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 How to Submit Your Work
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How to Submit Your Work
What can I submit?
spacer Here are the submission guidelines. Please be sure that your work fits these guidelines.
How do I give you my work?
spacer To request a document to upload your work to, please post in the Slush Pile topic.

A document will be created and given to you so that you may upload your .html or .txt file.

Click the little "i" graphic next to the document's file icon to access the file info. Use the "Change New Document" option in the pull down menu you'll find there to upload your .html or .txt file.

Do not change any of the permissions or move the document from this directory!

When you have uploaded your file, and verified that it appears the way you want it to, post again in the Slush Pile to let us know your work is ready to be sorted into the library.

The file will be taken back for review by the Uranus team. When/if it is approved it will be moved to the appropriate place in the library.
What will you change in my work?
spacer Nothing in the text of the document will be altered by the Uranus team.

Some changes may be made to the layout of the document in order to display it properly on the site.

The name of the file will be changed in accordance with our naming conventions.

A custom icon will be used to indicate the rating (MPAA standards will be used) of your work.
Can I make changes after you've accepted and sorted my work?
spacer Any revision will have to go through the same process of approval as a new piece of work. It will then replace the previous version in the library.
So what happens if my work is rejected?
spacer Depending on why your work was rejected, you will either be given the opportunity to revise your submission to fit within our guidelines or punished for posting inappropriate content to the site. Punishments will be along similar lines for forums violations.
Can I submit more than one at a time?
spacer You may submit up to three works at a time.
How long will it take to find out if my work has been accepted?
spacer Every effort will be made to get submissions processed as quickly as possible, but the time this takes will always vary. Things that may slow down the assessment of your submission include:

- Backlog.
- Readability of your work. If it is difficult to read, it may take several days before it is read all the way through.
- Length of your work. If it's really long, it may take several days before it is read all the way through.
- Inappropriate content. It may take time to determine whether the content is so inappropriate that a punishment must be decided on.
Will this cost me any points?
spacer No. :)
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