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Topic: This topic is for discussing your favorite manga-ka and their series.

Clarification: "Mangaka" means a Japanese comic (manga) artist. For example, Naoko Takeuchi is the mangaka of the manga series Sailor Moon.
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yazawa ai and obana miho = win

for drawing style i love nagamu nanaji(parfait tic) and tajima mimi(ichigo channel) best, but yazawa and obana win for storytelling. also, both can do amazing artwork, even if they don't make every drawing amazing.

nagamu and tajima have consistently more... aesthetically appealing?, but that very regularity of perfection makes it much less stunning on a page by page basis. the weird, almost doodle-ish drawings both obana and yazawa use make their really beautiful drawings that much more arresting. yazawa's artbooks, in particular, just amaze me.

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don't worry, it's all confidential

hisoka33: Hey. I personally haven't read Angel Sanctuary, so I wouldn't know if it is good. However, as this topic is about people's favorite manga-ka and their series, your post, which is solely about Angel Sanctuary, would be more appropriate in General Manga Talk. Next time, please remember to read the topic header before posting in order to make sure your post is on topic. Thanks!

SiriusBlack: Hey, and welcome! Since you seem new here, please check out the FAQs, particularly the Posting in Topics FAQs to get familiar with the site and its rules. Chatty and/or off-topic posts are not allowed here, so please add more to your post next time and check the topic header to make sure your post is on-topic. Thanks!
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