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Topic: This topic is for general discussion on the latest book (not manga) you have been reading.
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Right now, I'm in the process of reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I just bought it last night and I'm about halfway through it. It's about what I expected; sad and emotional and well written.

And I *adore* Wicked *_*!!! I almost bought Son of a Witch yesterday, but I had to limit my spending because I ran out of gift certificates -_-;;.
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My sister read Eragon and Eldest, and then after going to see the movie was shocked at how much the movie was different, lol.
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I'm considered reading Eragon. I should do that instead of going to see the movie, I'm sure. i'm waiting on some books to come out in series I follow, so I'm not really reading anything at the moment. I adore Katharine Kerr's Deverry novels, and the last few are finally coming out. *joy* But I am looking for a new series or book to get into.

I have a copy of Wicked...I just need to read it. Maybe I'll start that...
yeah, totally not going to see the movie eragon. i was planning to, just because of john malkovich. this will be one of the very few of his movies i'm not going to see.

i liked that book so much. ;_; and the movie looks like such utter crap. if i hadn't read the book, i'd probably have seen it already. ;_;
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Eragon and Eldest are sitting on the desk in Blake's room right now. I haven't read them yet. I finished Wicked the other day and now I'm slowly working on Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (and I mean slowly...real life gets in the way of my reading time x_x).

I've been eyeing the new Stephen King and the new Michael Crichton in the bookstore, but I haven't bought either of them, yet.
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i don't have the crichton yet. and i can't remember what the name of the new stephen king book is! @_@ but i have it. i read it. i liked it. @_@ i can't remember a friggin thing about it. XD

except that it was lots better than cell.

i want to get the graphic short story one. *_* that could be very interesting. *_*

i'd like to find a book of poetry where less than half of the poems are terrible. does that exist? i'm trying to convince myself that poetry is a valid art form. it's not working so far.
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Is anybody else here into the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton?

The world is a kind of modern paralell universe where vampires are not only 'out of the coffin', but... legal in the united states. They make alot of money. The main character is an animator/necromancer who raises zombies for a living, and she also hunts vampires and other rogue supernatural beings. However, the more she gets entangled with them, the more of a 'monster' she becomes herself.

If anyone else is as addicted to this series as I am, let me know. If there's enough interest I may create a team eventually.
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What kind of poetry do you like? I'm a fan of H.D. and Rilke, but they aren't everyone's taste...
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Cell was fine until you figured out what was going on, then it was just kind of blah.

There's a graphic short story? I need to look for that. I think the new one is called Lissie's Story or something like that.
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lisey! lisey's story. it's pretty good. it's not great, but i liked it.

check the sk website. there's info on it. i think it's called the secretary of... something. i can't remember. my brain is dead today.

there is no specific kind of poetry i like. or dislike. although i'm much more likely to enjoy a narrative. haiku makes me roll my eyes.

eventually i will get to go home from work. perhaps i will find some of the poems i like, so that my request is narrowed down further than "not crap!"
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Woots - I can't say that I've read the last book, nor most of the series; all I've read is The Hostile Hospital. It was entertaining, but I wasn't captivated enough to go through the entire series. But let me tell you what a friend of mine said after she'd been following the series with her daughter. "It's so long. Yeah, I'm ready for those kids to die. Not just end the series--they need to die."

On Wicked: I enjoyed the book, but at first I was a little put off by the fact that I was expecting something basically similar to the musical. Once I got over that, though, it grew on me. I need to go read it again and see what I think of it a second time through.

I haven't read Eragon. I'd heard a lot about it and one day I picked it up at a bookstore and started reading through it. It's pretty cool that the author had the book published when he was seventeen, but... from the first couple pages it just started to bug me that it read like it was written by a seventeen year old who was heavily influenced by Tolkien et all. But maybe I'll try it one of these days.

I've been reading pretty sporadically lately, I keep getting busy with other stuff and never read as much as I want to.

One of my last random discoveries was Bill Bryson. Oh man, he's hilarious. I was wandering around Barnes and Nobel a few months ago, looking for some books to take to the beach, and his book I'm A Stranger Here Myself caught my eye in the travel essays section. It's a collection of usually-humorous articles he wrote for a British newspaper about his experiences moving back with his family to the US after having lived in England for twenty-odd years. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read.

I also picked up Bryson's Notes From a Small Island the next time I was at B&N. It's more of a travel book than Stranger, and is less immediately funny, but it was an interesting look at his last few weeks traveling around the UK before he returned to America.
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My last job was as a Children's Librarian, and I tended to thumb through the new stock as it came in. I thoroughly spoilered myself as far as the Mediator novels were concerned, but I might still pick them up and read them properly at some point.

I could never get into the Anita Blake/Guilty Pleasurs/Laurel K. Hamilton books. It just felt like one big exercise in Mary Sue-ing to get her lead into as many sexy situations with long-haired guys as possible - Anne Rice angst with a bit less cod-philosophy and BDSM (I've got nothing against anyone who likes any of that sort of thing - it just doesn't do anything for me).

Maybe it's my background as a tabletop roleplayer, but reading them made me feel as though I was reading Vampire: the Masquerade copyright infringement with the clan names and vampiric argot hastily changed - it just seemed utterly derivative.

I'm currently reading Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things - before I bore anyone silly, are there any more Neil fans around here?
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Gregory Maguire wrote Wicked. He's also written several other fairytale-esque novels that you might enjoy if you liked that one.
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*returns from a convention*

Clavietika: It's good stuff - like any of Gaiman's anthologies, it's so varied that it's hard to really describe.

Although I must admit that - as someone who's had ideological issues with C.S. Lewis for a long, long time, I'd been waiting for an anthology release of The Problem of Susan for literally years.

I'm going through quite a heavy Gaiman phase at the moment - I've just picked up a copy of Where's Neil When You Need Him? and a couple of his less well-known graphic novel guest appearances. I keep meaning to buy myself a copy of A Short Film About John Bolton when I've got a little more money to spare.

Other than that, I'm mainly reading non-fiction and waiting impatiently for the latest Discworld novel to hit the shelves.
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I've been a Gaiman fan for about the last fifteen years and a Pratchett fan for longer (I think I was ten years old when I read my first Pratchett). I think I've read the majority of his published prose by now - hence I wait for anthologies and hunt for bits and pieces.

I did enjoy Good Omens, though. It gets more amusing when you actually hear Gaiman describing the creative process between the two of them, and you try to guess which bits of the book he's referencing. :)
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EternalSailorSilverMoon - I love Spy vs. Spy! I used to have an almost OCD with it whenever I'd go to the store. I could never go by the magazine rack without going through all the different MAD Magazines just to read Spy vs. Spy. I still do it sometimes to this day! *_*

I also loved it when MAD TV played the Spy vs. Spy segments. I was so sad when they stopped playing those though. ;_;
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I was never much impressed with Spy vs. Spy. Especially not after my dad let me look through his old ones from the 60s, and they were exactly the same.
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I am on a total Amy Tan kick (again). She's like my favorite author. I'm a little less than halfway through with Saving Fish From Drowning, her latest book. I also read The Kitchen God's Wife and The Hundred Secret Senses. (Oddly enough, I never finished her most famous book, The Joy Luck Club.)

Anyway, I love the characterization in her books, particularly this one. She pulls together ensemble casts pretty flawlessly, and makes each character equal parts annoying and endearing. This one is modeled/based on a trip down the Burma Road and going into the book is like a journey in itself -- you get more and more deeply entangled into the characters' lives and relationships with one another the further they go into the Burmese jungle. And of course, parts of it are hilarious.


*EDIT* - Oh yeah -- I don't think Spy vs. Spy would be considered a manga. A manga is usually distinguished by the ongoing story and the artwork, along with other elements, and SVS doesn't have those elements.
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'Nuff said, really.
I hope I'm forgiven for cross-posting this both here and in the dedicated fantasy forum.

Confirmation from the horse's mouth here.

Oh... gods... :(
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I've recently been re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. I'm on The Last Battle right now. I remember when the books were first mentioned to me by a kindly lady on an airplane when I was in third or fourth grade, she described them as "being very good for both adults and children". I think she's right. I'm still enjoying re-living the fantasy at 24.
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I have been rereading the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I cannot get enough of these books! I love the mythology and everything that is included in a fascinating way, giving these Gods some very far-fetched character traits.
I have read his books regarding Egyptian Gods and now Vikings as well. It is beyond fun to dive into these worlds.

Is there a series that you have reread so much that you have had to buy the books multiple times?
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