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About My
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About My
What is it? What does it do?
spacer My -- accessible by clicking your username at the top or bottom of the screen -- is your user profile screen. It contains most of the information about you which is kept in the grep SailorMoon * user database. Most likely you will often find yourself referring to it to look up things such as your current promotion points and download quota, amongst others. It also contains certain information which can be viewed by no other user (barring staff), such as your real name and which files you own.

Clicking the My link also allows you to have quick access to changing your preferences, lets you set your friends list, and allows you to search for users, as well as many other features which you should explore for yourself.
What information is public? What is private?
spacer All the information which falls under the heading " [your username]'s Private Stats", such as your real name and how many times you have been on Detention is private and cannot be seen by other users. They will, however, be able to see the files you own, and your inventory and all its items whether they are for sale or not.

If you really want to check what information other people will be able to see about you, click your username on any post you have made in the topics. All of the things you see on this screen (part of user.php) is freely avaliable for anyone to view.

Please note that some of our staff will be able to see all of your information for administration purposes, but we assure you it is in good hands.
What about the icons?
spacer The icons at the top of your screen represent different things which you can view about yourself. If we tried to put all of the information on the one screen it would be too big, so we have created seperate "sections" for your Inventory, Intercom, Files You Own, Stats, Prefs, Topic Info, Kudos, Search, and, by popular demand, your Library Card.

Clicking the Statistics button brings you to the screen with information such as your username and e-mail address. This is also the default screen you see when you first click on the My link.

Files You Own will take you to a list of all the files you have made throughout, as well as a link to the tools which you use to administer them.

Friends takes you to a list of your current friends on You can add new friends from here, approve friend requests, and see who has added you. You may also ban any unwanted friends.

Kudos is a listing of all the kudos you have recieved from others and the reasons why you were given the reward.

Messages (the intercom) takes you to the screen which houses all the system events that have been sent to you. Inside the Intercom screen, you can also view Private Messages or send the messages to other users, as well as send out Postcards or pick them up. Messages cost five promotion points each, so be careful!

Prefs shows you how you have set your system preferences. Items listed in bold are things you have set to something other than the default. If you want to change something, just click the Edit your Preferences link.

Signature takes you to a screen to edit your signature when posting on the boards. You may add both text and an image, though the latter costs you a few Promotion Points.

Topic Info brings up a list of the topics you have been posting in. It also shows the number of posts you have made in each topic.

Search is a tool to find other community members by thier usernames.

Inventory (currently disabled) takes you to the list of all the items you are currently carrying, as well as information about them, such as their name and whether they are for sale or not.

Library Card takes you to a graphical representation of your library card, as was displayed in the older version of This is just for your fun, so enjoy!
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