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All about Points and Quota
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All about Points and Quota
What are points & quota, and how do I get them?
spacer On, there are two "point" values with which you can do different things. These are

Promotion Points


Download Quota.

When asking about them, please make sure you are talking abour the right one. We confuse easily if you use points where you mean quota or quota where you mean points.
What is download quota? How do I get it?
spacer Download quota is simply the amount of media (images, files, etc.) that you can download from the site. When you download (view) an image, the number of bytes that are transfered from our computer to yours is deducted from your quota. When you run out of quota, you cannot view any more images.

Every month, on the day you signed up, your quota refreshes itself. The amount of quota you get depends on your level. If you signed up on June 1, then July 1, August 1, September 1, and so on, you will get more quota. It is as easy as doing nothing at all.

Check the level list to see how much you get each month. Different levels get different amounts, and higher levels get more than the lowest ones. If you are here for the images, be sure to promote yourself whenever possible to get more maximum quota!
What are promotion points?
spacer Promotion points are essentially the base currency of most of the site. Not only do they let you "buy" a promotion to the next user level, but once stores are opened, they will also allow you to purchase other things such as items for your inventory. Points can also be used to buy membership onto teams which require a fee. If you want, you can even use them to buy your own teams, directories, topics, and other files. Sending out private messages also costs 5 promotion points each, and to place an image in your signature, the cost is 10. As you can see, these points are used very often.

As with your download quota, you receive more points (1000 to be exact) every month, on the date you signed up. However, there are several other ways to get them, such as selling your items back to other users or even finding them on the ground through random events! There is also the chance of earning kudos and therefore points (consult the level list for just how many) if you make a good post, so remember to be active!

Because promotion points are such a useful commodity in the community, it is probably wise to learn good budgeting skills so as not to spend them all at once.
Is it possible to exchange points for quota and vice versa?
spacer At the present time, no.
Just starting up:
spacer All new accounts start off with 250 promotion points, 0 download quota and 2 kudos to give to other users.
I want to look at the images in the gallery, but it tells me I do not have enough points.
spacer When you receive this message, it means you don't have enough download quota left to view the image. You will need to wait until your download quota refreshes again before you can view more images.
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