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Jayne is a girls name
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Topic: Talk about the movie Serenity and the TV show (Firefly) that started it.

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So much love!

I finally got Firefly on DVD not too long ago. [A roommate had the series before, but moved out. ;_;] I haven't gotten the movie yet. It actually kind of scared me at some parts. [Reevers really freak me out, which isn't surprising, I'm sure. But I was hiding in the theater part of the time. I am lame. ;_;]
i got the firefly box set the first time i saw it. i didn't even know they had released it, or i would have gotten it a lot sooner.

i saw serenity in the theater the first day, and got the dvd i think a week after it came out.

i'm in love with river's dress on miranda. ;_; i totally want it. ;_;
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yes :D

i have hatten ar din stuck in my head. ;_;
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eee i like wash too! XD

that's how i convinced my brother to watch the movie in the first place. "but it's steve the pirate!" (from dodgeball) alan tudyk is quite a good actor.

my favorite part is that they're cowboy space pirates. i find that quite giggly.
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Just finished watching the series and I loved it. :D

I loved all the characters and now I need to see the movie. I think my favorite episode was Trash.

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i'm in the middle of rewatching the series. i actually stopped earlier today after watching trash. :D

my favorite is objects in space. because i think i've seen every single episode of law and order. _-_ and i love that early is one of the assistant DAs. XD

i was so glad they made the movie. otherwise river's ability to shoot people with her eyes closed would never have made sense.
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I don't own Serenity yet (haven't even seen it, actually, since I only watched Firefly this summer for the first time), so I think I might buy that special edition. If you don't mind me asking, what's the difference between that and the regular version?
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Almost as many resurrections as Sailor Moon herself.
Like a leaf in the wind~
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