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Fanfiction Library Basics
What is "Fan Fiction?"
spacer Fan Fiction is fiction written by fans in an already existing fictional universe.
I write fanfiction! How do I submit it?
spacer Check out the Submit Your Work folder.

I write other stuff! Can I submit that too?
spacer Yes! The same rules apply for other kinds of writing.
I write and draw doujinshi. Can I submit that?
spacer Because doujinshi would have to be presented as image files, we are not currently set up for this style of story telling. If you have work in this format, and would like to put it here, please contact SailorUranus so that she can figure out how to do it.
How do I find something to read?
spacer Everything will be cross referenced by Genre, Author, Fandom, (SailorMoon, Hana Yori Dango, DBZ, Ghost in the Shell, etc.) and Rating.

Just look in the main Fanfiction Library directory for a folder that looks like what you want to read.
Okay... these file names are crazy!
spacer Yes, yes they are. I'll use a made up example to explain what these things mean:

FicC-SM-My Cat is a Monster-04

"FicC" = Fan Fiction, Comedy

"SM" = Sailor Moon

"My Cat is a Monster" is the title of the story

"04" = chapter number
That sort of makes sense, but what are all of the abbreviations?
spacer (New information will be added as needed.)

FicC = Fan Fiction, Comedy
FicR = Fan Fiction, Romance
FicA = Fan Fiction, Action/Adventure
FicP = Fan Fiction, Parody
Poem = ...Poem
Essa = Essay
Orig = Original work of fiction

SM = SailorMoon
DBZ = Dragon Ball Z
Eva = Neon Genesis Evangelion

If the title of the story/poem/etc. is too long to fit within the 33 characters allowed, as much of it will be entered as possible.
I want to write fan fiction! Can you help me?
spacer Please check out the fan fiction topic to seek advice from other authors.
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