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leveliconCherrii2007-03-28 14:28:47
I wanted so badly to disregard this line of posts, even though it addresses so many of my pet peeves, but I find that I cannot refrain any longer.

James: With mentally handicapped people, it is understood and generally accepted that the burden of understanding communication is *not* placed on the handicapped person. That burden resides on the person who is trying to understand those people. Mostly what I have been getting from your posts is that you want us to assume that you are mentally handicapped, transferring all burden and blame for miscommunication to us and away from you.

I don't always type or speak 100 percent correctly. Those here who read my (locked) livejournal can tell you that. Nobody is perfect. However, when sending my words out into the general populace, I attempt to make things as objectively correct as possible so that my ideas may be correctly interpreted by others. We have been taught in communication classes that there is a pattern to communication. The person speaking first formulates a thought, and then encodes that message into language that the receiver will understand but that the speaker also understands. The receiver hears the encoded message and processes that set of words into the received thoughts.

Examples of how this might work:

1: I am speaking or writing to my niece, who happens to be age 8. Rather than using words with multiple syllables and multiple meanings, I will choose simpler words that are more on her level, making the message appropriate for a person her age.

2: I am speaking or writing to my college professor, who is likely in their mid-50s or later and has been part of the higher educational system for 20 or 30 years. Am I going to choose the same simple words that I did for my niece? No, I will probably choose those words with multiple syllables and varied meanings, knowing that my professor's life experience and education will assist them in understanding what I have to say.

However, when turning in an assignment to that professor, I will make the same effort to ensure he or she can clearly understand the points I have to make as I would in speaking with my niece or with anyone else with whom I may communicate. You see, the burden of understanding lies with me as the sender of the message.

If I am placed in a situation in which I must speak with someone who I know is not a native English-speaker, I am going to place that much more effort into speaking correctly, in a formally prescribed manner, because I know that non-native English-speakers have very formal language training and likely won't understand colloquialisms or slang. I would probably avoid my very common southern bastardization "y'all" and instead say "you all" or "you guys" or simply "you", all of which would be appropriate and correct.

"You're statement counterdicts the 'understanding' arguments others make."

Is that supposed to say "Your statement contradicts the 'understanding' arguments others have been making," because the way *your* statement is written, you are not placing ownership of the statement with OBSailorStar; you are saying that she *is* the statement.

And I think the point she was trying to make with what she said (which I can understand because it was clearly written in a common form of communication) is that basically people have been telling you for years that you can't write a coherent statement to save your life and make no effort to learn to do so. Why is it then our burden to understand you when it is so much better for my personal standard of living to simply ignore you? Just because you've been doing it for years doesn't make it correct and doesn't make it intelligible.

Maybe instead of starting a lot of drama and making many brains hurt from trying to read and comprehend your posts, you could attempt to type your posts in a manner we could all understand. The burden is strictly on you to make yourself as clearly understood as possible.
lisa 2007-03-28 14:33:22 Good Post Points: yes
SailorVenus 2007-03-28 16:00:40 Good Post Points: yes
Cloudburst 2007-03-28 14:51:38 Good Post Points: yes
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