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Topic: General Harry Potter chatter. If there's a need for more specific topics, we can branch out, but for now, let's contain the insanity in one scroll-happy topic. :)

Please note: For now, there will be no discussion of events in Deathly Hallows (due out July 21) until a decent amount of time has passed so everyone can read the book. For discussion of the final book, please go here. (Speculation on what may happen can still remain in here, we're just looking to keep spoilers out of here.) Thanks!
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yay more snape fans! XD

so many i made this
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don't worry, it's all confidential
Yo, Alan Rickman is sexxxy, man. Honestly, I thought he was the weirdest-looking sexy man in the history of the world, until I saw his fashion pics without the prosthetic nose and greasy hair. He still looks like Snape, but he honestly looks WAY better. And his voice is PERFECT for Snape.

And yes, Daniel Radcliffe occupies a lot of my fangirlish squeeing *squees* It's odd because he's actually three years younger than me :D

And I also love Emma Watson, in a less fangirly way. She's an awesome young actress and she is gorgeous!
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'Nuff said, really.
Whatever that secret was, it's doing the trick because Alan Rickman IS Snape. Like, he inhabits Snape. All of the main actors in the Trio I think really inhabit their parts (or my images of what they would look like) but Snape really takes the cake.

You know, I just realized what really cracked my layer against pop culture and made me want to look into HP was seeing all the "Snape on a Plane" icons on ElJay and feeling left out of a huge (and apparently very funny) joke.

I was really happy with the casting of Harry, Hermione, Ron (his facial expressions rock), McGonagall (OMG lessthanthree), and Snape, and the first Dumbledore...but the second one they cast really grinds my nerves!

I have 7 on preorder from Amazon AND I already paid for the overnight shipping to my home address. I will have to change the shipping address once it's confirmed for the summer -- I know where I'll be staying, but don't know where I'll be that particular weekend (my summer program is only a 5-hour drive from home, and July 21 is the day before I start my second summer program.

So much confusion. Argh. If worst comes to worst, I'll spend the extra money and go to a bookstore and get it (although I doubt they'll have any), or I'll have my fiance send it from home. *sigh*
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'Nuff said, really.
I never saw what all the hubbub was about Dan Radcliffe, but it doesn't help that the boy was born a few months before I turned 7. :P But he's certainly improving his acting over the course of the HP movies. (You all actually managed me make me feel old. That's impressive, considering I'm not really all that old. XD)

juilletmercredi - Snapes on a Plane! Oh man, that joke amuses me still, even though it really shouldn't. I was so mad when I went to make a doodle of that and found it was already over the internets. :P Oh well, it's still funny. ^^

Anteros - That's certainly the prevailing theory at the moment. I know people were even waiting for the various translations to see how RAB would turn out, and I think it was still looking favorable for Regulus. We'll just have to wait a couple more months to find out, though. :) And don't worry, most HP fans are pretty laid back about things. At least the ones I've run into. I know some shippers can get very...vehement? Especially when defending their ship. It's just like any other fandom, really. :)

I was bad. I pre-ordered the last book while at work. XD On the day they announced it, too. Though Borders and Amazon didn't end up emailing me about the pre-orders starting until several hours later. Haha!
You shush, robyn. Now you're making me feel old!

I happen to think Daniel Radcliffe is an actor to be reckoned with. He has really improved with each movie, and I know he has the guts to take on whatever he wants to (that play, anyone?). I wish him all the best.

And yes, I think he's cute. -_-;
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
  robyngirl : They made ME feel old, and I am only three years older than Harry Potter.

I can't tell you how infuriated I was at not being able to get that joke :D I have to thank whoever thought it up because I wouldn't know the joy of Harry Potter without it. Although I like to think HP was my fate.

  SailorMnemosyne : One of my friends flew to London to go see Equus last week. Somehow she had found tickets for 6 pounds! She said it was really good and Daniel Radcliffe did an excellent job in the play, although she didn't know why everyone was hyping the nakedness. It was only five minutes and it was artistic, not gaudy.

It makes me kind of want to visit London, even though the city is expensive, just to listen to people speak English with a British accent. I kind of heard a lot in London's airport but that would make me happy. But I don't have a lot of time left in this program and it's either London or Paris...maybe I could do a day-trip to London :D
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'Nuff said, really.
juilletmercredi - It was one of those internet things that you'll never be able to track down the originator. ^^; But I'm glad it got you into the fandom.

As for the fuss over Equus, it's basically, 'zomg! Harry Potter is naked!' or something to that effect. :P People freak out over just about anything, though I don't know if I would like the play simply for the plot. It would be interesting to see, though. And you have to admire Radcliffe for doing the play, since it's rather daring. He's trying to do things that are vastly different from Potter so that he doesn't get pigeonholed into that type of part for the rest of his career, since I think he's the most into acting out of the trio.

Snapes on a Dance Floor? >.> There's an image. Hehehe...
Yes, so I just send my thanks to the Internet Gods and hope they'll place blessings on the appropriate person(s). :D

I know a lot of people were upset because they were like 'OMG, this is Harry Potter, he shouldn't be naked for he is a children's actor!' totally forgetting what PrincessEmeraude said -- that he is an actor and that Harry Potter is not going to last forever. There are only two more movies. And I think Radcliffe was an actor before this, whereas Grint and Watson were just acting in high school theatre and such.

I like the psychological themes of the play because I'm a psych major with designs on becoming a psychologist (a research psychologist, that is), so it's interesting to me. It's just that when I searched for tickets, the cheapest ones I found were $120. I have no idea how my friend found her cheap ones. At this point, getting to London would've been the easy part.
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'Nuff said, really.
ciarahall1 - You mean the fan base behind Harry Potter will remain, like Sailor Moon's fan base. The concept of Harry Potter books is about to end, much like the Sailor Moon manga ended a while ago. Same thing goes for the movies. Harry Potter movies will be made and completed for good, much like the Sailor Moon anime was.

I don't get all the racket around Equus. Honestly. He's an actor, so he's going to act. Harry Potter is not the be all and end all. -_-
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
ciarahall1: Of course, the Harry Potter books will always exist -- and there will be a fandom around for Harry Potter long after the books stop being written and the movies stop being made. Just like 15 years after Sailor Moon's release, there's still a fandom hanging around writing fanfiction and chatting on a fansite with each other.

What I was referring to was the fact that there are only two more Harry Potter movies in which Daniel Radcliffe can play Harry Potter. After the Deathly Hallows movie comes out, there won't be any more Harry Potter films for Radcliffe to be Harry Potter in -- so he's going to have to move on to other things, and he's doing the right thing by starting now and building up his actor's resume ahead of time.

As for Sailor Moon, I'd wager that the majority of the members of this site are here for nostalgia's sake, and to remain in contact with friends we made here, rather than a strident love for the Sailor Moon manga/anime. I mean, Sailor Moon will always have a place in my heart as a series, but I'm not as into the series or discussing it as I was when I first started watching it around age 8-10. I can see how the membership of this site has grown in age and the change in the tone of the site -- we've still got the pink scheme, but the fanbase here has clearly grown up. Most of us are still watching anime, but usually not Sailor Moon mostly (although I own the series, I only pick it up rarely. I'm working on a bunch of other series at the moment.)

To keep this on topic...anyone NOT re-reading the series yet? I have to wait until I go home in May. I left all my books with my fiance, who wanted to read the books in preparation for the final book and the new movie.
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'Nuff said, really.
i'm not rereading yet.

i can read any of the first 4 in a sitting, really. book 5 might take most of a day, or 2 evenings if it's during the workweek. 6 i have practically memorized still. XD

i don't plan to start rereading until probably the 4th of july. unless the kid wants to start in on book 5 before then. i guess i'll help him with it if he wants.
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don't worry, it's all confidential
I don't know if I'm going to reread or not. I've got other books that I'm reading at the moment, and other things that I want to do in the mean time. But I think I will try to reread some if not all of them before the last book comes out. And before I go to Prophecy! I've probably forgotten more than I realize. @_@

And yeah, I don't see the Potter fandom dying out after the last book, or even the last movie. Sailormoon's had a fandom for years, and so have things like Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. If it's as beloved as it seems to be, it's going to be read and reread for a long time to come. :)
Prepare to laugh at me.

They just announced that the guys and gals from Pottercast and Mugglecast will be doing a live podcast from Prophecy. A pj party podcast. I almost squealed in the office. :P Listening to Pottercast makes me think of what listening to this forum would sound like if it were audio.

Okay, done being ridiculous for the time being. :) You can all go back to your usually scheduled Friday afternoons.
Yes, I am double posting. Yes, I am okay with this. (No one's posted for a couple days, and I'm not about to wait.)

There is a new trailer out, the international one, and we're getting a new one here in the US in front of Spiderman 3. You can see the international trailer through the usual channels. Has anyone watched it yet? Not too shabby. Favorite random thing? Voldie in a suit. (They've translated Harry's dreams/feelings into hallucinations, so that he's seeing Voldemort everywhere. A decent translation, I guess.)
i want my barnes & noble to have the hp5 audio book.

i don't think my son can manage to read it before the movie comes out, and i don't want to read it to him. he's 9. and talks over what i say. >P

also, he has a stereo and can listen in his room. it will be a nice change from the same beastie boys cd over and over. especially since he learned to turn up the bass.
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don't worry, it's all confidential
I have PoA in Japanese. It amuses me greatly. Especially because the way they translated 'marauder' as something akin to ninjas. I'll have to double check it when I'm home, but I remember giggling about that quite a bit. :) (I have to wonder what the Japanese version of OotP looks like, since any yelling/shouting seems to be in bolder, larger font. OotP was rather capslock heavy. XD)

I'm planning on getting the British set eventually, though not sure which cover. Hadn't really gotten that far. ^^;
I bet they'll have a train that goes around the park called "Hogwarts Express", a gift shop area called "Diagon Alley", different places to eat like "The Three Broomsticks", sweet shops like "Honeydukes"...

...yeah, I'm sure you've all thought of this already. I'm so pumped! *squee*
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
Oh man, that's actually happening? That's been a rumor around the fansites for months now. I'm out sick for one day and all sorts of weird stuff happens! {Leaky has images from the announcement, and I think video too, but you can pull that up on YouTube. Their article about it is here.) Now I actually kinda want to go to Universal. :P
Have you guys seen this? I saw the first one in the bookstore today. It was in Japanese of course so I didn't understand, but it's a magnetic wizard chess board that uses something(?) so you don't have to touch the pieces. They seem to do all sorts of exciting things. :) I imagine it's an expensive proposition to get the whole set. O_O
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MidnightArticuno - I didn't get into Potter until I was in college already. I was 14/15 when the first book came out, so I didn't want to read 'children's books'. XD But it amuses me that according to book canon (I think the timeline on the Lexicon has been pretty much confirmed?), Harry would be only a year older than me. :P Well, year and a few months. Details. :)

tux - They *made* wizard chess? That's kind of cool. I wonder how that works.
I've seen those magnetic chess boards before where the pieces kind of move themselves. Never marketed as "wizard chess" though.

I am SO going to Universal Studios again when the HP theme park comes out!

And, I didn't grow up with Harry Potter. I was thirteen or fourteen when it came out but I didn't start reading the novels until I was nineteen turning twenty -- last May, actually. I'll be 21 when Book 7 comes out.
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'Nuff said, really.
SG06 - that's pretty much what happened to me! I saw people reading the books in my classes in high school, but I didn't see what the hype was about (which is kind of dumb, because I saw a lot of students reading them). After getting to college, Robyn had been linking me to fanfics, and I really enjoyed reading them. I then saw the first two movies (online -_-), and realized I had to buy the books (and the movies). I convinced my parents to buy the first four books during spring break of freshman year so I could read them. (This was before my sister got interested and wanted to hog them.) I read all four books in a span of four days (one a day). I've been hooked since, although I'm not as crazy of a fan as I was before. (LOL Robyn, remember the little prank pack I was planning on making? Silly string and all? "Tink Pink"? XD)
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
Kita, I want my prank pack. ;_; I could use it on the people that I keep having to train over and over because they probably aren't listening to me when I am explaining how to do things.

What sort of rides would you want to see at this new theme park they're going to build? Or what rides have you heard rumors about? Just curious. :) I really want to go to Honeydukes. :P
I'm betting they'll have a Gringotts rollercoaster.

I'd like to see a carousel with thestrals and hippogriffs and... well I guess not centaurs because that would be disrespectful to them. >P

Because every park has to have a ride like "Dumbo" you could have Ford Anglias instead of elephants.

A boat ride through the cave where Voldemort hid the locket? And ew you could have the corpses pop out of the water! That would be great.

They'd have to have a tilt-a-whirl, but I'm not sure what theme they would choose.

And I should really get back to work and stop thinking about Harry Potter theme parks. XD
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I think the Ford Angelina would make a good roller coaster, since they kind of drove it like one. Maybe not with the crashing into the Willow at the end, though. ^^;

That boat ride would be like your usual horror entry for a theme park. (Meaning I won't ride it. @_@ I am a wuss. :P)

I want that carousel now. That would be awesome. *_* Put dragons on it, too! XD

I wonder if they'll build the Ministry? That would be an interesting place to explore. But it might just be Hogsmeade and Hogwarts? I can't remember. ^^;
Dude! The Department of Mysteries could be it's own maze! Choose your path from the Rotating Room, wind your way through the Death Chamber (maybe it could be blacklight!), try to get to the Hall of Prophecies and get to the exit by choosing the right prophecy...

Yeah, I'm excited XD
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
Ah! I saw the plans for this the other day, Tthis will be the best park ever! I just hope they have some ride to do with quidditch.
Sounded like all they were going to do was Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Forbidden Forest... but maybe they'll expand later?
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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Hey everyone! I've added a new survey for you all! It's the dreaded question: Who do you think is most likely to die in the final book? (Barring Voldemort, of course.)

If I've forgotten a major character/group of characters, please let me know and I will try to add them in. (I think I covered the big ones.) Otherwise, happy voting!
psst! we need write permission to vote!
SPUNES on my EYEZ! signature image

Sorry about that. Should be okay now. (Did it at work, but I kept getting called away. @_@)
I can't really vote on that survey. First of all, I hate all the predictions for the last book (to me it's pointless; I'm just waiting for it to come out so I can see what really happens) but I like seeing other people talking/arguing about what's going to gets me revved up for the book.

19 more days :D
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'Nuff said, really.
Haha, I haven't voted yet either, I don't think. (Ironic, as I made the survey.) I am on the fence about reading predictions and things. Part of me just wants to wait and read the book and not have that influenced by people's theories and so forth. But sometimes they're just so interesting! Or off the wall. XD

Random, but the movie is coming out on my brother's birthday. Haha, too bad he doesn't like Potter. :P
The movie is like a late birthday present for me -- I turned 21 on Monday :) I still haven't seen it yet, though, what with me moving out of one dorm and into another for summer programs. *sigh*

I don't get the joke from the first still :( except that they still have them in Muggle clothing, but yeah. I've gotten used to that and stopped griping about it. Hermione's hair being sleek and not bushy annoys me as well, but eh.
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'Nuff said, really.
It's okay, juilletmercredi. I'm not sure what the joke is either. XD

I think it's kind of funny that Harry's wearing the exact same thing as Hermione.

But what I can't stop laughing at is how much the front of Ron's pants look like a... Georgia O'Keeffe painting. They go well with his man-purse. >_>;

I can't see the movie yet. *weeps* I have to wait for my son to be allowed out of the house again. He picked up some gross infection while he was with his dad and is on all sorts of antibiotics for the next week. ;_;
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Okay, I'm not getting the joke either. But yes, Harry and Hermione seem to shop at the same stores. (That would please a variety of shippers for a variety of reasons. XD Oh shippers, they amuse me so.)

I will be seeing the movie tomorrow evening. Kind of half excited half meh about it? Even better, though, is having my wisdom teeth out two days before Deathly Hallows. XD Should be okay by Saturday, anyway, but Friday will certainly be miserable. Yay for staying home from work. :P
I saw a thing on G4 the other day on OotP and they interviewed the people at Universal who are making the theme park and it's apparently only going to be Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Forbidden Forest. No Ministry, no Diagon Alley.

But hey, we're getting Hogsmeade (woo butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks anyone?), the Forest, and Hogwarts! And it's set to open in 2009, which should be not long before the final movie is released. Well, if their anticipated dates for HBP are late next year, it seems like 2010 for the DH movie. Late 2009 would be nice, but I'm thinking it will take more than a year to put the last movie together.

They could probably still work some things from DH into the park though since the book will have been released two years at that point.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't get that...maybe MA will come back and explain the joke?

I think I'm satisfied with Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Forbidden Forest. The Department of Mysteries would be interesting -- and come on, I thought for sure Diagon Alley would be a ploy to set up expensive souvenir/tourist shops at which you could buy trinkets of the experience, especially wizard robes and wands that you might not be "able to get elsewhere" (I use the term loosely). Maybe authentic licensed things. But eh, whatever...
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'Nuff said, really.
That's still a lot of territory for the initial opening of the park. If it does really well, they can always add new things to it. :)

Saw the movie Friday night. It was, as movies go, pretty good. Divorcing the movies from the books lets me enjoy them better, but I still had to explain things to a friend of ours who doesn't read the books. *shrug* But the pacing was much better than the previous offering, evening if certain scenes seemed completely off to me. (Harry wasn't exactly angry at the end. What was that? I looked at the book, and that's one of the (many) pages that's practically all caps. Ah well, at least it was a pretty good movie. And the effects were nice, too.
Good job, LBeth! That was the joke. Ron and Harry have man-purses! The Murse! EEEEEEEK! XD
In an age of darkness. At a time of evil.
When the world needed a hero. What it got was him.

Hail to the King, Baby!
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Seeing as how I've never been down to Orlando before, I'm thinking that 2009 would be a great time to take a looong vacation down there :)

BTW OMG book 7 comes tonight omg omg omg

Going to hit up wal-mart tomorrow because last time amazon screwed up our pre-orders and we didn't get it until a week after release >.
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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I ordered mine from walmart online and it says it'll be here "on or just after July 21st". It darn well better be on the 21st or I'm going to be so annoyed.

But I don't see how it would have been cheaper than $17.87 in the store, so I'm happy with that part of it.

I picked HBP back up today in preparation for tomorrow, and now I can't wait for the movie. They'll have to finally cast Narcissa! Because zomg if they change it to anyone else doing the begging to help Draco, it'll totally ruin the whole thing. :(

Um, yeah. I have a little thing for the Malfoy family. >.>;; I can't wait to see who they're casting for her.

Whee, back to reading.
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I think I had a five minute squee-fit after I read that article. Dunno if it reads the same as the one I read... mine was from Newsweek, but I doubt they're much different.

Anyway, I was completely happy with the news. *_* Go Jo!
"Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink."
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I think I just heard the fandom explode.

Honestly, it really didn't surprise me or add anything to do the books for me. *shrugs* It wasn't an issue that came up in the books. But oh god, the fan fiction... @_@
Haha, that's in the article itself? I didn't read it, but had heard about it from clicking around the fandom. (Admittedly for the first time in a couple weeks. >.>)

But it does pretty accurately describe what happened. ^^;
Random note, since this section seems to be quite dead. ^^; Not sure if any of you listen to any of the various Potter-themed podcasts, but Pottercast (from Leaky Cauldron) actually had Rowling on for the entirety of their broadcast this week. (And I think the rest of the interview is coming next week?) If anything, it's certainly interesting to hear her talk about the books and answer any question that they throw at her. (No secrecy required anymore, huh?)

You can download/listen to the podcast at If you listen to it for anything, listen to it for the lead-in stuff. It's really quite amusing. XD
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