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Topic: A place to discuss your favorite comedic anime and manga series.
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My favorite comedic anime of all time is still Dragon Half. It's a shame that the series was cut short, but what does exist is hilarious. I would also say that it's theme song is probably my favorite show theme ever.
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i'm really enjoying the last fantasy manwa series right now. and hare + guu is the only anime i'm buying lately. (i've fallen way behind on kodocha. *ashamed* XD)

i'm spacing on what other stuff i've liked recently. @_@
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I have 2 words for this forum: Haunted Junction.

How much better can you get in terms of comedic value? You have the son of a Christian minister, the son of a Buddhist monk, and a Shinto priestess. That alone sounds like the setup for a good joke! (A Christian minister, a Buddhist monk, and a Shinto priestess walk into a bar...) XD

The characters are so dysfunctional, which adds to the laugh factor. Haruto spazzes out all the time and wants to quit the Holy Student Council, but can't; Kazumi is randomly possessed by animal spirits; and Mutsuki has a Shouta complex (opposite of Lolita - she likes really young boys)!

Throw in some of the better of the 7 school spirits - Toilet Hanako, Red Mantle, Bones Suzuki/Sato Haruo, and the Chairman - and you can only imagine the insanity that ensues. (Or if you've seen it, you know exactly what I'm talking about!)

Dang, now I want to go watch it again. ;D
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I enjoyed Love Hina years ago. I don't really think there's any other way to look at that show other than to think of it as a comedy with some occasional serious parts. I found myself rooting for Kei at every opportunity since he was such an obvious loser and Naru was such a closet dork. I liked just about every character with the exception of Su who just drove me batty after awhile.

The opening music of the show still occasionally gets stuck in my head and won't leave. It's one of those relentlessly cheery numbers that you can't help but hum, even while you're considering punching yourself into unconsciousness to make it stop.

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Wow, this place was "hopping" back in 2007. Alright, I will start this once again. I think comedy is not in the slapstick but in the subtle injection of something small into a bigger scene. Any takers? For example, when Usagi smacks head head against Rei's, the little re-action there was great. Or in some of the things Jim Carey does.
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