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What do the staff teams do?
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What do the staff teams do?
Mercury Team
spacer The Mercury team is in charge of maintaining proper permissions on files created by non-staff users and ensuring that all such files are in accordance with the Terms of Service.

Basically, any file that is created by a user for their own purposes that is not endorsed by the site falls under their jurisdiction.

Super Senshi: SailorMercury
Mars Team
spacer The Mars team is in charge of the Senate. They work with the senators and act as a liaison between the users as a whole and the staff & owners of the site.

They help organize users' petitions for the addition of new files and features, maintain general order in the event of inter-user conflicts, and compile evidence for Senators when reviewing cases brought before them concerning disputes between users and the staff.

Super Senshi: SailorMars

Senshi: Cherrii, silvermask
Jupiter Team
spacer The Jupiter team is the topic moderators. They patrol all topics on the site watching for inappropriate posts and punish users as needed if they are not following the rules of the site and the specific topic.

Super Senshi: SailorJupiter

Senshi: evelyn, juilletmercredi, meatballhead
Venus Team
spacer The Venus team is responsible for assisting users with problems accessing the site. They reset passwords, change email addresses, address accessibility issues, etc.

They make sure that the information in the users' accounts is correct, current, and secure.

Super Senshi: SailorVenus

Senshi: matt, venuswillow
Pluto Team
spacer The Pluto team is in charge of finding unused accounts, bogus names, fake email addresses and the like and removing them from the system.

This team also helps make sure that all users' personal data is kept secure.

Super Senshi: SailorPluto

Senshi: ferret, kittycat, username
Neptune Team
spacer The Neptune team will monitor and organize the link libraries in the Crystal Key. They check newly submitted links for inappropriate content and regularly monitor the links to make sure that the site in question is still in operation and is properly described.

Super Senshi: SailorNeptune

Senshi: Kitsune
Uranus Team
spacer The Uranus team will be responsible for organizing and updating the fanfiction submissions to the site.

They will read the submissions and tag them with appropriate age-group warnings or reject them if they are in violation of the Terms of Service.

Super Senshi: SailorUranus
Saturn Team
spacer The Saturn team is responsible for the upkeep and organization of the image galleries and other multimedia sections of the site.

They will add, change, or remove files as necessary based on popularity, user requests, available resources, and licensing issues.

Super Senshi: SailorSaturn

Senshi: LTGMars, robby
Chibimoon Team
spacer The Chibimoon team is responsible for helping new users acclimate to the site. They will answer questions and provide documentation to assist new users. They create and update FAQs to ensure all documentation is current on the site.

They are also responsible for the monthly MoonGram as well as running the site's Caption Contest.

Super Senshi: Chibimoon.

Senshi: Cloudburst and tux
Cosmos Team
spacer The Cosmos team creates the schemes used to view the site. They also manage any user submitted schemes and approve or deny them based on the rules of the website.

Super Senshi: SailorCosmos

Senshi: Kitsune
Mnemosyne Team
spacer The Mnemosyne team translates all the FAQs into other languages so that users of different origins can understand better.

Super Senshi: SailorMnemosyne (Hindi)

Senshi: Mekiel (French), neptunekitty (Spanish)
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