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  Submission Guidelines
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Submission Guidelines
What kind of writings will you accept for the library?
spacer At this time we will be limiting the library to submissions of anime/manga related fan works. (This may be changed in the future. Please email SailorUranus if you feel strongly either way on this subject, so that community interest may be taken into consideration.)

"Works" may include any type of fan-based writing. Essays, character studies, in-depth manga reviews, voice-actor biographies, etc. may be submitted in addition to fan fiction.

Original works of fiction are welcome, as SailorUranus would like to read them.
Can I submit a fic written by someone else?
spacer NO!

Anything you submit must be your own work. If you would like to encourage your favorite authors to join, that is fine.
What kind of content is acceptable/unacceptable?
spacer grep SailorMoon * maintains a content level comparable to the movie rating of PG13. For information on movie rating levels, visit the MPAA site.

Please also consult the Terms of Service and Etiquette Guide for an idea of what is acceptable content for this site.

Words censored by the topic filter will not be allowed. Excessive use of vulgar language will not be allowed. Excessive violence will not be allowed. Sexual content will not be allowed.

Same sex romantic couples are permitted, although sexual content is still not allowed. (No yaoi/yuri or hentai of any type!) The Uranus team will have the right to reject any "creepy" romantic pairing such as Minako+Artemis or Rei's grandpa+anyone.

These will obviously be subjective assessments by the Uranus team. Things such as context, vocabulary, and explicitness of descriptions will be factors in deciding whether fics will be acceptable.
What kind of file types can we use?
spacer Because all works submitted to the library will use the "document" filetype, all submissions must be in .html or .txt files.

Please remember to use appropriate html (such as <br /> line breaks) or your formatting will be lost.
What does my submission have to have?
spacer At the beginning of every work submitted, please include the following information:

Chapter Number: (if applicable)
Fandom: (for crossovers list all, for original works leave blank or delete this line)
Genre: (optional)

Please also include at the end of your work a notice describing any copyrighted characters etc. used in your work, along with the copyright holders.

If you would like to include an email address for readers to send feedback, this may be included at the top or bottom of your work.
What happens if I submit inappropriate content?
spacer These will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Mild issues will not be punished, only rejected pending revision.

Punishments for highly inappropriate content will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
I don't see a directory for the kind of work I want to submit.
spacer Rather than have a bunch of empty directories, new ones will be made as content is submitted to fill it.
What else might get my work rejected?
spacer While the Uranus team will not reject any submission for being of poor quality, your work may be rejected for poor execution. Spelling, grammar, and typographical errors should be kept to a minimum. Paragraph breaks, correctly formatted dialogue, and punctuation are expected where applicable. If the Fanfic staff is unable to read your work, it will be rejected pending revision.

Use of "l33t" speak, emoticons, sTiCkY cApS, and/or ALL CAPS will usually be grounds for rejection as they are unreadable for many people. Judicious use in contextually appropriate situations (ie. Usagi emailing Rei from her cellphone with "lol u fail (^o^)") or parodies may be excepted from this rule.

Links to other sites from your work will not be allowed. Unlike the Crystal Key, links will not be checked for appropriate content. Please take your links there. :) As mentioned above, links to your email are fine. Links to other parts of this site are acceptable as well.
I write fan fiction, but not in English. Can I still submit my work?
spacer We do have a small translation team here. If one of them speaks your language and is willing to read your work to see if it follows our guidelines, we will be glad to include it in our library. Our Spanish translator has tentatively agreed to assist with Spanish fics. :)

Please contact SailorUranus to see if this can be accomodated.
If I submit my work here, what rights am I giving
spacer From the Terms of Service (June 2007):

By submitting your information, be it text, images, or other files, you give the owner the right to display the information for as long as the site is in operation, even if your account is terminated.

We do not own any content submitted by users. We have only the right to display the content you submit to the site, or to delete the content from the site. We may make formatting changes to your work in order to display it correctly.
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