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Topic: Here you can discuss your general cosplay ideas, as well as other things related to cosplay. I made this forum because robyn complained about not having one.

So you can thank her :B.
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I did the original costume. I have one of the little figurines. [It's about 3" tall? In a box that you can stack with all the others?] I need to fix the wings on that costume, though. They got smooshed at once point. @_@
I sewed my finger yesterday.


Not too bad, just nicked it with the machine, but it was not fun. But, the machine sewing is all done! And all that is left is the fake red collar, the arm hole finishing, and the paint. I'm shocked I've gotten this far.

Assembled kimono
Flower detail
SailorG - Thanks, but it looks like the paint I have is not going to work out. So I'm going to wear it as is for Katsu and then look into getting better paint for a later date. [I figure, it looks nice as it is now, so why stress out?]

I made my little straw doll today, though. And I really need to remember to get rubber gloves for spray painting sometime. My hand looks like it has the plague or something. @_@
...why is he screaming my name? @_@ And which James is this? There's one that actually works on reg. >.>

I still have spray paint on my hand. ;_; And I had to go to work like this. Good thing no one's really in the office today.

Anyone have any suggestions on better ways to detail the flowers in the future. I was considering embroidering some of the designs on, but that would take forever and drive me insane. But I will probably not be at an anime con until November anyway. [Though I've got my dress robes to make before August.]
eee i found the red dress i'm making for kley on closet child! *_* i mean, they already sold it but the photos are still up. i need to remember to go and save the pictures tonight when i'm at home. there are some lovely detail shots so i can get the collar and ruffles right. *_*
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don't worry, it's all confidential
mech - At first I thought this was the same girl I see at every con dressed as Usagi, but it actually might not be. It's too bad I don't know where to find photos of the other one except by going through or Fan's View, but her Sailormoon costumes are really good as well. :)

I have a photo or two of my Jigoku Shoujo kimono. Am debating whether to upload them as my face looks funny, but the kimono looks nice. >.> [I just don't look right with long black hair. :P]
*still not working on the cosplay stuff she promised to make for others*

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don't worry, it's all confidential
*still hasn't started her dress for the ball at Prophecy*

We can be lazy together, lbeth! XD Though, I'm doing the design work and planning this weekend so I have a shot of actually completing the project before August. @_@
ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! I'm taking a break from sewing my brother's lovely frock coat. It's not for a convention, but rather for the Pirate Invasion weekend at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

I recall saying that I would never make another frock coat again after I finished I remember why! This time I'm keeping to that oath! After this one, I'm never making one again!

Pardon my gripes...I just get frustrated having to sit over a sewing machine for hours and not really having the room to sew. :)

This is why I'm paying someone else to make my Tudor gown for next year's festival! :)
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Presenting: MBH's Cosplay Debut, as "Minako-chan" in the San Francisco based group "AnimeMyu".

We marched in the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Parade (I got to hold the sign!), then we performed a children's musical. Despite technical difficulties, we pulled through!

On Youtube: (I'm on the left stage, on the far left, next to the moon princess) (You can kind of see me doing my juggling sticks in this one)

Pics: 07/IMG_1772.html 07/IMG_1779.html 07/IMG_1825.html 07/IMG_1954.html
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MBH you look great! lol im debating on whether i want to throw a costume together if/when i go to AX. I dont want to do anything halfway, so i guess it would be a good idea to buckle down and figure something out. >.> oh well.
Oh and even despite any difficulties, the song was great. You'll have to throw some ideas my way so i dont look a fool.
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One at a time people!
mbh, that was amazing. yay minako!! :D ahh, i love it when fan productions like this are well done like that, and the performers are actually having fun with it. it's been a while since i've heard PGSM stuff too, so yeah! love that song! but yeah, i've seen some people perform seramyu before and they kind of seemed... uh... rigid? i don't know. they were good, but yeah. yours looked fun, at least!

mg- if you're going to cosplay, you must be part of our nana cosplay group. the more the merrier. srsly, get a long-haired wig and you can be takumi or something. >_> their outfits aren't that challenging, aside from the fact that they're all based off of actual designer clothes, but whatever. -_-

*goes to exercise more so he can fit into his skinny jeans* -_- the things i do for cosplay. *blames lbeth*
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Almost as many resurrections as Sailor Moon herself.
you know you love it, fer. and you were already saying you needed to exercise. :P

i am SO FAR BEHIND on cosplay stuff. -_- and none of this can look thrown together, because i won't have it. XD i should at least do hammy's hachi skirt, since that's going to be easy anyway. the more i get done, the less intimidating the rest will look. :D

i still need your measurements for nana's dress, kley!
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mbh: one of these days's you'll lose those boots... *dies*
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Short, fat, and bald, eh? Well the immediate character that comes to mind is Happosai from Ranma 1/2. XD You'd have to be lecherous too though. He'd be extremely fun to play as though I would imagine! ;D
signature image Hello, sweetie!
I immediately thought of Rei's grandfather. He, like Happosai, is a lecher. But, I think a lecher would fit in really well at most anime conventions! ::bigsmile::
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  AquaReflections - Thank you ^^; I've been wanting to actually do cosplay for years, but I was always pretty nervous because of the whole air of 'perfectionism' out there making me feel like I would just get run over and torn apart left and right. The uniform I actually *gasp* didn'tmake myself... slightly modified one I already had that was really similar. I bought the wig, and a plushie artemis (that isn't in any of those pictures, I have it in my group's photoshoot, though). I kind of just went for it... I think something I have on my side is that I really do have the body of a 12 year old x_X
tiggerwv- I'm Mina[ko] in her school uniform. In the videos, I'm one of the two people on the far left stage dancing, I'm left of the Moon Princess. I'm not very big, but you can see me generally moving. The pictures you can see me up close, though.
  ferret - Yeah, our show had alot of improv-ish aspects to it. Sailor Moon would do an opening speech each time while the German opening music was playing in the background. She pulled something different out of her... hat each time... "Hmm... I'm forgetting SOMETHING. Oh! Did you guys all remember to brush your teeth? *big grin and pose* Eek! I gotta go start the show!!!" The problem was that after the narration after that, there was supposed to be a "fight scene" to Carry On, but the CD player they were using kept skipping the track, so we had to cut to where I (a citizen) was being protected by a Police Officer (BART boy) after the dangerous battle, then (a la PGSM) Usagi comes up to me and asks for my autograph because I'm a celebrity... then it goes to the skit about how the others are talking about how Sailor Moon is missing... the real Venus comes and she puts 2 and 2 together about how Minako-chan is also Sailor Venus, we all dance and sing two songs together... x_X Things didn't all go "right", but at least they went pretty fun ^^;
scot- There's actually a little bit of a story behind that. I have some Mary Jane style shoes (more accurate), but I've had those since I was 14... almost a decade now x_X and they're so worn... I've SLIPPED on the SF sidewalk wearing those... twice... and pulled muscles and skinned myself up... so for the Parade (the pics in the boots are pre parade), I decided to wear my less accurate boots that I would be less likely to actually SLIP while marching from the Civic Center to Japantown. XD Those boots are so worn, they're almost getting worn down to my soles, too x_X
bill- You could do Master Roshi except he's skinny... or Rei's grandpa XD He's classic! Both of those have the lecherous quality, too... I'm sensing a trend >.>
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hey fer!

what do you think?

this is what that one cosplayer was wearing that i thought was so perfect.

and i know how to cut up a shirt. having punk boyfriends taught me that. XD
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Is it double posting if it's a different account? >_>

So I've started work on Nana's red dress for Kley. The front bodice pieces are sewn to the back, one sleeve is in, and I can already see where I'm going to need to do some additional shaping. Photos of the actual dress from the live-action movie look like it's princess seamed, which is too bad because Kley lives a couple time-zones away and you can't do princess seams that fit correctly without having the person there.

I'm using red linen, and because I haven't done much shaping on the bodice yet and there's no collar or skirt... it looks like i'm making a Star Trek uniform shirt. XD

Once it looks less stupid, I'll take photos and post them.
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Sailorcomettail: You can check out but it's so much more fun to make your own! :)
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This isn't cosplay strictly speaking, but it was a sewing project for a convention? ^^; The dress, which I lamented for months, is finished:

This would look better on a dressform...or me. :P

I'll have photos from the actual event next week. That's two different types of trim that we combined. Yay for a gazillion tiny stitches! But if nothing else, I'm going to be twirling my sleeves around. I had a hard time standing still so my friend Megan could pin up the hem. XD
Awww so cute, Robyn! I'm jealous that you're going to Prophecy ;_;

The evil boss is making me work.
In an age of darkness. At a time of evil.
When the world needed a hero. What it got was him.

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I suppose I should mention this while it's still kind of relevenat...

... a bit of a shameless plug, but my cosplay group AnimeMyu has plug/article/is featured in this month (October)'s Shoujo Beat magazine. ^_^
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foxfire - 2008-01-14 09:56:04

I'm new to this section of the interwebz. I am trying to get back in touch with my inner cosplaying otaku. She's been a little lost for the last few years, but she's eager to come back! I am going to Otakon this summer (as long as nothing else comes up. Last year I got to go for a single day, and I was leaving that night at 4am to go to the beach for a week. Okay, can't complain but it wasn't very nice spending $60 for a day at the con. lol)

I am not sure who I'd like to cosplay this year. I have ALWAYS wanted to cosplay as a Sailor Scout, but I don't know which one I would want to put all of my time and money into? Should I buy a wig or go with a character I can use my natural hair for? Dare I cosplay by myself or go in a group? Should I actually sew it together, or buy one off of a site? If anyone would like to help me figure this out, I'll be greatfull. :]

(I'm a member of, and I have posted there about this many times and all I get is "Go with who you like the most." Blah! I want more ideas than that! lol)

My fav scout is Neptune, but I don't look like her much. And when I say that, I don't mean that I don't have turquoise hair! lol I am just not overly radiant in the girly type of way. My best without-a-wig choice is probably Jupiter, but I hate wearing my hair up in public. :P Here is are a few pics of me if it helps anyone: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4]

I also have my nose pierced and I don't intend on taking it out for cosplay. :x

Thanks for the help!!!

Lindelea - 2008-01-14 19:47:37
I would say that if you can go with your hair up without too much discomfort, do jupiter. Your face shape lends itself to her and with your own hair it will be a much more convincing cosplay. If you can get a comfortable wig, go with Neptune. Part of the fun of cosplay is being someone that you're not, and with convincing costuming you can do a variety of things. As far as to sew or to purchase, If you can sew it yourself it will work much better. That way your costume will be custom fitted to you, just be careful no to use shiney fabrics or it will look little kid halloween-ish(sailor uniforms are tricky that way). If you're going to purchase,find something that has a nice, clean, crisp, uniform feel to it. And always remember, spandex is eeeeeevil.
As far as group or single goes, if you go by yourself you will find a group if you're a sailor scout. If you're cosplaying anything that a wide variety of people have seen, you will find a group. Going as a group already has its advantages though. It's a lot of fun, and you'll get your picture taken a lot more. ^^
Last, but not least, the nosering. They make noserings that are tiny and lay flat, but still look super nice. Check into something along those lines for when you're cosplaying. They're also good for being outdoors and active as they don't get snagged as often.
The main idea here is that you have fun doing it. If you can't stand wigs, don't wear a wig. If you can't take having your hair up for a long time, don't do it. Don't make yourself uncomfortable, because in a hot, sweaty, crowded con all of your uncomfortable things will be magnified 10 fold. Hope this helped a bit!

  robyngirl  - 2008-01-16 12:32:18
foxfire - Adding to the good advice that Lindelea has already given you:

Be warned that some of the less expensive fabric can be less opaque than you think, so you may have to line the outfit, or wear a tank top beneath it. Also, whenever I've worn a short-skirted cosplay outfit, I have always worn something under it so I didn't accidentally flash someone. >.> I happen to have bloomers from years in gymnastics, but bikini bottoms that are plain work just as well and most people have something like that around already. You don't have to wear anything extra, but it always made me feel a little safer. ^^;

The only other guidelines I use when choosing a cosplay outfit for a con is the weather. I'm not about to wear a short skirt and short sleeves in the dead of winter, but I'm also not going to wear lots of heavy layers in the height of summer. A sailor fuku should be just fine for Otakon. :)

I am off to the wilds of Seven Corners this weekend to finally get fabric for the two costumes I've had planned out for the last couple months. (Yeah, I know this is cutting it close for Feb/March cons... >.>) I wish so much that we had a car. I would have gone ages ago if I didn't have to take a less-than-reliable metrobus to the store. The things we do for cosplay. :P

foxfire - 2008-01-16 16:24:10
Lindelea - I've been afraid to tackle the sailor fuku for years. Lol I tried it once on Halloween night, when I was about 13 years old, with next to nothing in prep time. I was Mars. I made it out of a white dress shirt of my mom’s, and some cut up fabric that once made a sheet. I went out and bought foam for the broach and fabric for the bows. I’m not quite sure how it all worked out since once I took it off I couldn’t get it back on, but that was my first experience. Hahaha…

I know exactly what I want it to look like, but I am not sure if I am skilled enough to do it by myself. That’s the only reason why I considered buying it from someone. (My sewing machine needle holder broke a few years ago, and I have been doing everything the night before a con by hand since lol I should really get that fixed…) I know exactly what you mean with the shiny fabrics!!! I have seen some very beautiful costumes, but some will be ruined with the crinkly, shiny skirts. Skirts lined with gold would be gorgeous though! <3

I think I will go with Jupiter in the end. She was my favorite before I knew the outer scouts existed, and probably the closest one I can relate to personality-wise. I don’t think I would attempt Neptune unless I had her hair down picture perfect – either as a wig or my natural hair. Neptune is too much of a gorgeous character, in my own opinion, for me to try to match up to my own standards. Haha.

  robyngirl  - Oh yeah, I actually do forget about that often with white. :( I was reminded the other day about it when I saw a woman in my office building wearing a white shirt with a white bra underneath. I mean I know she knows she’s showing it all off, I just wondered if that’s, you know, “socially acceptable” now or something? Haha. I think it's quite trashy so I'll do anything to avoid that.

Bikini bottoms are a good idea. I had been a cheerleader for this past Halloween. The woman who sold the costume to me told me that women's boxer shorts worked well under things like this, so I went out and bought a pair. They're very comfortable, but I'm afraid they will be a little long for sailor cosplay. Hm. I'm afraid to be completely accurate, I would want to go white down there too. That might get dangerous. lol

Oh yes, the things we do for cosplay!! When I was younger, before I had a job, I never got money for reasons other than my birthday and Christmas. That worked out fine since they're nearly exactly 6 months apart from each other, but one year I had saved up money from both simply so I could go and buy fabric and equipment to make my next costume. I bought nothing else for a full year. :p Wow, I don't think I could do that these days...

At Otakon the only thing I worry about is wearing something with sleeves. Either I want big baggy sleeves, or none at all. lol You can tell by my past cosplays...

(These open in new windows...)

Himura Kenshin
Rinoa Heartilly
School Girl Kairi

I refreshed my hair with red before the con as Kenshin, so it looked really nice at the con. :]
I cosplayed Rinoa for years. The costume never wore out, with the exception of the shorts. The zippers weren't a fan of my hand sewing job.

I rushed Kairi the night before the con, even using checkered print for the skirt, and a safety pin to clip it in the back. :P This one lasted a weekend, and was pretty fun to wear, but not near as fun as the other two as no one cared for the costume. :P

Last year I went for a day in my yukata, and was almost completely ignored.

I'm cosplayin' this year. Something stunning. I think I want to put all of my efforts into Sailor Jupiter, the gold trim idea and all. :]

  robyngirl  - 2008-01-17 10:39:33
foxfire - It'd be okay to wear a pair of white bottoms, but it's more the fact that it will not be see-through. ^^; White would be more accurate, though I don't know that anyone should be flipping up your skirt to check. --;

Your links did not work. Unless you have to be signed in for them to work? ;_; I think I have an account on, but I have long since forgotten my login. >.>

I do find it easier to cosplay now that I work full time. ^^;; Though finding time to get costumes done gets harder, as I really only have weekends. (I'm near useless during the week after work. X_x;;) If I have a shot at making my next costume for Katsucon, I'll have to work on it every weekend day I have. At least the patterns I had to order have arrived in the mail as of yesterday. Now I just have to hope I can find a nice heavy white fabric to make it out of. (The entire thing is white with some black trim. @_@)

foxfire - 2008-01-17 17:42:09
  robyngirl  - LOL Yeah well you never know what people are doing at cons anymore. I remember walking to get in line to get INTO the con as Kenshin and out of nowhere this freaking HUGE guy is like "OH MY GOD! ITS KENSHIN!!!!!!!!" and he picked me up (like wrapped his arms around mine so I couldn't do anything) and spun me around like 20 times. I thought it was funny then, but if they did it now I might be a little upset. haha

Oh :( Yeah, I guess they do make you log in to view them. I didn't think to log out and check the links. I'll upload them somewhere else... *goes to upload them somewhere else*...

Kenshin 1 Kenshin 2 Kenshin 3 Kenshin 4

Rinoa 1Rinoa 2Rinoa 3Rinoa 4

Kairi 1Kairi 2Kairi 3Kairi 4

I've never gone to Katsucon. I've had some friends who go there every year as well, but i'm too cheap to rent a hotel, especially since in the next 3 months, I have 5 events that involve buying expensive gifts / dinners. @__@

Lindelea - 2008-01-18 10:14:30
Your cosplays are really well done! It looks like you take the time to do things tastefully, and sailor jupiter should work out well for you. I'm a Jupiter or Mercury person myself, so I love to see cosplays of them. Make sure to put up pictures, I'd love to see it when you done(and through the process).

  firebornx  - 2008-01-18 10:50:45
I dont know what I'm going to do for AX this year... I want to cosplay but I can't sew well -_-
I was thinking Edward Elric because I know I can get a good wig and I have an idea on how to make the arm and leg with some silver Sculpey polymer clay. I might also mock up his pocket watch with some Pure metal clay, if I could get my hands on a proper kiln...
We'll see... that sewing thing is holding me back though.

  robyngirl  - Right Now XD
Okay, I think that's all of the posts from the www4 server that are missing over here. :)

foxfire - Yeah, I've been lifted, too, but it was a photographer wanting a photo with me (as Rabi~en~Rose from DiGi Charat). The only reason I didn't completely freak out was because I was with two of my guy friends at the time. Had anything bad happened, they would have been right there. I think I was more surprised than anything, and it was over before I could react. Luckily that hasn't happened in a long time. ^^;

Your cosplays are really nicely done. :) They look finished and there's attention to detail. Well done!

It's too bad about Katsucon. Maybe next year? :D
Not a problem. I figured this was much faster than everyone trying ot get their posts reposted in order so they'd make sense and that the links and other discussion information would be preserved. :)

Started work on my new Orihime outfit. >.> I've got about half of the mock-up in muslin done, but it was the hard part. (The part where I had to fit my bust and abdomen. T_T) I have a little more on the mocking up front to do tomorrow before I start the actual construction. I'm being really careful with this one since I want to do it really well. I'm aiming for Katsucon, but no telling if I'll make it, and I would rather delay the outfit than rush it. ^^;
I demand pictures if you're doing Orihime. I think you'll look awesome. What outfit will she be wearing? And are you buying the barrettes or making them?

[/fangirl attack]
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
I actually have done Orihime before. At Otakon 2005 I wore her outfit when they were off to save Rukia. (The pink shirt & pants. Yeah, totally easy. :P) I made my barrettes back then. I may remake them if I have time since I made them a little large, I think, though they looked nice. I own official ones, thanks to a friend who's in Japan right now. They're really tiny, though, so not really good for cosplay purposes. This also means I already have an awesome wig. (And of course I can't find the photos right now. ;_; I will take photos of the barrettes, both bought and made, when I get home.)

I will be doing her latest outfit, in all its millions of miles of white glory. ^^; I have mocked up the top portion, and have a pattern for the hakama. (Yeah, I'm ambitious, I'm making my own hakama. >.> Ambitious, nuts, one of the two. XD)

I think I can manage photos for you, provided I finish the thing in time for Katsu. I'm sort of on schedule, but I'm nervous about some parts of it. (Mostly the top part as I had to totally invent 75% of it. @_@)

*reposts later so she can add the photo she promised*

Okay, here's a photo of the clips. You can see the fingerprints in the paint @_@;;
You want to make her red outfit? I loved that thing! I made that for Halloween in 7th grade. XD Of course, I wasn't a very good cosplayer, so it was not the best costume, but it was awesome anyway. ^^

I think that would go over well. I've seen non-anime cosplayers at anime cons before.
That would be a really awesome costume Linde, make sure to post pictures if you actually get into making it.
I don't think there would be any problem with that character at a con... I've seen stranger things...
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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Satin, definitely crimson satin with a spiderweb of that Halloween pull apart web stuff dyed black and held onto the satin with some small pieces of the hook end of velcro... *_*
so cool! in my head anyway...
could make the fake web stuff into the web looking design fairly easily with little sewing.
If I was a girl and knew how to sew I'd so make and wear what's in my head right now.
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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You could also use fabric paint to get the exact pattern. If it were closer to Halloween, I would suggest looking for a red fabric with a black spiderweb pattern as your best option, but I don't think you'll find anything like that out at this time of year.
I'm thinking it would be hard to cut the design out of black fabric and then sew it on without the black layer wrinkling up... Embroidering would be the way to go, but so much work.
I love the metallic thread idea.
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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Are you talking machine embroidery or hand embroidery? I suppose either would be equally time consuming. A fleece version sounds really, really comfy!

In the past for designs that I had to add to plain fabrics, if they've been any sort of width that was wider than the widest zigzag stitch on my machine, I would cut out the design in the correct color of fabric and then zigzag stitch the design onto the base fabric. That's also time-consuming, but usually looks really nice. (Bother, seems I removed the shots of my Tsunade jacket from my webspace. I should get a cosplay gallery back together. --;; Though that might mean doing a photoshoot to get some photos of some things. Blah.)

Kita, you'll be happy to know that I'm nearly done with my new Orihime outfit. :D Just need to do the bottom hem of the hakama (and iron them ;_;) and finish all the hand-stitching on the black trim. By Friday. ;____; At least the end is in sight?
Robyn, you're almost there! Keep at it :D

Lindelea - If you opt to use black fabric to create the web pattern, perhaps you could try an appliqué? Try cutting out the pattern, using a bit of fabric stiffener to keep it from wrinkling, and then use a fabric glue to position the design into place on the poncho. Some black thread could then be used to secure the piece into place at the edges as well as provide extra embellishment. I'd suggest using Aleene's Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid and Aleene's Fabric Fusion Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive.
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
Kita - The con is tomorrow. ;_; I have to sew on some snap closures and finish my shoes. But that is it. Huzzah! (Why did I have to pick a costume that has weird shoes? >.>)

I think it's been a while since I've had something that had this much hand-stitching. That's what delayed me this much. Argh.
chibiluna- Welcome to the site! I think you might find some Hailios fans in central control. Your post would be on-topic there. This topic is more for cosplay discussion than actual characters. Check out the top of each page to see what the topic is so you know what the conversation is. If you have any questions, just message me!
mmm cosplay... I want to do Ichigo, my girlfriend could do Rukia since she kinda looks like her. Been trying to convince her since she could just wear a cute outfit and people would be like hey... are you supposed to be Rukia? She liked anime expo when we went a couple of years back, was just too hot outside for her.
As far as me being Ichigo though, I'd want to do Bankai form. I want to sew my own outfit too but I just don't think I have the skill to do that. My hair would just need a slight orange tint and I already know where to buy a sword for it. After that I'd be set... just the outfit... the ones I see online just look too cheap.
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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foxy: You look cute as Jupi! :D
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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I'm going to be the vocaloid Len Kagamine for this years Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival. My group is opening the anime talent show by dancing to "Po Pi Po" ^_^;
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"Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, Mr. Creedy, there is an idea... and ideas ARE bulletproof!
I am slowly building up my Merida (Brave) cosplay and was wondering if anyone had any info on how to style the wigs?

I have ordered a really curly wig from arda-wigs and 2 add ons, but have no idea where to start.
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