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Etiquette Guide
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Etiquette Guide
Etiquette Guide for
  • Each person is only allowed one account with which they can access the system. There will soon be a massive collection of images and multimedia files available on, so the one account rule helps to keep the costs of hosting the site to a minimum. This is a privately owned system and we reserve the right to delete any member we find breaking this or any other serious rules.
  • To ensure that each user only has one account we require a valid real name. We don't give your name out and only a few staff members can see it. We have many users, but we look at every name looking for fakes. If you are silly enough to try an obviously fake name (like the name of your favorite anime or manga character) we will lock your account until you tell us your real name. Please ask your parents first if you are under 13. If we have reason to suspect you of using a fake name, we will contact you by email. If you do not respond to this email within two weeks, your account will be marked for deletion.
  • Every now and then we have problems with the system. We've lost passwords in the past and other such incidents. In these cases the only thing that saved the users was a valid, working e-mail address we can send mail to at any time. If we try to send you e-mail and it bounces we'll delete your membership instantly, no questions asked.
  • Children's Online Privacy Protection Act:
    All US Citizens under the age of 13 need to have parental permission before using the site. Since we are not-for-profit the law doesn't apply to us, but we act like it does, just in case. Please get parental permission; if you don't, we'll remove your membership.
  • The topics in this site are not chats, they are places to communicate with other members. Sometimes, long periods may pass between each member's visit to a topic and a message may scroll off before their return. Since each topic has a limited number of posts it will display it is unacceptable to post two or more times in a row. You can easily edit or delete your post if necessary. The only exception to this rule is if the original post received kudos or if a separate post is necessary for emphasis (ie: a special or important announcement).
  • Cross-posting the same message in multiple topics is considered to be rude. Cross-posting is when a user posts identical (or almost identical) posts in multiple topics. Rampant cross-posting causes unnecessary scrolling in the topics (See the above rule). There are cases where cross-posting is allowed, but generally such posts should be approved by one of the webmaster beforehand. If a user continuously cross-posts, it will be considered to be a disruption in the community and the user may be punished for their actions.
  • Users that are discovered using the topics to post unsolicited sales or other for-profit information will immediately have their account deleted and will be reported to their ISP for spamming.
  • Signatures are the bits of text and images at the bottom of users' posts. Signatures are supposed to help you distinguish yourself from other users by making your posts easy to recognize. However, due to potential abuse the manner in which signatures can be used has been greatly limited. Each signature supports only one image, and that image must be small. The size requirements for images will be displayed on the signature change preference screen.
  • User created topics are not exempt from the Terms of Service and etiquette guidelines but are allowed to change these rules about double-posting and such as the owner sees fit.
  • Kudos are a system in which users are able to thank or congratulate other users for help they've given, good work they have done, funny comments, etc.
  • Kudos are not to be traded. If we catch you trading Kudos, we will suspend your account (detention).
  • The survey system allows users to create their own surveys in some circumstances. User created surveys are not exempt from the Terms of Service or Etiquette guidelines but may have additional rules as the owner sees fit.
  • Teams are designed to help like-minded people form sub-communities within the larger community. Inclusive, open, teams are allowed and encouraged, but small, highly exclusive teams that can be defined as 'clique-ish' are not allowed.
  • Users are allowed to create teams. If the creating user chooses to have their team be exclusive they are free to do so. However, the exclusionary criteria must not be discriminatory based on race, sexual preferences or religion/creed.
User-Created News Channels
  • Users are able to create news channels to disseminate information concerning their team/group. These channels are not to be used like topics. In most cases one or two users should have access to place new articles in these channels and no more than 2 updates a day are allowed unless there are circumstances requiring it. Unlike topics, the items in news channels stay around until the channel operators decide to remove it. Channels should be kept clean and free from pointless articles. If an article is found by the staff to be unnecessary or out of date by an unacceptable time limit, the owner of the news channel will be asked to remove the article.
User-Created Link Lists
  • The link list system allows users to create their own URL link lists in some circumstances. User created link lists are not exempt from the Terms of Service or Etiquette guidelines. Links to sites that the owner of finds offensive or otherwise inappropriate will be removed immediately and the user that added the link will be warned, suspended or deleted from the system based on the severity of the offense.
  • Schemes allow users to change the appearance of the crescent system.
  • Schemes are a privilege, not a right and will be revoked or limited if abused.
  • To create schemes you must (1) join the scheme makers team, (2) create a working, unique and all-new scheme, and (3) have the scheme approved by one of the System Administrators or Webmasters.
  • Users are allowed to submit more than one scheme to the system, but are asked to wait until a scheme is approved before submitting another scheme.
Native Language Services
  • Some areas of the site may be offered in languages other than English. These sections are to be used in their language and not English.
  • Any post that is not in the proper language will be considered off topic and dealt with as such.
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