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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy for
Privacy of User Information
  • We will never sell the information in the database or user specific information from the log files.
  • The user-supplied information in the database is for our use only and will not be used for marketing or spam.
  • We may supply non-user-specific data (hit counts, bytes transferred, average member age, etc.) to our sponsors if they have a valid reason for requesting this data.
  • The operator of owns the data in the database and considers it a trade secret. Users maintain ownership of their own works, but the data as stored in the database is property of By posting to our site or submitting any information you grant us a non-exclusive, permanent license to use the content you submitted in our system for our normal operations. In common English: by posting or submitting works to our site you are allowing us to show that work to anyone who views our site as long as we are in operation.
  • We log every transaction to the site for maintenance reasons. We use these logs to track traffic trends and analyze problems. As the logs contain the accessing IP address and usernames we can also use these logs to track individual actions. We keep these logs archived on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
  • We can and will use any information in the logs and in the database to pursue legal action against a user should it be necessary.
  • We will turn over specific data in the database and log files to proper law-enforcement should a warrant be provided by the agency in question.
  • In most cases we will give the user warning of receipt of a subpoena or warrant if possible to allow the user in question to challenge the issue before we disclose any confidential information. This is done only as a courtesy and may not be done if requested by the law enforcement agency for good reason.
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