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Match Up!
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Topic: Anime or manga -- who are your favorite pairing and why? Least favorite?

The pairing doesn't have to be limited to the same series. And it doesn't have to be a romantic pairing either.

Who would Usagi's best friend from a Ghibli movie be?
Should Yukino really be with Arima?

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my favorite pairing is one from kodocha.

(how surprising!)

hayama akito and sasaki tsuyoshi. XD

no, not romantically. i just thought the way they were friends was really sweet. it sucked that it was because of their really screwed up families, but i still thought they were adorable.
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my least favorite romantic pair is hibiki and fuko from i my me! strawberry eggs

i don't think any little girl needs to date her teacher, let alone one who crossdresses, or that she fell for as a woman but is really a man.

that's a crappy first boyfriend.
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sana x akito = karin x kazune


i swear, they're so alike!

i love karin and kazune! and himeka fulfills fuuka's role as the not-quite-love-interest who is still very important to the guy and whose happiness/wellbeing is something he works to maintain.

eeeee <3

i love jerky-guy + sweet (if sometimes loud and generally assertive) girl couples so much!

it's why i was so happy when my friends karl and tanya got married. XD
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Dessa: This may be a bit belated, but you certainly can discuss least favorite or bad/ridiculous pairings in here.

cheru: Seita and Setsuko's devotion to one another does give Grave of the Fireflies a very mournful tone...that's one of the reasons it was so moving and poignant, I think. A great anti-war anime, if you want to think of it that way. I think the brother-sister relationship did more for it than a romantic one would have, particularly since they were children and seeing children go through hardship they have nothing to do with is always worse...

GoldSunSailorMoon: I also really like Rei and Kira! I love pairings that start off antagonistic and the two kind of have to resist their inner feelings for each other because they're nearly disgusted by them. But I just love the artwork in MARS; I keep looking for the graphic novels around here so I can buy them. I'm going to start looking online for more.

It's kind of the same reasons I've always loved the shitennou and the senshi, particularly Sailor Venus and Kunzite. It brings up so many possibilities for romantic turmoil! The conflict between protecting the princess and the Moon Kingdom, particularly when the earth became more hostile towards the moon, and being faithful to their lovers (and vice versa for the shitennou) must have been relatively difficult.

My favorite pairing (right now) is Miyazawa Yukino and Arima Souichirou from Kare Kano. Their interplay really reminds me of my own relationship, and I love the handling of high school romance and how it's not always as shallow as people think it is.
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'Nuff said, really.
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IchiRuki! (Ichigo + Rukia)

I do not accept anything else. :P

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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Lina Inverse + Gourry Gabriav

been on a Slayers kick recently
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
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