep*.
spacer The Mnemosyne team handles the job of translating into different languages.

Translators are expected to be at least bilingual (English plus another language), and are preferably native speakers of their non-English language. The Super Senshi in charge of translations is SailorMnemosyne. You may contact her if you wish to ask any questions or apply for a position on the Mnemosyne team. Please only apply for a language which has not already been translated, and only if you fit the criteria above (bilingual + native speaker) and have a good overall knowledge of the site's workings.

If you have a question or comment about anything in a translated version of grep*, please contact the Senshi responsible for that translation.

Senshi for each version:

French: Mekiel
Spanish: neptunekitty
... you have a question regarding these FAQs or any other site related question.
spacer The Chibimoon team is responsible for keeping the FAQs up to date and writing new FAQs as new features are released. They are the team to contact if you notice any errors, discrepancies, or spelling mistakes. Please note that the Chibimoon team generally only has write access to FAQs in the FAQs folder, not user-created or team-specific FAQs (such as those for the Senate or Crystal Key).

The Super Senshi in charge of documentation is Chibimoon. His Senshi are Cloudburst and tux.

Please direct all questions covered (or not covered) in the FAQs to the Chibimoon team and any questions regarding these actual FAQs. For questions relating to a non-English translation of the FAQs please contact the Senshi responsible for that language (see above for a list).
... you have a question regarding permissions in the Moon Kingdom directories.
spacer The Mercury team is in charge of checking the permission settings on user-created files in the Moon Kingdom folder.

The Super Senshi in charge of the Mercury team is SailorMercury.
...if you have a question about the fanfiction library.
spacer The Uranus team handles the fanfiction section. They work with all of the submissions and organize the accepted pieces.

The Super Senshi in charge of the Uranus team is SailorUranus.
spacer are given a punishment you feel is unfair.
spacer The Senate is responsible for mediating between users and staff in the event of such disputes. Please read the What is the Senate? FAQ for more details on how to appeal.
spacer have a suggestion for new content outside the Moon Kingdom or want to see some existing content changed or removed.
spacer The Senate deals with these requests too. Please read the What is the Senate? FAQ for more details.
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