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Military Families
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Military Families
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Topic: A place for service men and women and their families to get together.

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The Ten OPSEC Points:

1. Don't discuss current or future destinations or ports of call.

2. Don't discuss current or future operations or missions.

3. Don't discuss current or future dates and times of when military will be in port or
conducting exercises.

4. Don't discuss readiness issues and numbers.

5. Don't discuss specific training equipment.

6. Don't discuss people's names and billets in conjunction with operations.

7. Don't speculate about current or future operations.

8. Don't spread rumors about current, future, or past operations or movements.

9. Don't assume the enemy is not trying to collect information on you; he is.

10. Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC when using email, phone, chat rooms and message boards.
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Ok, I have to ask, because it's not mentioned in the team header or the topic header - but is the team just for service men and women and their spouses? One of my sisters and her husband are in the Army and I'm trying to figure out if it's ok for me to be here (and if it's not, I'll just quietly leave :D). I guess it's just that darn "family" word, being vague and stuff. ;D
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
As far as I'm concerned, it's any family at all.

So yes, chalychan and sailorpluto, you are both allowed in here.

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a girl who was in basic with my sister ended up with hemorrhoids so bad they needed to be operated on and she had to wait for the next session. @_@

I kind of have a serious-ish question, but I'm not sure this is the best place to ask it (subject matter @_@). so yeah, I'll just ask someone on aim sometime. >.>
I'm loving myself sick at the moment, and I'm making you sick too. ;D
Well I figured I should join up here since my boyfriend (hopefully more than that soon) is in the military. I found out he'll be deployed soon as well. :(

Has anyone joined up at The Silent Ranks yet? I'm thinking about signing up there too for support once he does get deployed, cause I know I'm gonna need it.
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