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Topic: Please post here to request a document to upload your work to.

Copied from the TOS on 6/1/2007:

Members own and are responsible for posts, files, messages, and other data transmitted to the site. By submitting your information, be it text, images, or other files, you give the owner the right to display the information for as long as the site is in operation, even if your account is terminated. For example, an image drawn and uploaded into the gallery will be displayed for as long as the gallery coordinators wish to display it, but we do not have the right to upload the image to another site without your permission.

By default, permissions on your work will be set to "guest" level, so that it may be read by non-members. If you would rather have read access restricted to members only, please mention that in your request for a document. Please also write in your reason for wanting members only access.
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Beth: Right now everything is going to be limited to anime/manga. (But I will keep track of every time a writer or reader requests non-anime/manga to be allowed. If there are enough requests, I'll allow it unless the webmasters say no.)

amiwakawaiidesu: I'll let you know as soon as I've checked it over.
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tiggerwv: Scot said in Squash the Bugs that for the formatting to show up, you need to use html.

Here's what I want you to do with your story in notepad/notebook: insert <br /> at every line break. Every time you had to hit enter to get a new line, put in <br /> and just save it again.

I think that should work. You may also want to save the file as .html instead of .txt, but either way I think that all you need is the line breaks for the document to format correctly.
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That's fine. :) Just let me know when you've got it up and ready for me to read.
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I can't tell what's supposed to be dialogue and what isn't. I need the quotation marks.

You probably used "smart quotes" in whatever you used to write the story. All quotation marks and apostrophes are missing.

I'm not sure how you turn them off on your computer. I'm on a Mac, myself, so I can't check to see how to do it on the program you're using. I suggest you look up "smart quotes" in the help program on your computer and see what it tells you.

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My problem here is that since I don't have the same software as you, I can't give you specific instructions on how to fix this.

I will try poking around here at work and see if I can figure out what it is you need to do (we have Windows XP here) but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to help you with this.
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Okay tiggerwv! I'm going to guess that you wrote your story in Word and then copied it into Notepad.

What you need to do is copy everything in Notepad back into Word. (Use a new document to do this.)

Once you have it all in there, go to the "Tools" drop down menu and select "Autocorrect" from the list. In Autocorrect, go to the "AutoFormat As You Type" tab. Uncheck the box "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes" under "Replace as you type."

Click "OK" to save that change.

Next you're going to go to the "Edit" menu and choose "Replace."

Under "Find what" put a " mark.
Under "Replace with" put a " mark.

Click the "Replace All" button. Now replace the ' marks. This will make sure that all of your single and double quotes are the "straight quotes" that web browsers can read instead of the "curly quotes" or "smart quotes" that are meant for printed material like books and magazines.

Then copy and paste the whole thing back into notepad and save it. Don't worry about saving it as .html. The .txt file will work fine as long as you put in the line breaks.

You should probably go back and check the box to turn smart quotes back on after you're done if you share the computer.

Please also remember to include the information I requested in your document. Please read the FAQs to find out what information I want at the top (right now you have the wrong thing) and the bottom. If you would like to put your real name in the copyright notice at the bottom, that is fine, but I want your username at the top, please.

Also, I'm going to ask you to remove most of those line breaks at the top. That much space is not necessary. Two or three is fine, but that's 10+ and you'll need to fix that.
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You need to format your document correctly. You appear to be having the same issues (no line breaks and "smart quotes") that tiggerwv had. Please read the rest of this topic to see what you can do to fix this problem.
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The breaks are fine now, but you've still got ? everywhere there should be a " and I need that fixed.

You need to turn off smart quotes in whatever program you're saving your story in.

(I think it's cute, btw XD)
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If the fic is incomplete, you must submit the chapters individually (or in chunks like Part 1: Chapters 1-5 or something). If the fic is done, you can decide whether you want it in seperate chapters or as one file. I have no preference, so it is up to the author to decide on the format.

A .txt file is fine to upload, but you must use html formatting for line breaks.
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Yes, this is where you would ask for a document to be made for you.
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Ya know, with the small amount of people actually around, I can not say I see a problem with it. Though I am not staff lol.
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