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leveliconCherrii2012-07-26 21:11:14
The images not working is because of a faulty img tag referral. Viewing source, it's linking to, for instance, /icons/plus.png when it should be linking to scheme_url/icons/plus.png. So rather than pulling the image from the schemes, it's trying to pull it directly from the site.

Not quite sure how to fix that, but that's why some of the images aren't working.

See? I checked using my scheme, and the index file at the source has working images (Cherry Dreams), but using the scheme here, the images are broken, as they are with all schemes.

It may not even be a big deal for anyone; it certainly doesn't bother me that much, but MBH brought the broken images up so I checked into it as well as I could.
meatballhead 2012-07-29 11:36:44 Thank you for your help Points: yes
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