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What are Donors?
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What are Donors?
What are donors?
spacer Donors are people who give money to There are two levels; silver and gold.
How can I get on the donor team?
spacer All you have to do is donate $5.00. Easy as pie.

If you wish to donate money to help keep us running, you may do so via Paypal. Please send payment to Be sure to put your username (your 'grep sailormoon *' username!) in the "notes" field on the paypal screen so we know who to give credit to.

If you use the donate button below, the notes field doesn't exist. Just make sure your PayPal name and your full name here are the same.
How do the donor teams work?
spacer There are two donor teams, gold and silver.

The gold team is for people who have donated at least $5.00 in the current month. If you donate $20, you'll be on the gold team for four months.

The silver team is for people who have donated in the past, but not in the current month.
Where does my donation go?
spacer Donations are used to help offset hosting fees for the webmasters. The site costs money to run and while donations aren't necessary to keep the site up, they are always appreciated. :)
How do I donate?
paypal donation
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