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Topic: Discuss suggestions posted in the Suggestion Box. Remember to keep discussions civil and respectful.
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Would it make RA a little harder to read? So maybe having the directory listed under the title? So it's like:

Suggestions Discussion | Timestamp | Poster
in Sailormoon.Org

I know a lot of people have really big browser windows open, but not everyone does, so things would get smooshed really easily. But this is totally an aesthetic thing. So long as it's there, I think it would be wonderful. :)
I've always hated the way the FAQs work. Somebody come up with a completely new concept for them, please.
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how about something like wikipedia where it indexes each question/main point at the top automagically? along the same lines, maybe there should be a header area/1st FAQ entry (editable by changing the file, a la topics?) discussing what the FAQ is all about. some FAQs probably wouldn't need that, though.
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Almost as many resurrections as Sailor Moon herself.
It'd be nice if they were searchable somehow. It would make it easier to find stuff. Instead of clicking though a bunch of directories, just type "signature" in a search box and have all the relevant FAQs come up.
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Separate search box at the top of every window, "Search FAQs", which searches the content as well as just the file names. Results presented as a list ranked by relevance (high score if the word appears in the question, high score for repetitions of the searched-for term). Each FAQ has a table of contents and collapsed questions - clicking on a link in the ToC takes you to the appropriate question and expands it for you (should be good for people browsing at a low resolution). Also an option to expand all for people who are just browsing.

Can't think of anything else off the top of my head, FAQ is just basically a list of stuff in most cases. could be some scope for mouse-over help using the acronym tag, but it might be difficult to select the words to use it on. Have a small pref to turn it off too, once people get used to how things run.
It's all over once you accept the loin cloth
i don't want to have to scroll past the answers to see the next question. i'd rather click on the question to see the answer. i've thought of using news channels instead of FAQs for just that reason.

i'd also like to be able to view the list of questions in any order i wanted, and be able to force whoever else reads it to view it the way i intend them to.

that way i could enter them in this order:


and make people view it as:


and if i added when? as a new question i could make it show up anywhere on the list. it takes a lot of shuffling to add a new question in the middle now. and i don't like that.

search would be good, but i don't have strong feelings on the subject.
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don't worry, it's all confidential
As far as the reorganization of the FAQ's... HTML mockups speak louder than any description ever could. Work something up and let me see it.
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I think any break between the post and the signature should come from the scheme. It's very simple to do. One line of CSS.
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as per scot's suggestion in the suggestion box, i say that it doesn't matter because it's your choice for listing your personal information if you so choose. if you don't want the world to know your email address, gender, IM info, etc., then don't set those preferences. the only true way to stop "guests" from not viewing that would be to restrict permissions on profile viewing (otherwise people can just type in userIDs in the URL or click on people's names they see in the forums). a pro to having guest access to the user list would be new users checking to see if a username (or their friend) is a member. of course, that could be used negatively, but a determined person like that wouldn't be deterred simply because they don't have guest access to it.
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Almost as many resurrections as Sailor Moon herself.
EternalSailorSilverMoon- Thank you for posting your suggestions for discussion in here! In the future though, please edit your original post if you'd like to add something rather than posting again. Posts are still editable within 15 minutes and by editing it, you keep the topic from unnecessarily scrolling.

As for your idea of a sailor moon quiz, I like it! Even just Sailor Moon trivia might be fun. Perhaps random events can ask a trivia question? Or you could always create a directory and topic in the moon kingdom for the purpose of having Sailor Moon quizzes, once you get enough points :)
I think your suggestion is weak... because you didn't give a suggestion other than make stuff free. You offer a suggestion in a suggestion... Your point of posting was created a specific thing. Why not tell us what it is?

I'm not staff, and I don't like you sailormech. I think you are so insecure with yourself you need to post about your qualifications constantly. If you were really as good as you say you are, even with a moderately high IQ, you wouldn't try to 'big word' people. You always feel the need to define why you feel you are qualified. Your list of qualifications make you sound like the student you are. You sound like the stereotype I complained about in central control. People that were pain in the butt - know it all kids that get a college education and now feel these new diplomas/credits make them the master of all.

My disussion of your suggestion: Why not just suggest to people the actual suggestion instead of a cover suggestion that you know would be abused. Or you can spend the points and make it, following the rules of the community without trying to change everything...? And quit feeling the need to validate yourself by claiming all your qualifications to be whatever. I don't think Scot is all those things mentioned. For someone who is business, you do not have well-defined suggestions. You aren't an executive yet. You can't give a generic "We need to make money" order and expect praise, because you didn't reach that level of respect yet. You are almost as big of a argument/problem causer as I am.

Just say what the real suggestion is! That way people can talk about it, not hear complains because you can't have things both ways.
"... and 135 IQ ..."

Why include that? I can think of only one reason.

"I've become well-rooted in numerous other web communities that currently have much larger userbases and generally satisfy my needs better. "

Yes, and your opening salvo here was to show how you've been rejected, rebuffed and spurned by one of them. (Skipping down to the end of this argument, my initial post to you was trying to spin it in a positive way and saying that you stand by your convictions, giving evidence that I wanted to perceive you as something other than how I did in the past and do no. I gave you a golden opportunity to use inertia to your advantage and you rejected it). If those communities serve your needs better, go there. If we are to fail, let us fail on our terms, not yours. Size of the community is not my metric and I refuse to acknowledge it as a valid measure.

"In fact, I've gained 21 of them as a matter of being placed in semester-long project groups in all 5 classes I'm taking, and so far my supposedly unyielding ego has managed to get along well enough to get A's on every single project handed in this far."

Proof that you work hard, not that people like you or a denial of your ego.

"If you really don't want my good ideas brought to light here, just say so."

Again... why assume your idea is good without community discussion? Ego is the only answer.

"Conversation site-wide is plodding and uninvolved."

I fervently disagree. Conversation is well paced and growing. Just because they aren't discussing things that interest you doesn't imply that it is plodding or uninvolved--only that it doesn't involve you.

"so many staff members have always been so judgemental and unforgiving"

Your mere presence here is proof of our toleration and forgiveness. If I were responding the way I want to, not along my moral compass, I would have blacklisted you and two other people already. And, yes, it is just a very small number of people. To save a village you have to sometimes kill the trolls.

"I can't help but suggest that maybe you see something undesirable in yourself in me."

Jen, Lisa and I are mature people who have all spent a lot of time in self-discernment (which is different than ego-stroking). No one who really knows me would ever assert any of the things you've said about me. I'm meek, passive and conflict averse--according to several trained psychologists, pastors and counselors. The data offered by you is an outlier against many other well-respected data sources so it must be discarded and the data-source rejected as faulty.

I'm a pleaser. I hate making trouble. I want everyone to be happy--according to many personality profiles which are far more trusted by professionals than MBTI. These were taken as recent as January. If I am standing up to you (and that's what this is: I am not attacking you; you are not a martyr; you are a thug) then it is because I passionately believe that you need to be stood up to. If I'm going out of my normal personality and actively doing things that are not intended to please you it's because pleasing you would be a compromise of my deeply held convictions.

For the record, I typically test as xNFP on MBTI. So, any argument of this being a reflection of me is misguided. Our personalities are so radically different that I could not mirror you.

"I seem to be completely powerless to change any opinions you've already formed"

Actually, no. You are the only person with this power. You just choose to neglect it. Several people who I've had "run ins" with in the past are members now and have completely inverted my opinions of them. You could change my opinion of you, but it would involve you leaving your 135 IQ, your "good" ideas and your expert opinions aside and being a polite, thoughtful and community minded person. I firmly believe all things can change. Even so, inertia is a hard thing to overcome. Turning the a massive ship is a long and slow endeavor.

" I'll can the nostalgia and take 100% of my online involvement elsewhere."

So be it, and please.
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anteros and EternalSailorSilverMoon -- How do you envision quizzes working?

Should they be a survey-like file, where everyone answers and the file aggregates the answers?

Or, should they be more of a one-person file, where an individual answers and only sees his/her score?

Are you thinking meme-type quizzes (e.g. What senshi are you most like?)

Or, are you thinking test-like quizzes (e.g. Name all of Mako's sempai)?
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Quizzes have been proposed many times over the years. I've never really been enthusiastic about the idea.

How do you keep people from just using google to get the answers in another window? How do you keep people from building answer keys? The level of cheating that would take place would invalidate them within moments...
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On the quiz issue, perhaps it could be a single trivia question on a weekly or monthly basis. I imagine one could find an obscure enough question by watching sailor moon and drawing it from a specific episode. To keep people from cheating, we could do something similar to neopets/the lottery. Using a point reward, you could have a large sum that is equally divided among those who get the right answer. At least it might discourage some from sharing due to their desire for a larger prize.
Anteros - Just curious. Are the questions used for the SG1 quiz (the one that can lock you out) coming from some database? Honestly, if someone really wanted to answer all the questions, couldn't they just sit there and copy down all of the questions, leave the quiz, find all the answers, and return? It's a stretch, but it still circumvents the anti-cheating measures put into place. I guess it's just that the better a method you create to prevent cheating, the better the cheaters will become.

I think Hammy has the right idea in having a lottery system in place.
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
I think a lottery sounds like fun. *_* I think it'd be fun to run it even. :D

if there are "prizes" for a quiz or trivia question, I'd rather the names of all who answered correctly get put into a hat (so to say :D) and there are a certain number of names drawn and given prizes. then those people who won would have to sit the next round out.
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
We had a lottery back in the day. Dunno where that code went though. I'm sure its around somewhere.
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Anteros - Oh, I see! It's a timed quiz. Well, that certainly helps :D
Oh my God, there's a bear in my oatmeal!
No one has volunteered to write the code that will allow us to have them.

Suggestions are just suggestions until someone steps forward to program them. It doesn't matter if everyone else on the site agrees that it is a good idea if no one is willing to do the work necessary to make it happen. The real votes that count around here are when people vote with effort, not their voice.

Since I don't like the idea, I'm going to spend the little programming time I have on projects that interest me. I'm not going to stop other people from working on it, but I'm not going to work on it myself.
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I don't know if I necessarily like the idea of a quiz/test, because that would require someone to continuously write quiz/test questions on a regular basis and then fiddle around with code to get them up. I know absolutely nothing about webcode ('swhy I'm on the Jupie team, folks) but I also don't know if there'd be an interest base large enough to justify the massive amounts of work it would take to maintain a quiz like Ausgate's or something.

On one of my Potter communities, we run contests where a contest master runs a series of 10-20 'questions' - sometimes trivia, sometimes word scrambles, different things. You're allowed to use whatever sources you'd like to answer the questions, but whoever posts them all correctly first is the winner. I don't like that idea, either, for grep -- this is a different kind of community, where there's house points and a house cup modeled after Hogwarts -- but if people really, really want a quiz/trivia contest I think perhaps that might be less work than code, and more easily run by someone who doesn't do code.
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'Nuff said, really.
Most people like being recognized for their efforts and having their accomplishments acknowledged. Positive community growth (in terms of depth of participation and involvement, not size) depends on the community as a whole recognizing the accomplishments of individuals, such as rewarding them for their participation. At the same time, growth depends on individuals in the community acknowledging the accomplishments of the community as a whole.

The level system in Crescent is based on this principle of accomplishment and acknowledgment. Saving your points (not getting punished for minor infractions) makes promotions come quickly. Promotions are the incentive for good behavior. Also, earning kudos from other members can speed up how quickly promotions come; that is, contributing to conversations and the life of the community can accelerate the promotion cycle. As members participate, they get a visible mark to indicate their participation. I'll grant that the system isn't perfect, realistically the early levels are simply time based; the longer you've been a member, the higher the level you are. This changes as the higher levels are reached since promotion points can be spent on things other than promotions.

There are other, less important, methods of recognizing individuals as they participate in the community. Badges are another visible mark, but mostly used to disguise various staff groups. But, some high-profile groups such as the donors and contest winners also have badges. More non-staff badges will be created as time goes on.

What's important about these methods of recognizing individuals is that it is the community recognizing individuals for their participation in the community. We recognize who we are, for who we are. This is a key point in my larger theory on community development--it's not who I am, it's who we are that is important.

From time to time people ask for recognition based on who they are as an individual. Things like quizes and tests that will give a sense of accomplishment of the individual: "I took the quiz and got a perfect score!" Things like this place the individual in competition with the rest of the community, not in participation with it. While these ideas aren't explicitly framed in the terms of competition or individual accomplishment, it is what the end result becomes.

I'm not against individuality. Diversity is very important to a healthy community. People should have their own opinions and ideas. My concern is when individuality becomes individualism--downplaying the efforts of others; competing against others in a way that does not contribute to the growth of the community; placing your own interests above the interests of the community as a whole.
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I think some of the stuff RanKotobuki mentioned in the Suggestions Box will probably happen once the new Chibimoon team is chosen and gets going. Since the Chibimoon team will be in charge of assisting new users, they will be the front line where new users can go to for questions and such. I'm sure right now the specifics may still be up in the air until the new team is formed, but I've heard some good ideas in the Think Tank forum and elsewhere to help make it easier for new users to get acclimated with the site and get help when they need it.

The problem I maybe see with an unofficial "veteran" team is if someone gives out bad information, even if it is a mistake. How would there be accountability for the people helping the users out? Unless it's in a PM or post (in writing, therefore not just accusations without proof), it could potentially end up being a he-said, she-said. If someone breaks the rules this way, which user should be punished? The one who gave the wrong information, the one who actually broke the rule, or both?

Hopefully this wouldn't happen, but we'd have to plan for possibilities. Hope for the best, plan for the worst -- that sort of thing. If we did something like that, I think it should be supervised by a staff team, perhaps the new Chibimoon team as proposed in the Think Tank forum, where it would be invite only and users would have to demonstrate their knowledge and competence before just being able to join the team and start assisting...
signature image Hello, sweetie!
I'm absolutely against having MySpace or Facebook or whatever sites about this site... It's redundant and just plain dumb. Why fracture the community all over the place. We have all the tools here to do those things, lets leave it all here.

Spell check is your friend. Please, for the love of dead baby trolls, use it.

The chibimoon team will be the "help new users" in an official capacity team. Badges are associated with teams. There is no other way to do badges. If you want to use your design talents (or your tallents [sic]) create a scheme. I'm sure Josh (sailorcosmos) would love to give you pointers.

Diving in with both feet is good, I don't want to discourage it. But I think that you need to learn the culture of the site before you start making suggestions such as these. "Me me me, I can... I can... I can..." is not how we operate. What can _WE_ do, how can _WE_ work together--that's how this community thrives.
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information about the staff applications is available in the main news channel.

i think it's important that users get their answers from staff members if they have a question. other users can be a source of misinformaition, and cannot be held responsible for telling the querent the wrong thing. staff members who give out the wrong information can be expected to be in trouble for not knowing their job and/or talking out their hind end.

i am a returning member. but i already have 2 badges. how many am i going to end up with? i'd rather make them for special stuff. maybe i'm just being elitist? but since there's no way to check for previous membership, this badge would have no meaning.

i'm not keen on joining grep-related groups. not now that i've got the actual site back.
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don't worry, it's all confidential
RanKotobuki- I already have created a grep SailorMoon * group on myspace.

The point of the group is to join, and have the sort of label/identifier (if it's one of your first 8 groups) on your myspace page. It is NOT a community by itself, I think of it sort of like a webring where I can easily view other greppies pages. This also solely exists for those of us who happen to have an account there.

It escapes me now who created it, but somebody made a Facebook group for us as well.

There was an old guild on neopets, and once again, I didn't think of it so much as fracturing the community, but allowing greppies with the same common interests who also "just happen to be" on another site able to maintain our community.

This is just my take on it, but I can also see it potentially going the way of "Scot's nightmare" of all sorts of spin offs that are in fact competeing for attention, time, members, and make things worse instead of better. If there was any dissenting voice concerning my myspace group... that it was actually doing any real sort of harm for the community, assuming this came from a person I trusted (most likely another staff or close friend), I would shut it down.
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"Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, Mr. Creedy, there is an idea... and ideas ARE bulletproof!
RanKotobuki: Thanks for your scheme ideas, but a better place for them would be Scheme Development Discussion. You can only post there if you are a member of the Scheme Makers team, so if you have ideas or would like to be on the team, you'd probably want to talk to SailorCosmos.

There are also several role-playing games here created by users; explore the Moon Kingdom and take your pick of which ones you like!

And, since it hasn't yet come up "for real" I guess, there's a suggestion in the box about a team for users from "the old days"...I don't think it's necessary in an official capacity, as Scot already stated, especially since I know there are a lot of "old-skool Grep" teams floating around (Jess' Pants, My Greppies, V2 Supers...) Anyone who was here during V1 or V2 or the first crescent system and who has the points can easily create a team and invite people, or people can join it. But I don't think that necessarily means they'll be better equipped to answer questions. Members from the older systems could possibly, for example, visit the new grep* once a month or so just to chat with older members and not really know much about it (like I only visit Neo Senshi United every so often and couldn't answer a question to save my life -- even though I used to be a webmistress there!), or they may not want to answer questions from newer members.

I think the best way to do that is to simply be friendly and helpful on the regular (new users often ask questions in Central Control) and/or apply for a Chibimoon staff position or other user-related staff position when they open.

/end two cents
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'Nuff said, really.
RanKotobuki: Also, don't forget that everyone has write access to Scheme Help for the sole purpose of learning how to make and design schemes or ask for help and what not.

I'd really love to see some more user made schemes. Let's see 'em!
I have seen no evidence of this in any of our topics. If it has taken place off-site and you have documented proof, please feel free to send it to my email (listed on my info page) and I'll look it over and see if there's an issue.
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James, this is an official warning: This topic is for "Discuss suggestions posted in the Suggestion Box." As this matter has not been brought up in the Suggestion Box it is off topic here. And I think it would be off topic there too, unless you have a concrete suggestion on how to remedy the problem--provided of course we can understand what the problem is and actually think it is a problem.

Please follow the rules of this site or you will be punished appropriately. Whining about abstract and theoretical infractions that no one on staff has any knowledge of does not justify your concrete and actual infractions that are here for everyone to see.
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I'm not sure how "heads up" differs from the others?
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I've managed to work "Thanks for the suggestion/heads up" into the existing "reason for kudos" categories.

If it was a suggestion that I asked for, or was personally very helpful, I file it as "thanks for the help".

If it was something that didn't benefit me personally but was still really awesome, I would use "Good Post".

In that case, "good" not meaning eloquent or well thought out, but still worth keeping.

I suppose the "reason for kudos" has lost a great deal of importance. I remember in V2 when kudos were required for Super-Moonatic, they were scrutinized. There was also that lengthy caveat of "You are attatching your name to this post. Will you agree with it in one week? One year?" Back in the day, a category such as "For the lulz/giggles" would never have existed.
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"Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, Mr. Creedy, there is an idea... and ideas ARE bulletproof!
I would like to make a suggestion that I'm sure some of the staff may have already seen in Central Control. I understand that you guys want to clear out inactive accounts. But at the very least, if an account is scheduled to be deleted, couldn't you guys have some automated system that sends an e-mail telling the person that his/her account is going to go if they remain inactive.

I mean, it kind of gives the member a laid out decision to make, y'know. You can probably imagine my personal annoyance and confusion when I couldn't log in. Then after slowly putting two and two together, that annoyance turned a bit more towards anger.

I don't mean to sound rude but, "C'MON!" When someone obtains a year long rank, the least the system can do is warn them first.
signature image Some things can't be unseen.
Sorry if this sounds a bit cocky but if you like the site then you shouldn't complain. Rank doesn't mean much when no one's posting in any of the topics that require it.
Scot and co. are keeping this site up because they feel like it. If they no longer feel like it then they can pull the plug at any time.
Honestly though for such an inactive site sometimes I wonder why they keep it running, it's probably the fond memories that keep it going more than anything else at this point.
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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This is ancient, but since the site is seeing more visitors, if the feature does not exist, it would be fairly simple to chron job. I would throw my hat in for that.
Life is like an orange, it is small, round and has a few pips in it... Oh, and some have half of one for breakfast.
Dont think anyone is hiring new staff just yet lol. Current site activity puts us at about oh, 95% staff only usage. not much to patrol. My comment was mainly to ask what files you feel need updated and, if its out of my realm of expertise, give someone the ability to edit it themselves. Approve of the enthusiasm thought :)
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One at a time people!
  SailorDecember You're a pen tester? Nice. Did you go to DefCon by chance? My friend Pixelfairy normally goes but couldn't this year.

He is one of my two main IT mentors. The other is my friend and former supervisor/coworker from when I was an IT intern at my university during my entire tenure there.
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"Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, Mr. Creedy, there is an idea... and ideas ARE bulletproof!
I work in a small town, so the money I make does not allow me to travel, would have been awesome though.

Did you say that you attended university? What field of IT? I picked up my CCNA, A+, Net+ MCSE ect from a small local college, but my expertise comes mainly from experience.
Life is like an orange, it is small, round and has a few pips in it... Oh, and some have half of one for breakfast.
MBH and Marsie, ive invited you both to a user-made team on here. once you accept the invites, youll have access to an FAQ i setup for you guys to fill in whatever subject you want, as long as it stays on point.

Directory Path: grep sailormoon * / Moon Kingdom /Other /Sailor Moon Main Page FAQ /FAQ Redux
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One at a time people!
Sorry about that, still getting used to using crescent again. I had set file permissions, but not directory. It happens lol. Should be okay, but dont be surprised if youre locked out of anything else :P
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One at a time people!
Per the suggestions topic rules, I'm moving my comments about the crescent layout over here.

Cherii The reasoning behind the move to a framework like bootstrap is more oriented towards long term maintanability and the lower threashold for new layouts and schemes that are friendly to use on all devices.

The move towards bootstrap would also give us significant leeway to develop really cool user experience enhancements with Javascript which would degrade gracefully.
I know nothing of bootstrap, but I figure it'd be about the same as foundation. Look at both, make a decision, dive on in. Remind me sometime to give you access to sourceforge to commit your work.
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Bootstrap is my first choice only because I have the most experience with it. I will look into foundation and ask around with my frontend dev friends to see what they think is the easier solution for new people to learn / which is the best responsive solution and then move from there.

Scot Are you married to using CVS to maintain the codebase for crescent? How would you feel about using sourceforge and Git from now on? I find it's much easier to manage than CVS or SVN.
CVS is my first choice only because I have experience with it. I've never used git. At this point in my life, I don't really have a preference so long as it works.
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