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OMG, We're Back Again!
The Original, The Only One...
meatballhead 2012-07-29 12:05:18 has a special place for many of us. Before google images it attracted many people for the image libraries who came and made friends. Some people, more than friends. There have even been a number of marriages of members.

We have had some serious downtime, and the code is no longer completely compatible with 'what is out there now' so you might stumble across a few errors, and that's okay.

Most people are just happy that the site is back up. Major thanks to Scot, Jen, and then everyone else who has been pitching in what they can.

Trends come and go. The Sailor Moon manga has been re-released by Kodansha, plushed in a less Americanized translation, Sailor Moon is back on TV in Italy, and there are goodies popping up on Ebay and Hot Topic.

This is an exciting time for Moonatics. Sailor Moon is back, all right!
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