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leveliconMagus12000BC2014-09-21 22:34:40
I can understand why those who are fans of the Manga would love how this series is going so far. But to be honest, I really have mixed feelings about it being that I never really liked the original print. I was hoping that the pace of the story would be slowed and more personality given to the characters on both sides of the divide. But that doesn\'t seem like what we\'re going to be getting. I\'m a bit disappointed in that. There should be more liberties taken then just merely pandering to the \"shipping\" crowd between the Senshi and Shitennou.

Regardless, I find it to be an interesting watch. Maybe the crew will grow a set down the road and feel the need to fill in the gaps, as it were. But I\'m really not holding my breath at this point. I just watch and try to take it what it is now. But it still doesn\'t mean that I don\'t get frustrated at times of what Crystal could have been.
SailorDecember 2014-09-22 16:52:18 Good Post Points: no
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