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So, what are all these "Teams" about, anyway?
spacer In Crescent, Teams are groups of like-minded people, or ones who share a similar trait (such as being a parent) or job (such as the staff). You may even encounter a directory, topic, or other item which you can only access if you are on a certain team.
So, how do I get on a team?
spacer Most teams that you will be allowed to join, are located in the Teams directory. Here the teams are organized into several subdirectories. If you want to join a team, simply click on its icon to read a longer description. If the team is an open team, then click the "join" button at the bottom of the screen, and you will be added to the team.
Can I make my own team?
spacer Yes, you can, if you are of the appropriate level and in the appropriate folder. Preferably, teams should be located somewhere in the Teams folder, but it is not mandatory. To create a team, choose 'Team' from the dropdown menu and click 'add'. The cost is 3000 promotion points. Please refer to the User Created Teams FAQ for more information on creating teams.

Generally, permissions should be set as such:
Read - Guest
Write - Henshin Brooch
Admin - (Do not set)
How do I see who is on a team?
spacer To see who is on a team, simply click the team's icon. Depending on how the permissions are set, you should see a list of all the users on that team. However, be aware that not all teams will have a public member list which you can view. The member lists of some teams may only be viewable by persons already on the team, while others might not be viewable by anyone at all.
Hey, how come I can't join this team?
spacer Some teams will be marked as invite only, meaning not open for just anybody to join. Generally, if a team is marked as such, it will contain instructions as to how to join it, usually be e-mailing the owner.
I have been joining lots of teams and now I have no points! What gives?
spacer Some teams will cost promotion points to join them. Generally, non-user created teams, such as the Fan Groups, will cost promotion points, so be careful. Some users will set a cost to join the team, so be sure to read before clicking the join button.
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