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What to do if you're on detention
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What to do if you're on detention
Oh, no! I was put on detention, what do I do?
spacer Well, it depends on what you were put on detention for. Most forum-related things (avoiding the censor, posting links to inappropriate sites, etc.) have a set detention time, during which you will be blocked from most activities in order to think about the reason(s) why you were put on detention in the first place. After this time has elapsed, you will be restored back to your original level.

Some detentions, however, will involve an email to the appropriate Super Senshi before the detention will be lifted. For example, if you have provided a fake name with your account or if your account is a duplicate, you will need to email You will recieve an email at the address you signed up with telling you why you are on detention and what to do to correct the problem.

Remember, when you write to the Super Senshi, be polite, and explain the situation in as much detail as possible. If asked for a real name, please provide one; do not try and convince the staff that your name is "Bunny Moon" or something similar. Rudeness will get you nowhere and may cause you to be placed at the bottom of the "To Do" list. It can sometimes take several days to fix a problem, so do not send in numerous emails demanding that the problem be fixed right away. Remember, be friendly and helpful, and you will be off detention in no time.
Where do my teams go when I'm on detention?
spacer While on detention, you are removed from any teams you might have joined. Once your level has been restored, however, you will be added back to all your old teams again at no cost.

If you are the owner of a file and you are put on detention, you will still retain the normal read/write/admin permissions for that item. The file will remain visible and accessible to all other members.
Hey, I don't deserve this!
spacer If you feel you have been unjustly placed on detention for violations of the forum rules or general misconduct (spamming, rudeness, etc.), then you have an option to contact the Senate. The Senate is an impartial body of non-staff users created to ensure fairness in the punishments meted out here at More information can be found in the Senate Folder.

Please note that the Senate will not hear cases about fake names, duplicate cards, breaches of site security, or on any punishments given out by the webmasters themselves. The Senate reserves the right to dismiss a case if they feel no violation has occurred.
The WORST thing to do...
spacer Just about the worst way to get off detention is to sign up for another account and use that one to plead your case. In doing this, you break the "one account per member" rule and set yourself up for a lot of heartache and pain. Breaking the "one account per member" rule results in us having less than no sympathy for you or your situation. There is never a good excuse for it.

Under no circumstances is signing up for a new membership wise until your old membership is COMPLETELY deleted, not just delete scheduled.

If you make this mistake, about the only thing you can do is just leave for a few weeks until everything has been deleted, then verify that they are deleted using the guest account before you sign back up.
The next worst thing to do. (What are friends for?)
spacer Do not have your friend cause a ruckus on the site because you are on detention. Best case: they annoy us; worst case: you both are now on detention.

Likewise, if your friend is on detention, do not try to help them off; you will only hurt yourself.
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