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Oh, the Drama!
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Oh, the Drama!
Topic Owner: SailorJupiter
Topic: A place to discuss your favorite dramatic anime and manga series--in other words, dramas based on anime or manga series.

To discuss Japanese dramas not based on any anime or manga series, please go to J-Drama Discussion.
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Kimiko: Hey! I just modified the topic header so that it is more clearly stated. Basically, this topic is for the discussion of dramas based on anime or manga series. Discussion about Japanese dramas not based on anime or manga series is more appropriate at J-Drama Discussion.

However, should someone be confused about the origins of a drama and accidentally post about a drama not based on anime or manga, the post is still acceptable. :) I am not too strict about the discussion as long as it pertains to dramas and the topic contains several posts that mention anime/manga-based dramas.
HitsujiKinno: Manhwa-based dramas are fine too. I'm pretty flexible about posts pertaining to Japanese/Tawiwanese/Korean/Asian dramas here.
RianRuLeS101- Hi, and welcome to Since you are new here, it would serve you well to check out the Posting in Topics FAQ. Among the guidelines mentioned there, is that we ask that your posts be "on-topic". You happened to find the topic for J-Drama discussion... indroduction posts and general conversation is much better suited for a topic like Central Control.

This is just a courtosey notice, but I can't emphasize enough that you need to read the Posting in Topics FAQs, because future infractions may result in loss of promotion points or detention.

Thanks, and I look forward to chatting with you more in Central Control.
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How does Paranoia Agent count for dramatic?
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I retort my previous post, and after much review and discussion with Magnus2000 (sorry if I spelled your name wrong), I still believe Clannad is the best in dramatic anime. I know how unrealistic the general character set can be, however, Okazaki pulls everything together. He is a very grounded character, and relatable on more than one level, he provides an entry point to accept the 'wildness' of the supporting cast.
Life is like an orange, it is small, round and has a few pips in it... Oh, and some have half of one for breakfast.
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