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Topic: Crochet, drawing, sewing, clay (kley), playdough, or any other medium you do :)
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I got yours in the mail today lbeth!!! And now I really regret leaving it in the car. It's freezing out :(

That was an awesome drawing of poop, btw.
glad you like it! XD

and i got my soap! it smells so pretty! *_*! karma says i should taste it to be sure it isn't food, jen. he says you might be a liar.
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don't worry, it's all confidential
Have Karma taste it first.

Scot says to tell him it'll make him fart bubbles!

VW -- Yours is getting mailed tomorrow! I promise! Work has just been keeping me from being able to get to the post office this week.
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I should be mailing stuff out sometime today, if I get the chance to haul myself across campus.

And I'm poor. I'm going for the cheapest shipping possible. Don't be surprised if it takes more than two weeks -.-;;;

But at least I finished everything! I stayed up extra late last night to finish off the last one :D

Jen - Hooray! I love geting mail *_*
pets are wonderful kitsune. and then they go and do something like that. x_x that kind of thing is hard to predict and I don't think anyone is going to hold it against you.

I stayed up late last night finishing my projects too. jen's gave me quite the headache, but I really like how it turned out. *_* I've already taken my packages to the post office, so jen, kitsune, and hammy, you'll probably get them at the beginning of next week. :D
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
Yay~ I have all my stuff ready to re-finish now, no thanks to Niji. I love him, but at the same time, I want to kill him.

And lbeth! I got your stuffs today, too! :D (I've actually had it for less than 10 minutes at this point - I caught the mail truck as it was comin'!)

It's awesome. If my scanner was working, I'd so scan the insulting diagram.

"PS - You so poopy!" - I dunno what it means either, lbeth. Crazy, crazy.
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I mailed all my stuff today *_* and the best part is that they were so small and light that they were considered oversized letters, not packages, and only cost 1.75 to send, and it won't take forever!

whee! laptops are distracting!
Ok, I finally found time to mail my stuff. Sorry it took me until today to get to the post office. Oh yeah, and sorry about the, uh, quality of the items. I ran out of stuffing so I had to use tissues and I had nothing to wrap them with for the mail so I had to use toilet paper. Yes, I had to. Used toilet paper no less.
I got all my stuff out today! Yay!

And I got jbeth's stuff. I'm happy. Also, I learned that if the package is small, you do not need a customs slip when shipping to Canada.

These past few days have been the most awesome days EVER.
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I got the bracelet jbeth! So prettttty! I'm going to have to take a picture with my hat and bracelet. I'm all accessorized now!
hammy, my entire family gathered 'round to see what you had given me. probably attracted by the trepidation on my face.

the horse head is a thing of beauty. it is hung just beneath the happy bunny collage jbeth gave me for christmas. the elmer's glue... thing has pride of place on my questionable statuary shelf. (it rests now in the crotch of my faux-african squatting guy, displacing the pink marble egg.)


i love you so much. XD
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I'm so glad you guys like your bracelets. *_*

I think my horse head thing freaked G out a little bit. she didn't get the glue bottle/horse combo thing, but I was able to divert her attention before she asked too many questions. >.>
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
where glue comes from

hammy is teh bestest!
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don't worry, it's all confidential
I got lbeth's package today! :D The hat is groovy; It's almost too warm to wear it though. ;_; But it matches my lovely green coat, which makes me happy. The pins are definitely going on my work bag...
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I've given crafty hamsters write permission to this directory. Feel free to add any craft topics you want.

yay for the recital being overrrrrrrr. *_* how did it go?

oh, I got kitsune's cool origami in the mail yesterday. *_* I'm going to have to hide those from g because she'll take them. they're cats wearing kimono. of course those will make g go *squee!*. >D

now that it seems like everyone has gotten most of their packages, would we like to do another swap? I love swapping (I'm so bad I'd trade random stuff in my junk drawer for someone else's random junk drawer stuff @_@) and had a lot of fun with this one. I'm thinking we probably wouldn't really need a theme either unless we wanted to.

we need to get lisa to join us and have fun. she claims she's not crafty, but I bet she is deep down.
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
I got jbeth's bracelet in the mail yesterday. It's pretty and shiny. *_* And the blue cat bead is adorable!

I'd be up for another swap, if we did one.
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ooooo more swaps. XD

i like having themes though! it can be a good starting point if you don't know what you want to make someone. maybe we should make them simpler? like "blue" or "hearts" or "sparkles" or something?

or whatever. XD i don't really care if there's a theme. i'm up for it.
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don't worry, it's all confidential
glitter and mod podge. XD
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
Themeless swaps sound fun. I like keeping my packages small and all that fun stuff.

Maybe I can send you guys copies of old stuff I've drawn. Some of it is hilariously bad. (Some of it's good, too. But... uh...)
And I can always make some bracelets using the labradorite chips that I just got~ (Such pretty stuff!)

Speaking of origami, check out my origami topic that the lovely Hammy made and gave to me.

I'll be gathering diagrams to post... Nyahahah...

Glitter sounds like a good theme. XD

Who would be tempted to take a load and dump it on some paper?
signature image Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.
omg kitsu...

these stickers are soooooooo cute! *_*

i can't stop looking at them!

*checked the mail at lunch*
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don't worry, it's all confidential
Who would be tempted to take a load and dump it on some paper?

I read that soooooo wrong. XD
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OMG! I didn't notice that until now!

*smacks typing hands* Bad! Bad!

And I'm glad you like your stickers, lbeth, and your kimono kitties, jbeth. :D

Now, for my last thing to make it to Canadia...
signature image Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.
I like the idea of having a simple theme...actually, I just need someone to give me some idea. There are so many things that I would want to crochet that I need some limitations...

And I read the taking a load thing wrong as well. No surprise there.

Random question: Are images allowed in documents? I'd like to have a file where we can post images of things we've made.
ooh, labradorite is such a pretty stone kitsune! my mom has a bracelet (that I had to fix for her once) with pretty faceted rectangular labradorite stones. *_*

roffle! I'm gonna take a load and dump it on some paper and send it to you guys now. >D

simple themes are good. so are themes that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. even better if you can find something that does both, like "spring" or "spin a yarn".

what could be fun too is have challenges. one of my atc groups does this just for fun. there's usually about three or four different things that they pick that wouldn't usually go together and you're supposed to use all of them on one atc (or project in our case). OR, since everyone does such different things, instead of just picking vague things (something orange, a fake flower, anything sparkly), our challenges could be to get you to try other things. stuff like, "here's a basic recipe for paper - now go play with it and see what you come up with" or "take those aol cds and turn them into something cool."
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
I used to have a list of things you could do with those aol cds/diskettes...

...incidentally, i have a whole stack of windows 3.1 language 3.5 inch disks >.>;;
I went to the fun local scrapbook store today. *_*; I should know better than to go in there. I seriously can't leave without buying something - they have such pretty papers. ;_;

anyway, I got a cosmo cricket papercrafting kit of the dutch girl collection. it's soooo pretty. *_* oh, and I love love love the buffalo bill paper in the wanted collection. *_* I would have bought a sheet today if G hadn't been with me. she told me it reminded her of an episode of that's so raven. -_- I don't know what I'm going to do with my paper yet, but I'll figure out something soon. it'll probably be cards I never send out or something. *_* ooh, I can make some swanky little altered books with them. *_*

speaking of little altered books, I was at joann's last week and found board books in sets. for $1. *_* and they're so cute and tiny. I haven't measured them, but they're probably about 3"x3". I was going to do those for my projects until I realized I didn't have enough time to do them. :D

ohoh! one of my favorite papers has cool little crowns on it (and it's in pinks and browns! *_*) and I just found it online. *_*

it's the pretty pink one with all the crowns on it (you can click on it to see it better). I love all of my mind's eye stuff though. I want to buy it all. ;_; but then I probably would have to take up scrap booking just so I could use all of it up! XD
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
vw -- I got my chicken earrings today! :D Thank you -- they're very fun.
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I got the bracelet today vw! Thanks! It's so pretty! Oh, and thank you for the stick-on earrings :P I'll get my ears pierced when I'm good and ready, tyvm.

I must take a picture wearing all my pretty accessories!

Oh yeah, I was very amused that two of the three envelopes I received had Tucson initially spelled Tus ;)
meh :B

i got TWO packages yesterday! Thanks for the pretty soaps, jen! i less-than-three you too. And thanks for the sculpty kitties, kitsune! They got a little damaged during shipping, but nothing i can't fix :D

if the bracelet is too big, hammy, you can take some links off. you too, jen, can take the chickens off and they'll be lovely :D

capital letters are for suckers.
"ZOMG! A package for Kitsune!"

:3 Thank you, VW!

I need to take pictures of me wearing this stuff.

And I went out and got some pretty beads today. ZOMG, they had moonstone beads! I was so happy... I love moonstone.
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Mom left my package from Hammy on my pillow.

Puts a new spin on finding a horses head in your bed >.>;;
hey jbeth!

karma and i were in the bookstore today and he found a book of artist trading cards and now he wants to learn how to make them. :D
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don't worry, it's all confidential
cool! *_* if he does ever make any, I'm sure I can talk g into trading with him. :D he might end up with something girly like hello kitty, or she might surprise me and want to do pirates or something. I love them. they're perfect for those with short attention spans. >.>
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
i'm tempted to make them too, but i'm not really looking for another hobby at this point. >_>;;


i'm taking a break from sewing a dress shirt. i've only gotten as far as cutting the pattern out, cutting out the interfacing, and fusing the interfacing to the fabric i'm using and cutting that out.

hahaha run-on sentence.

yeah, so... i need to finish cutting out the pieces. but once i do that i have to sew them together. and that's scary on a complicated thing. and after the sewing together, BUTTON HOLES!

and while i have a lovely digital sewing machine that will automagically do several different styles of buttonholes, it's hard to get it in the right spot. ;_; my old, non-automatic machine worked better. because it was easier to see what i was doing, so i could do it manually faster than i can figure out where to start on this new one.

saying crap like that makes me feel old. XD

guess i should get back to what i'm trying to do. :/
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don't worry, it's all confidential
Buttonholes always freak me out. Ihave to psyche myself up in order to do them. And usually when it's halfway done, I'm thinking, "Why couldn't I have just used snaps? Or velcro??" -_-;

I have a bunch of material and patterns for things that I need to get busy and work on. I haven't sewn anything in months. It's just hard to motivate myself. I have some super-cute red fabrics with orange crabs on it though -- and adorable orange and red ribbon that matches it -- that I really want to make a skirt out of.

The last thing I worked on really got me out of the sewing mood in a major way. I still haven't looked at fixing the dress. Just seeing it on my sewing table irks me! Somehow, the dress ended up being 2 sizes too big even though I followed the pattern to a 't' -- and it's not stretchy material at all, so I can't blame that. In order for me to fix it, I'll have to rip most of it apart, which is just... daunting and upsetting. :

So instead of sewing when I feel crafty, I craft soaps. They're a good way to get a quick sense of accomplishment. Plus, they make good gifts. I pretty much have a standing "Wish List" to fill, thanks to a few people who love soap. So, I don't really have to worry about ending up with a ton of soaps that will take forever for Scot and I to use.
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zomg... snaps! i have approximately all the snaps in the known universe. i should use them more often!

if the removable tuxedo ruffle didn't have to go on over the buttons, i'd totally use snaps.

but since i need to make another shirt for my shin cosplay, one that will have torn off sleves, i can skip the ruffle and use snaps!

*glomps jen*

you have saved me much aggravation. XD

and i think i should just buy all of karma's soaps. >_> he's got a bunch left over because i was too busy to market them over christmas. i want to melt them down and borrow karma's candy molds. because tiny pretty soaps are too cute. also, karma never used the glitter. i want to use the glitter.
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don't worry, it's all confidential
I've got to get working on some atc swaps. *_* I have to make a set of cards with a vintage people with crowns theme (yay for crowns!) and a set for a swap called pointy hat parade (yay for people with fun pointy hats! >D). the one I'm really looking forward to though is the ephemera swap. *_* send however many baggies of paper/fibers/stickers/labels/buttons/whatever the hostess wants and get some back. *_* I love those. *_* I have a serious problem with stuff like that. I like it just a little too much. >.>
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D

today i made 2 petticoats. :D one with tulle and muslin, one with this fun organza i found in the bottom of a box of fabric. white with fuzzy blue polkadots. i have some in pink dots too, i might work with that tomorrow.

and i made a fun poofy skirt in bright red with white dots a couple days ago. :D

i crocheted a hat yesterday.

and i've drawn a bunch of doodles that i think i'm going to clean up, scan, and make stickers out of.
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this morning (whee staying up late!) i've mostly made a pair of pants. @_@ i'm working on stuff to wear to fanime, since i'm going to be selling there. and since it's less than 4 weeks away now. @_@

all i've got left to do is the waistband and hemming them up. so i'm going to do that tomorrow.

then i think i'm going to work on the blouse i was making. since that's for the same event. it's coming out really well so far, it's just overly complicated and i hate it. >_>

i broke down and ordered more mirror back buttons for to make and sell at fanime. because they're really cute. :D i'm doing lolita and decora stuff exclusively this time (punk didn't sell well last year so i'm leaving all that at home this year) and mirrors will at least be useful, if not entirely appropriate for selling in the artist alley. >_>

whatever. fanart is kind of really not my thing.

hmm, i can't think of much else to say at 4am.
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you people are too lazy. MAKE MORE STUFF!!!

i finished off those pants. they're sooo cute. XD i'm probably going to wear them to work tomorrow, just because i can.

i didn't do any work on that blouse, but i did make the skirt for the costume i'm helping hammy with. :) i should take a picture so she can see it.

next thing i really need to work on is kley's red dress for nana. then maybe the galinda dress. since those are going to be the most complicated ones.
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don't worry, it's all confidential
Um... I crafted soap yesterday. I made some for me and some for a friend's birthday. But I think everyone here has already seen those pictures on my LJ. I can't post pics of what I made for Cary though because he'd see them.

The other day, I was going to put this awesome, vintage applique' on one of my hoodies. But when I read the instructions, it said it couldn't be washed. ;_; I'm not about to pull the stupid thing off my clothes when it's wash-time. It's sad though because the applique' is so fun: A yellow chickie and a green inch worm. It's a kit and you're supposed to add the sequins and beads to the felt base. I got a bunch of vintage sewing stuff from my grandmother; I'll have to see if there are any other cool (washable) patches/appliques in the box.
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Oh yea! I want to see the skirt lbeth!

I...well, I made that cat toy I mentioned in the other topic. It was shaped somewhat like a football and I had a yarn chain on one end of it. The cat really seemed to like it and kept begging us to throw it for her. I don't have a clue where it is now...I think she lost it in the sofa abyss. I'd find it but I don't think she's too pleased with us right now. We put a harness on her and took her for a walk...

here's the picture we're working from

the shape isn't exactly right. do you want me to go for the more authentic shape? or is this one suitable?
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don't worry, it's all confidential
Oh sweet. It's suitable. Very suitable. And it matches my tights! Awesome! Let me know what I owe you. Wheeee!

hmmm... dead topics are squishy.
I'm taking photos of the progression of the dress I'm making for Kley's cosplay at Anime-Expo. I'll post all that here once it's done. :D
SPUNES on my EYEZ! signature image
Remember making Valentine's day cards from scratch? Yeah I actually made one this year.

go and see!
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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Finished a necklace for a Christmas present.

Butterfly Necklace
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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Mine! It's mine!!!

Also, I made an etsy shop for custom banners. Playing with photoshop is a good outlet :) Wait, not sure if I'm allowed to post that I have an etsy shop. Ummm...I won't give out the URL. I just have an etsy shop. No TOS violation here. Have a good day.
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