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Image Discussion
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Topic: Any and all discussion related to the image galleries.
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yay, thanks for the lovely musical gallery view! *_* now i can check them easier for you guys. >_>

right to left, this is pluto, usagi, and tuxedo mask.

this is actually pluto. (with a little ribbon in her hair, that's probably throwing everyone off, lol. she was singing a chibiusa song.)

that's mercury down there, not saturn. :D

now i'm all tempted to make fun screenshots to upload. i think i might. :D
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Almost as many resurrections as Sailor Moon herself.
If you upload more, you're going to have to name them "right to left, this is moon, mercury, mars.jpg". :P

We're in the midst of trying to find all of the musical images (if there are any more than those we already found), so stay tuned for more things to fix.
  ferret  , you are so wrong for that. I had the unsorted images down to 570 and now it's back up to 637! LTG and I are about to draft a new member for the Saturn team and put that person on sorting duty. :-)
Heehee, I'm glad you're enjoying the image galleries so much. Definitely feel free to add whatever you'd like (as long as it's appropriate... and, well, related to Sailor Moon), and we'll do our best to get it all sorted for your viewing pleasure as soon as we can.
Lisa and I discussed it, we are going to raise how much quota everyone gets starting on June 1, either double or triple. The servers are mostly unloaded right now.
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You are out of quota. Consult the FAQs for more information.
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Are we taking any user submissions for the fan art section at this time? If not, any plans to open that up in the future?
signature image Hello, sweetie!
We don't have a Fanart section, per se. We have a "Fan Art" category into which we sort unofficial Sailor Moon images, most of which is doujinshi. It might be a good idea, though, to open up a new section or gallery specifically for Sailor Moon fanart where users can upload their art. Is that what you had in mind?
Thanks, that clarifies quite a bit. I saw the fan art image category, and I wasn't sure if those were specifically drawn by users here or not. EternalSailorSilverMoon had asked about the fan art in the Help topic, and I told her we'd try to find out.
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It'd be nice to have a section or category for user fanart. I'll run it by Robby and the webbies and see what they have to say.
Your opinion definitely counts! Thanks for the input. ^^
If the saturn team wants to run it, I'm cool with it. I'll discuss it with the other webmasters and see what they think.
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Well, I was thinking that the new fanart section would be exclusively Sailor Moon, since this is a Sailor Moon site. We could perhaps add a category dedicated to "other anime/manga", if there's enough interest in it, but for now I'd like to keep it limited to Sailor Moon and see how it goes.

We do need to get this thing up and running, though. Stay tuned for that!

Also, all of the image galleries are only for members of the site, and it's understood that ownership and rights belong to the original artist. If you uploaded fanart, you definitely wouldn't have to worry about "just anybody using it".
VangelinaCharis09: Hey and welcome! It's cool to see new people here. Since you are new, you should check out the FAQs, particularly the Posting in Topics FAQs, to find out more about the rules on this site. Here, posts that do not pertain to the topic (as defined by the topic header usually at the top of the page) are not allowed. This topic is for the discussion of image galleries on Central Control is a more appropriate topic for general conversation. Other than that, I hope you enjoy your stay here. :D

vampiregirl- Hi, and welcome to Irashaimasen! (I hope I romanji'ed that correctly.)

If you are looking for friends, the best place to find them is our general conversation topic, Central Control.

Your post is short and doesn't exactly pretain to the image galleries, and is considered off topic. In the future, please read the topic header (that box at the top of the screen); it tells you what the conversation in a given topic should be. In the future, you may face consequences such as losing your promotion points :( Neither of us want that, so go ahead stick to Central Control for your friend-making efforts, and also take a good look at the Posting in Topics FAQ.

Arigatou! ^^;

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"Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, Mr. Creedy, there is an idea... and ideas ARE bulletproof!
Due to the immense increase in available bandwidth, is it possible to remove the bandwidth limit or at least double it?
Life is like an orange, it is small, round and has a few pips in it... Oh, and some have half of one for breakfast.
Weird. Have you used up your quota?
Life is like an orange, it is small, round and has a few pips in it... Oh, and some have half of one for breakfast.
All new accounts start with 0 download quota. It won't refresh until April 29.
signature image Hello, sweetie!
Just wanted to post something. Don't want the image forum to be so lonely. :-(
I'm not gonna let the image forum die. If Sailor Moon (the anime) can make a revival, then I will keep this forum alive in the hopes that one day the image archives will make a comeback as well! :-)
are more images being added?
Google Image Search kind of makes the image boards moot. It even has a Family Filter to block out the Hentai. And we all know how uppity some of the fans used to get when Hentai would crop up in a board or webring.

Still though, I miss seeing pictures from members of local cosplayers, for instance. Those were always fun to look at a board member dress up and have a somewhat intimate idea of who that person is then just searching for random cosplayers on Google.
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Google Images knocked allot of niche sites. If I was going to design a fan community, I would definitely integrate it instead of fighting against the grain.
Life is like an orange, it is small, round and has a few pips in it... Oh, and some have half of one for breakfast.
Does the image gallery still require you to use download quota? Also, I went through the image gallery of Sailor Mars and noticed that there was an image that I have of her that wasn't in there. How can I share so that it can be added?
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