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Topic: This topic is for Moon Kingdom related requests and questions *ONLY*. If your team doesn't fit in one of the catagories we have now, request a new one, and if SailorMercury agrees, a new catagory will be created for you.

If you're not sure where to put something, ask.
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Thats what Moon Kingdom is for. Users of a high enough level (cosmic compact I believe) can make their own folders, topics, teams, polls, or anything else that they want by spending points.

Just make sure to put your stuff in the proper catagories, and you can basically make whatever you want (within common sense, no porn or graphic violence, that sort of thing).
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Say you had an area, but it ended up moving to somewhere else (like... becoming part of a larger directory).

Would it be alright to temporarily place an alias in place of the old directory?
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It depends.
Any file needs to be in a directory. You can put whatever you like in a directory, so you could do that. Just having an alias in the wrong place as a pointer though? No, thats not a good idea. If you just want to make sure everybody that was frequenting your stuff knows where the new spot is, you can always just send a mass intercom message to your team list. Everybody will then have an alert as to the new location, and will know where to find it.
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Eh, you could have the topic as long as you didn't get into the excessive violence and sex, but I doubt that would be very interesting. Generally though, that sort of thing doesn't belong on Grep. If you wanted to essentially dumb it down, it should be okay, but the Jupiters would still be checking in on you, and if/when you crossed the line would be up to them.

If you think you can keep it rated PG-13, you can give it a go, but if you think you won't be able to keep it on a low simmer, you might be setting yourself up for trouble.
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I just created a links list for my Guild Wars team, but I'm not sure who should be approving the links in it - me as the owner, you as the Moon Kingdom police or the Neptune team as all things linky. Any ideas?
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Teams cost 3000 promotion points to create.
Check out the File Administration FAQ. Specifically, the Creating a New... file. Lists all the files, costs, and a brief description. You might want to check out the Teams FAQ as well, just to give a little more information on team creation and rules.

Between those 3 links, you should get all the info you need :)
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One at a time people!
Is anyone else not seeing the dropdown creation menu, and is there any reason why I shouldn't be seeing it at the moment? :-/
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I can see it under all of the directories, which one are you trying to put it under? It looks like write permissions to all of them are Cosmic Heart Compact as well, so it should be alright... :/
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I'm specifically trying to create in Games at the moment, but I can't see the menu in any of the Moon Kingdom folders, or the team folders.

There're just the view and sort menus.

EDIT: Got it! Whatever the hiccup was, it's fixed itself...

Sorry to bother you.
Why are pirates pirates?

Because they ARRRRRR!
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And the moon kingdom rises from the (3 year old) ashes!
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Huzzah! And it rises AGAIN after 2 more years!
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meh, it was only down because I was too lazy to fix the database error...
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