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How do I become a staff member?
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How do I become a staff member?
How do I become a staff member?
spacer If you are Cosmic Heart Compact level or above, you can apply for an open position in the Apply For Staff folder.

The folder is located in the directory and will only be accessible when there are open staff positions.

Please do not ask to join the staff or suck up to the staff to get a position. It will not work; you need to go through the proper channels just like everyone else.
What is important when choosing new staff members?
spacer We are looking for members who have the following qualifications:

-get along with others
-obey rules
-interested in doing the job
-have enough time to do it
What are things that would hurt my chances of getting on staff?
spacer Showing that you are a person who likes to cause trouble is denfinitely a mark against you. If you have repeatedly been on dentention, it is not likely that you will be selected.

It is pretty obvious when a person wants to be on staff just for the sake of being on staff. If you are one of those people, do not apply. You are only agreeing to do a lot of work that you will not enjoy, and you will be found out and removed.

Annoying, sucking up, and/or using current staff members will most assuredly not get you on staff, so do not bother. Contrary to any beliefs, the staff members are not stupid, and they do have a good idea of when you are simply trying to get on their good side for a staff position.
Do I need to be popular to get chosen?
spacer Nope. Popularity is not one of the things we look for. We simply want someone who will do a good job and hopefully enjoy the job they do.

However, it might be helpful to post in a topic that you enjoy so that we can get a glimpse at the kind of person you are and how you treat others. This helps to ensure selection of quality staff members rather than someone that will abuse his or her powers.
Anything else I should know?
spacer Remember that you are volunteering to do work. You will need time and the motivation to do this job.

You will need to be able to do the job just for the sake of helping other members and the community. There really are not any other rewards.

Only apply for a job that you really want to do. Even if you are on staff, you will need to reapply for a position if you want to change jobs. Do not just try to get on staff doing anything and hope to change later. The average staff member stays for three months, and we are looking for someone who will make a longer commitment than that.
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