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          Moon Kingdom FAQ
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Moon Kingdom FAQ
What is the Moon Kingdom?
spacer The Moon Kingdom is where you, the user, get to create your own private little section inside of Grep. You can spend your promotion points to buy yourself a directory here in Moon Kingdom, buy your own team, topic, surveys, and everything else! If you've got the time and the points, you can create an entire sub-section of Grep, where you get to write the rules (more or less).
How do I make these new folders and things?
spacer First, pick which category your new corner of Grep fits into. If it's about your favorite anime, then put it in the Anime folder. If it's about a video game, put it in the Games folder. Simple, right?
I don't have enough points to make what I want. How do I get more?
spacer If you don't have enough points to make what you want, you have two options:

1) Wait. You will get more points based on your level every month. All you have to do is save up your points, and you'll eventually be able to afford what you want.

2) Make good posts. If you make a good post, and someone gives you a kudos, you'll get points for it! And the higher the level of the person giving you the kudos, the more points you get.
I've got enough points, but it won't let me make anything! Why not?
spacer That depends on your user level. Only someone of the Cosmic Heart Compact level or higher is allowed to make their own material, because they've been around long enough to know how things are supposed to work. If you're not Cosmic Heart Compact level or higher, you won't be able to make anything, so instead, spend those points on promotions!

Other times, you will be restricted in what you can make by the system. For example, you can't make anything inside the main Moon Kingdom folder, only in the sub-folders, so you need to be in one of those first.
Help, my directory/topic/team/whatever isn't where I put it! Where did it go?
spacer On the sticky list on the side of the screen is a folder called "Files You Own". This lists everything you've made and will let you find out if what you are looking for is still on the site or not.

Why did it get moved? The most likely explanation is that you put it somewhere it wasn't supposed to go, and one of the Mercury staff moved it to the proper location for you. If you have problems with where something was put, then please PM or email SailorMercury to discuss the matter.

If the file is just gone completely, one of two things happened. There may have just been a glitch that accidentally deleted the file, in which case we can check the logs and remake it for you, or refund your points as needed. However, if the file was inappropriate for whatever reason (too violent, too sexual, that sort of thing), then the file will simply be deleted, and your points will not be refunded. Odds are, if this happens, you will likely be put on detention as well, so when in doubt, don't!
Are the posting rules for Moon Kingdom topics any different than other topics? What about for topic owners in the Moon Kingdom?
spacer All user created topics are subject to the same posting rules as non user created topics. Owners of user created topics should follow the same posting rules as everyone else: no off topics posts, one liners, etc. If you own a topic, and you discover a post that violates the posting rules, please do not address that with another post. Please send Sailor Jupiter a message via intercom, and the Jupiter team will handle it appropriately.

For complete rules and information on posting in topics, please refer to the Posting FAQ.
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