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FicP-SM-Senshi Chat 2005-08-12
Chat Log 8-12-05

Title: Senshi Chat 2005-08-12
Author: lbeth
Fandom: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

puuCHAN has joined this chat.
PinkSugar: :B
PinkSugar: YAY
MizunoAmi: your timing is AWFUL
PinkSugar: awww
PinkSugar: you gotta go?

MizunoAmi: i was just leaving for a bite at IHOP
Usako: <dies>
PinkSugar: check out the meteor shower on your way
MizunoAmi: so i can come back and finish debugging my damn programs
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I saw three sucky meteors yesterday
puuCHAN: we know
MizunoAmi: meteors?
MizunoAmi: where?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: uh...the sky
PinkSugar: i thought it was tonight
PinkSugar: optimal viewing time is around now
MizunoAmi: thanks mako-chan
TheTalentedSnowWhite: well, early this morning
PinkSugar: starting now
PinkSugar: or so
MizunoAmi: hmmm
MizunoAmi: ok
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I dunno. Where I was it was the 12th at 2 am
PinkSugar: they said midnight here
PinkSugar: but we're more north... maybe it makes a difference
crescent beam!: omg,guys
PinkSugar: omg minako >_>
crescent beam!: I am SO glad that Kaysar is back in the house
PinkSugar: YES
crescent beam!: eff you Eric >
TheTalentedSnowWhite: OMG
PinkSugar: ME TOO
TheTalentedSnowWhite: me too!
TheTalentedSnowWhite: and chibi-usa!
PinkSugar: YES > eff YOU ERIC!! >
crescent beam!: and I HATE Ivette
PinkSugar: ROFL
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I had a dream you and me were in the big brother house!
crescent beam!: she's all "CAPPY *_*!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
PinkSugar: i love ivette
puuCHAN: well, it's different cause you're in canada and they ahve to figure in daylight savings time and the currency difference
TheTalentedSnowWhite: you don't actually like her, do you chibi-usa?
crescent beam!: omfg she might be the person I hate the most
TheTalentedSnowWhite: lol, loonies
PinkSugar: lol, yes, puu that must be it...
MizunoAmi: VARNA

crescent beam!: brb, got to let the cat out
MizunoAmi: >_<
TheTalentedSnowWhite: in my dream, you and I went shopping for big brother food, and you really wanted olives chibi-usa
PinkSugar: ewww
puuCHAN: I can't make any promises, but I'm sure you're not the one you want anyway XD
PinkSugar: i hate olives
TheTalentedSnowWhite: me too
puuCHAN: mmmmmm, olives
PinkSugar: i always gagged when i had to do the olive cart when i worked in the deli
TheTalentedSnowWhite: that's why I grabbed the hot dogs
PinkSugar: lol good thinking
PinkSugar: even though i hate hot dogs too
TheTalentedSnowWhite: ...
PinkSugar: but i'd rather eat them any day
PinkSugar: over olives
TheTalentedSnowWhite: you can't be serious
PinkSugar: sorry mako-chan, but i don't like miscellaneous meat
puuCHAN: kogel viennas are the best
10:40 PM
i will eat hot dogs on occasion though
PinkSugar: it's not like they make me gag like olives
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I had one today
crescent beam!: back
TheTalentedSnowWhite: a footlong
PinkSugar: wb
TheTalentedSnowWhite: wb
PinkSugar: must have been #1
PinkSugar: so mako-chan
puuCHAN: mako-chan likes 'em long
PinkSugar: lol!
PinkSugar: that just amuses me so much
PinkSugar: so anyway, isn't it great how we shouldn't panic about that dog virus?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: yeah, yeah, greattt
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I slept in a bed with my stupid dog, he better not have it
PinkSugar: what a statement...
Usako: <back and is effing lost>
PinkSugar: "don't panic everyone! it's just in arizona!"
PinkSugar: X_x
Usako: is anyone watching big brother? o_O
TheTalentedSnowWhite: oh well, we're not important
PinkSugar: usagi @_@
Usako: well its not on right now, but in general XD
PinkSugar: we just talked about it @_@
TheTalentedSnowWhite: yes
PinkSugar: you missed out @_@
PinkSugar: the conversation is over
PinkSugar: >

TheTalentedSnowWhite: back to you really like ivette?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: no it's not.
i like ivette plus beau
Usako: chibi-usa likes ivette?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: beau is sooo under the radar
PinkSugar: if beau was gone... bleh, i don't care
Usako: i dont really like any of them o_O
TheTalentedSnowWhite: does anyone even consider putting him up?
PinkSugar: nope
Usako: the only person who i'm remotely rooting for is kaysar, and thats cause he's from irvine
PinkSugar: they don't want to look homophobi
PinkSugar: c
TheTalentedSnowWhite: and he's not as fun as his counterpart, the gnome guy..uh..marsellas or however you spell that
TheTalentedSnowWhite: kaysar better not blow his chance again
PinkSugar: o
PinkSugar: oo
PinkSugar: o_o*!!!!!
PinkSugar: i can't even type
PinkSugar: a freaking emoticon
PinkSugar: i can't believe he got 81% of the vote
TheTalentedSnowWhite: 82*
10:45 PM
PinkSugar: whatever
PinkSugar: close enough
TheTalentedSnowWhite: it's important!
PinkSugar: i mean, i want him in there too
PinkSugar: but wow
TheTalentedSnowWhite: America hates cappy and his alliance
Usako: honestly the girls are either too old, annoying, or just unattractive
TheTalentedSnowWhite: or is it cappi?
PinkSugar: how about "crappy"
TheTalentedSnowWhite: that'll do
Usako: muahaha
TheTalentedSnowWhite: he looked so tiny compared to kaysar
Usako: looks ok but annoying personality
PinkSugar: lol yeah
PinkSugar: that's definitely for sure
Usako: @_@
crescent beam!: I adore kaysar *-*
Usako: I like Debb more -_-
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I'm trying to decide if she's as smart as she thinks she is, or really stupid
crescent beam!: and i just spit my popsicle
crescent beam!: all over the screen
crescent beam!: when I read "How about "crappy""
TheTalentedSnowWhite: keep practicing minako
crescent beam!: thanks chibi-usa
PinkSugar: debb will always be my favourite person on survivor... of all time
Usako: *_* debb
crescent beam!: oh Debb >
PinkSugar: lol crappy >
Usako: dude
PinkSugar: yes, it will be crappy
PinkSugar: from now on
Usako: cappy shouldnt even be on the show XD
Usako: i guess he's a source of entertainment
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I bet all those stupid girls are going to lose the pressure thing
Usako: but no one with his personality can win
Usako: too pushy
PinkSugar: it doesn't matter who wins it
TheTalentedSnowWhite: james?
Usako: didnt the girls usually win the standing competitions in survivor?
crescent beam!: JAMES?!
PinkSugar: no, effers
PinkSugar: beau
PinkSugar: hello!?
PinkSugar: OF COURSE JAMES >_>;;;
TheTalentedSnowWhite: all they have to do is stick some bees in one of those boxes, and the girls are out
Usako: oh yeah i forgot they had those
PinkSugar: but mako-chan
PinkSugar: don't you know? sorority skanks like bees
TheTalentedSnowWhite: oh, my mom was watching tv and randomly said, "I've decided lonely people watch reality shows"
Usako: DAMN
TheTalentedSnowWhite: they do?
PinkSugar: apparently
Usako: well, i just got out of a horrible breakup
PinkSugar: LOL! your mom is so right...
TheTalentedSnowWhite: is not
Usako: and theres this huge void in my life
PinkSugar: O_O
racergrrl: fill it with food
Usako: so i guess that's true -_-
PinkSugar: ROFL haruka
racergrrl: *wanders back off*
crescent beam!: but I love reality shows ;.;
10:50 PM
TheTalentedSnowWhite: me too
Usako: food?
PinkSugar: as do i
TheTalentedSnowWhite: is anyone else bothered by Julie Chen's outfits?
Usako: i want mexican food *_*
PinkSugar: her voice creeps me out
PinkSugar: she sounds like an android
TheTalentedSnowWhite: glitter on her chest creeps me out
TheTalentedSnowWhite: well, she does morning news, doesn't she?
crescent beam!: that pink shirt creeps me out
TheTalentedSnowWhite: with the v straps?
PinkSugar: and she kind of talks like our host for canadian idol
crescent beam!: and my cat is licking his butt
Usako: how old is she
crescent beam!: yes mako-chan!
PinkSugar: 21
Usako: someone said she was like 35
PinkSugar: >
Usako: but she looks younger
TheTalentedSnowWhite: she always wears pointy bugs me
Usako: she wants to be so damn SOCAL
PinkSugar: maybe she's dutch
Usako: rofl
TheTalentedSnowWhite: lol
PinkSugar: she probably is dutch
Usako: maybe
PinkSugar: i can tell
crescent beam!: I think she might be swiss
TheTalentedSnowWhite: if I'm ever on that show, I'm not going to put my bag down, just to spite her
PinkSugar: no minako, that's beau
PinkSugar: dummy

Usako: minako should be on the show
TheTalentedSnowWhite: yeah..didn't you send in a tape minako?
crescent beam!: I forgot
crescent beam!: -_-
crescent beam!:
I filled out the application and everythinmg
crescent beam!: eventually I will send it in
Usako: <dies> i just realized i'm old enough to be on the show
PinkSugar: don't forget to spray it with a little extra something
Usako: i think o_O
PinkSugar: (and on pink stationary )
Usako: so mako-chan how was your latest flute thing
racergrrl: she killed everyone with it
TheTalentedSnowWhite: uhh...well, I picked it up today for the first time in months, and I made my dog cry
PinkSugar: ;_;
Usako: damn i hate it when that happens
10:55 PM
racergrrl: *dies*
racergrrl: chibi-usa’s being canadian again...
PinkSugar: and then eh
TheTalentedSnowWhite: lol
PinkSugar: we went and talked aboot hockey eh
PinkSugar: and had some maple syrup eh
PinkSugar: and poutine eh
puuCHAN: weirdo canadians with their litres
PinkSugar: LOL!!!
crescent beam!: omg, hockey is back *_*!
crescent beam!: I am so excited
PinkSugar: YES minako YES
PinkSugar: OH BABY YES *_*
crescent beam!: okay, and now everyone is home
puuCHAN: hockeyhockeyhockeyhockey
crescent beam!: and i have go
crescent beam!: ;-;
TheTalentedSnowWhite: no no
TheTalentedSnowWhite: invite them to join
PinkSugar: hehe that's funny
Usako: aww ;_;
PinkSugar: tell them to screw off
go red wings
crescent beam!: I doubt they would comply x.x
puuCHAN: >
crescent beam!: GO AVALANCHE
puuCHAN: :O
lol mako-chan
PinkSugar: you're so funny
Usako: my math TA from winnipeg was makin fun of the coyotes
PinkSugar: yeah x_x; effing coyotes
TheTalentedSnowWhite: crappy hockey
puuCHAN: hehe
Usako: desert hockey
TheTalentedSnowWhite: sempai mentioned something about the team coming from canada originally
PinkSugar: i think they were a canadian team at one point
PinkSugar: yeah!!!
PinkSugar: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Usako: yes the coyotes were originally the jets
TheTalentedSnowWhite: you can have them back
TheTalentedSnowWhite: they suck
Usako: winnipeg jets
Usako: i think
PinkSugar: they were either the quebec noridiques or the winnipeg jets
11:00 PM
puuCHAN: winnipeg had a hockey team?
crescent beam!: avs were the quebec team
Usako: XD
PinkSugar: YEAH -_-
puuCHAN: ooh, I sort of remember the nordiques
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I secretly want the arizona bluejays
PinkSugar: NO mako-chan
PinkSugar: we already lost the montreal expos
TheTalentedSnowWhite: but they're my favorite team
PinkSugar: to WASHINGTON
PinkSugar: WTF
crescent beam!: by guys
puuCHAN: isn't that baseball?
crescent beam! has left this chat.
Usako: <changes to baseball> GO OAKLAND A'S!!!
PinkSugar: x_x;
PinkSugar: what a ho

TheTalentedSnowWhite: that was my brother's favorite team
puuCHAN: no kidding ;_;
puuCHAN: baseball sux azz
PinkSugar: yes, baseball
Usako: yeah its baseball
PinkSugar: and yes it sux azz
Usako has left this chat.
PinkSugar: o_o
PinkSugar: lol
racergrrl: *dies*
PinkSugar: usagi doesn't even care now that minako's gone
puuCHAN: wow, that was random of usagi
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I got a seat next to the blue jay's was so fun trying to shout their hard names
PinkSugar: omg wouldn't it be precious if he IMed me
PinkSugar: and was like "can i have a chat invite?"
Usako has joined this chat.
racergrrl: *dies*
PinkSugar: wb!
TheTalentedSnowWhite: wb
puuCHAN: wb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
TheTalentedSnowWhite: HEY *thwaps chibi-usa*
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I can so multitask
PinkSugar: what? >_>
PinkSugar: ROFL!
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I just don't want to talk to certain people that I can't block
PinkSugar: slow enough ;D
puuCHAN: wow, even I was faster than that >.>
TheTalentedSnowWhite: *resists the obvious joke*
PinkSugar: ummm, allyn?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: no irl people
PinkSugar: band stalker boy?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: no..friend of a friend stalker boy
PinkSugar: oh no x_x
TheTalentedSnowWhite: why do people insist on getting together over summer and calling?
racergrrl: awh, mako-chan's got multiple stalkers
PinkSugar: what a tangled web you have weaved
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I hate people
PinkSugar: crocheted*
racergrrl: how cute
holy crap, when did israel decide to pull out of the gaza strip? @_@
PinkSugar: omg puu like forever ago
PinkSugar: ;D
racergrrl: while you weren't looking
puuCHAN: obviously
puuCHAN: I'll have to crawl out from under my rock once in a while
PinkSugar: this is now a REGIONS chat
PinkSugar: YES
PinkSugar: >

PinkSugar: >
TheTalentedSnowWhite: what's a regions chat?
11:05 PM
PinkSugar: ...
PinkSugar: *PUTS usagi IN mako-chan'S REGIONS*
TheTalentedSnowWhite: oh, yeah, that stupid thing
PinkSugar: OMG!!!!!!!!
PinkSugar: ;_;
PinkSugar: MY REGIONS >_>
TheTalentedSnowWhite: here I was thinking about political regions
PinkSugar: ARE HOT HOT HOT <_<
puuCHAN: gonads and strife, gonads and strife WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
PinkSugar: lol, oh mako-chan
racergrrl: come on
racergrrl: i don't want to think about that
racergrrl: not after how zoicite was acting in there.
PinkSugar: oh yeah ;_;
PinkSugar: okay, regions chat over
puuCHAN: rofl
racergrrl: yay
PinkSugar: all because of zoicite
PinkSugar: i hate him

TheTalentedSnowWhite: oh, he had a funny lj entry
PinkSugar: did he?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: the one about kittylitter
puuCHAN: I haven't read his lj in ages
TheTalentedSnowWhite: search for that
PinkSugar: i haven't checked since last week
puuCHAN: *goes*
PinkSugar: ROFL! kittylitter!?
PinkSugar: i gotta read this
TheTalentedSnowWhite: lol, even the first post is stupid. Calling about a computer left on
TheTalentedSnowWhite: August 5th is the funny entry
PinkSugar: woopie poop zoisite x_x
PinkSugar: *skips to that one*
PinkSugar: ROFLMAO
PinkSugar: i'm guessing to muffle the odor
puuCHAN: omg, that's lame of him
PinkSugar: right? @_@
TheTalentedSnowWhite: what are librarian deputies?
racergrrl: it soaks it up too
TheTalentedSnowWhite: yeah
puuCHAN: to soak it up and make it easier to clean up
PinkSugar: i've never heard of putting kitty litter on that... ever... @_@
TheTalentedSnowWhite: why do they have it at a library?
racergrrl: couldn't he say "haha, a guy yarked! i called everyone in to laugh and point"
PinkSugar: of course, i don't have kids
puuCHAN: the janitors at school had something sort of like kitty litter
PinkSugar: ROFL, that'd be so great haruka
racergrrl: which is why he didn't
TheTalentedSnowWhite: really? I guess that's smart. I remember a lot of puke in grade school
11:10 PM
PinkSugar: because zoisite isn't so great
racergrrl: brb, gonna smoke
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I puked in the sink like a good girl
PinkSugar: i'm still trying to figure out how um...
PinkSugar: someone got sick "in his floor"
PinkSugar: ...
TheTalentedSnowWhite: lol, I'm so tempted to say I love your boobs
puuCHAN: omg, that's great XD
PinkSugar: ROFL!!!
PinkSugar: anonymous!!!
PinkSugar: WHO DID IT!?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: lol, I like them!
PinkSugar: omg
PinkSugar: he probably posted like 3 protected entries about how that was umino
TheTalentedSnowWhite: hmm, that last one praises him for living on his own
PinkSugar: yeah
TheTalentedSnowWhite: " My mom was cool with my attending Dragon*Con. "
TheTalentedSnowWhite: why was he asking his mom?...
PinkSugar: because his mom gives him money
PinkSugar: it's very clear
TheTalentedSnowWhite: he still gets money?
racergrrl: because he's a stupid *****
TheTalentedSnowWhite: wb
PinkSugar: of course we have no proof
racergrrl: hey, you know what?
racergrrl: i cut my hair again
racergrrl: it's soooo short
PinkSugar: @_@
puuCHAN: it'd be nice if my parents gave me money still
TheTalentedSnowWhite: no!
racergrrl: like, half an inch long
puuCHAN: not that I need it
PinkSugar: @_@!!!!!!!!!!!
racergrrl: and it's supercool
racergrrl: i'm gonna go take a picture
puuCHAN: or that they can afford it since they're separated -_-
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I like my parents money...they pay for my housing
puuCHAN: but still
racergrrl: because i'm bored and very self absorbed
PinkSugar: is it like a shaved head?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: not sure how long this'll last, but I'm gonna milk it
racergrrl: yeah, almost
racergrrl: and i left a little long in the front
PinkSugar: i gotta see >_>
racergrrl: it rules
11:15 PM
puuCHAN: take pretty pictures!
PinkSugar: hehe I KNEW IT
racergrrl: gimme a few minutes
racergrrl: and i will have a photo
TheTalentedSnowWhite: dye it rainbow, like that girl on space cases
PinkSugar: i was like "i'll bet she left some part of it long >"
PinkSugar: wow mako-chan
PinkSugar: just... wow
PinkSugar: you must have really liked that show
TheTalentedSnowWhite: what?
TheTalentedSnowWhite: well...what was I supposed to watch when trek wasn't on?
PinkSugar: because i would have never thought of that show ever again
PinkSugar: had no you not mentioned it
TheTalentedSnowWhite: yeah..I'm not really sure why I thought of it just now
PinkSugar: hehe, and there was a spiral ear guy
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I don't remember him
TheTalentedSnowWhite: time to google it
PinkSugar: i think he had long hair
PinkSugar: hehe, radu
TheTalentedSnowWhite: wow, rainbow head reallly has grown up
TheTalentedSnowWhite: ah, radu!
TheTalentedSnowWhite: weight 200 pounds? yeah right radu
PinkSugar: wow, she has grown up
PinkSugar: what's with all the canadian connections?
PinkSugar: was this show filmed in canada?
PinkSugar: o_O
11:20 PM
TheTalentedSnowWhite: you do have all the best shows
TheTalentedSnowWhite: ah! I thought harlan looked familiar! He was a power ranger!
PinkSugar: oh yeah!!
PinkSugar: black ranger!!!
PinkSugar: literally
TheTalentedSnowWhite: lol
TheTalentedSnowWhite: hehe, funny sense of humor that show had
racergrrl: why do you recognize power rangers?
PinkSugar: hehe he was in CSI
PinkSugar: BECAUSE haruka
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I bet you'd recognize him too
racergrrl: i might
TheTalentedSnowWhite: radu was in elf!
racergrrl: but probably not
racergrrl: never saw that
PinkSugar: yeah i saw that
PinkSugar: i don't remember a foom foom
TheTalentedSnowWhite: [link deleted]
PinkSugar: so i'm guessing that was an elf
PinkSugar: hehe
PinkSugar: omg that robot
PinkSugar: thelma
PinkSugar: freaked the poop out of me
TheTalentedSnowWhite: lol
Usako: o_O
racergrrl: you're a freak
TheTalentedSnowWhite: radu has good balance due to his ears. That actually makes sense..I'm impressed with this shoe
PinkSugar: aaaaand she's a no-name still
PinkSugar: hehe, bova was in deep impact
TheTalentedSnowWhite: eww, she played chloe on madeline
TheTalentedSnowWhite: hehe, azizi
TheTalentedSnowWhite: OMG, he was in a little princess ! I love that movie!
TheTalentedSnowWhite: OMG again, he was in an episode of the nanny!
racergrrl: okay
racergrrl: [link deleted]
racergrrl: that's my hair right now
racergrrl: it looks better when i fix it
PinkSugar: *_*!
racergrrl: but whatever
PinkSugar: come do my hair
PinkSugar: i'm so tired of it
TheTalentedSnowWhite: ooh nice
TheTalentedSnowWhite: dye it pink
racergrrl: i can't
racergrrl: work says no
TheTalentedSnowWhite: why not?
PinkSugar: and the people at work are looking at it like "o_O"
racergrrl: i asked
TheTalentedSnowWhite: can you dye it a natural color?
racergrrl: actually, they're rubbing my head
PinkSugar: but you have your own office
racergrrl: and telling me i'm adorable
puuCHAN: cuteeee
racergrrl: no i don't
PinkSugar: i thought you did
puuCHAN: your eye looks huge
racergrrl: i have a desk in a room with 3 other people
PinkSugar: oh x_x;;;
racergrrl: my eye IS huge
TheTalentedSnowWhite: you should put laxatives in their drinks
PinkSugar: oh well, better than before i guess
racergrrl: much
PinkSugar: hehe good idea mako-chan
PinkSugar: i've considered the same thing
racergrrl: my boss would let me dye my hair
PinkSugar: but replace "their drinks" with "bread dough"
racergrrl: but the company has rules against it
puuCHAN: stupid company
PinkSugar: >
racergrrl: bad chibi-usa
racergrrl: no laxatives in food
racergrrl: that's bad
PinkSugar: maybe in the donuts then
puuCHAN: I thought everyone in california was a flaming liberal or something
PinkSugar: >
puuCHAN: >.>
PinkSugar: so i won't eat them
PinkSugar: too bad for everyone else who does
racergrrl: our county is 95% republican
TheTalentedSnowWhite: are you allowed to wear a wig?
Usako: if that were true then arnold wouldnt be governor
PinkSugar: wow, bad luck haruka
racergrrl: yes, i can wear a wig
racergrrl: yeah, no kidding
racergrrl: and everyone wonders why i don't have a boyfriend XD
PinkSugar: my area is so confusing
TheTalentedSnowWhite: ok then, cut a wig exactly like that, and dye it
TheTalentedSnowWhite: and wear vampire fangs too
PinkSugar: we have a conservative MP (federal rep) but an NDP MLA (provincial rep)... NDP = the liberal liberals
Usako: orange county actually had the highest margin of bush over kerry votes in the united states for any county
PinkSugar: people here don't know what to think
11:30 PM
racergrrl: all i know is that anyone who would voluntarily go into politics should be shot before they hurt someone
racergrrl: because they're criminally insane
PinkSugar: are you wearing red PJs?
racergrrl: red sweater thing
PinkSugar: ah >_>
PinkSugar: because i was like "i want red PJs "
PinkSugar: with feet
racergrrl: i think i wore it in my last hair picture
Usako: the san jose - san francisco - oakland counties are so frekaing liberal, LA county is so freaking liberal too
racergrrl: oooooo footie pajamas!
racergrrl: i kind of miss my hair now that it's gone
Usako: and thats already like o_O the majority of the state >_<
Usako: 80 something percent of the students at ucsd voted for kerry XD
Usako: blah
PinkSugar: you can have mine
racergrrl: i'm soooo much more liberal than most of the people around here
11:35 PM
puuCHAN: I need to get to bed
Usako: lies
puuCHAN: -_-
puuCHAN: night guys
TheTalentedSnowWhite: I should go too, I have a lot of bathroom cleaning to do tomorrow
racergrrl: night puu
od il e7 6 has left this chat.
Usako: night x_x
TheTalentedSnowWhite: Night
TheTalentedSnowWhite has left this chat.
11:40 PM

PinkSugar: x_x
PinkSugar: i've been practicing fake sign language

PinkSugar: and talking all muffled
PinkSugar: like i'm deaf

PinkSugar: so i can tell people "i'm sorry, but i'm deaf "
racergrrl: you should do that at work!
PinkSugar: when i don't want to talk to them
PinkSugar: i SOOO want to!!
PinkSugar: there's a deaf woman already working there though

racergrrl: awh
PinkSugar: and she has to wear a tag saying "hearing impaired"
racergrrl: awh
racergrrl: that bites
PinkSugar: but omg
PinkSugar: the other day i saw a customer shouting at her
PinkSugar: or something
racergrrl: because they were thinking impaired?
PinkSugar: and she was like "whaaa? o_o"
PinkSugar: obviously -_-
PinkSugar: i was so mad... -_-
PinkSugar: but i was on my break
PinkSugar: >_>
PinkSugar: so i didn't do anything <_<
racergrrl: rofl
racergrrl: you're a bad person
PinkSugar: not that i knew where the plastic cups were located
racergrrl: *dies*
racergrrl: and a bad employee
PinkSugar: >
PinkSugar: if it's not in the bakery, i'm clueless
PinkSugar: i call someone over the intercom to help them >_>
racergrrl: i want donuts
racergrrl: really a lot
racergrrl: because we usually talk about them
racergrrl: and now i want some
PinkSugar: ;_;
racergrrl: dammit
PinkSugar: i had some chocolate covered chocolate cake donuts the other day :B
PinkSugar: mini ones
racergrrl: *cries*
Usako: *_* i went to donut wheel in cupertino the other day
racergrrl: because i'll get fat like everyone else here
racergrrl: *_*
racergrrl: i miss cupertino
racergrrl: i used to end up there all the time
PinkSugar: oh by the way
PinkSugar: i've accepted the fact that we're all going to hell, right...
racergrrl: sure
PinkSugar: so i don't do any good things anymore
racergrrl: rofl
racergrrl: good job!
PinkSugar: like help out deaf people being yelled at by customers
PinkSugar: it's all because of cream lemon
11:45 PM
racergrrl: well, yeah
PinkSugar: we're all going to hell for that
PinkSugar: poor luna

Usako: >_>
PinkSugar: there's this stupid talk show on tv
PinkSugar: i dont' think you have it here
PinkSugar: there*
racergrrl: rofl
PinkSugar: it seems really canadian
PinkSugar: because it's so stupid
PinkSugar: and these people talk about sex
PinkSugar: and i stopped on it one time
PinkSugar: don't ask why x_x
racergrrl: why?
PinkSugar: x_x
racergrrl: are you a freak like that?
PinkSugar: it was like... 11:30
PinkSugar: some weird bizarre time when nothing's on

PinkSugar: and it's not often you flip through channels and one channel says "*****!"
Usako: in my CAT lecture (200 something students) at any given moment at least 3 people area playing WoW
PinkSugar: you take a class on cats?
Usako: CAT culture art technology
PinkSugar: can i sign up?
Usako: its a horrible writing sequence -_-
Usako: we write about heidegger
racergrrl: blah, college sucks
Usako: and all these other annyoing authors
racergrrl: i never want to go back
Usako: college is fun
Usako: except for finals and midterms >_> and essays <_<
PinkSugar: i still don't know where i'm going to get a few grand
PinkSugar: out of nowhere
PinkSugar: by sept 12.
Usako: i cant wait to go back to college
Usako: actually
Usako: well for the most part XD
Usako: i liked going to the beach at 12 am spur of the moment kinda thing
PinkSugar: ohh, look, i have to be at work in 5 hours
Usako: fun!
racergrrl: cmon chibi-usa, pull an all nighter
PinkSugar: i can't
12:05 AM
PinkSugar: because i got up at 5am this morning
Usako: come on you're gonna go back to college!
Usako: prepare for college
racergrrl: it's training
PinkSugar: i can do it if i slept in
PinkSugar: ;_;
Usako: damn x_X
PinkSugar: i never was good at all-nighters
Usako: i remember one time
racergrrl: i stay up all weekend
Usako: i started my essay liek at 4 am O_O
racergrrl: and then sleep from about 5pm sunday until i gotta get up monday
Usako: so yea that was the last time i pulled an all nighter because of class -_-
Usako: i was stupid, i wasnt even doing that much
racergrrl: i used to love all nighters
racergrrl: now i'm getting a little old for them
racergrrl: i end up all woozy and cracked out
racergrrl: which is still fun
Usako: and by the time i was in class
racergrrl: but not very efficient
Usako: i felt like puking
Usako: so all nighters arent good for me
PinkSugar: you'd think i'd be able to do it easily
racergrrl: yeah
racergrrl: i would
PinkSugar: i'm not that old...
racergrrl: because you're magic like that
PinkSugar: and my body naturally enjoys being up late
PinkSugar: when i have days off... i start out just going to bed late... like maybe 3am
racergrrl: blah, thinking about you two going to college is making me feel older than i am even x_X
PinkSugar: then it'll just slowly move up more and more
PinkSugar: 4am, 5am, 6am
Usako: i think i ate breakfast like 3 times at ucsd o_O
PinkSugar: i rarely skip breakfast
PinkSugar: because i'm weird
racergrrl: i can't eat in the morning
racergrrl: i get sick
racergrrl: in zoisite's floor
racergrrl: >_>
racergrrl: <_<
PinkSugar: ROFL
PinkSugar: in his flor
PinkSugar: floor*
12:10 AM
PinkSugar: i really really really want to go to his work
racergrrl: i don't
PinkSugar: since it's a public place now
PinkSugar: why not???
racergrrl: he'd probably freak out
Usako: does he teach gifted students? o_O
racergrrl: and like, attack me
PinkSugar: well, he'd recognize you for sure
racergrrl: and he's HUGE
PinkSugar: ROFL
PinkSugar: and ROFL, usagi
racergrrl: okay, not that big
racergrrl: bbut it's fun to say
racergrrl: he's a librarian
PinkSugar: he puts books on shelves
PinkSugar: >:
PinkSugar: >:x*
racergrrl: oh, and looks things up in the phonebook for morons
PinkSugar: lol
PinkSugar: yeah
racergrrl: and leaves computers on and stays up all night worrying about it
PinkSugar: *dies*
racergrrl: because HE'S A FREAK
Usako: ...for gifted students?
PinkSugar: he probably is getting no sleep
racergrrl: i don't know where he lives
racergrrl: and i don't want to
racergrrl: because he's an idiot
racergrrl: and i might show up there to tell him that someday
PinkSugar: i kept telling myself i'd do something
PinkSugar: like prank call him

PinkSugar: and hear him freak out about it on LJ
PinkSugar: omg
PinkSugar: go to one of those dumbass cons
racergrrl: no
PinkSugar: you know he'll be there
racergrrl: no
racergrrl: no
racergrrl: nonononono
PinkSugar: how will you find him then?
racergrrl: i will hurt his costume
racergrrl: if i go to one of the cons
PinkSugar: @_@
PinkSugar: yeah...
12:15 AM
racergrrl: also, he'd probably attack me
racergrrl: he's deathly afraid of us
PinkSugar: just bring your trusty knife
racergrrl: because w'ere cool and he's not
racergrrl: rofl
PinkSugar: if i'm ever going to the same con as zoisite
racergrrl: yeah, it's still got umino's blood on it
PinkSugar: i'm going as "ackio"
PinkSugar: and i'll woggle my eyebrows at him continuously
racergrrl: *dies*
Usako: damnit -_- im not in san diego during comic con
PinkSugar: he'll probably do what he says...
Usako: im not in san jose during fanime
PinkSugar: "runs away in the opposite direction"
racergrrl: poor usagi
Usako: and im back in san jose during aX
PinkSugar: bad bad luck
racergrrl: i was supposed to be at ax
PinkSugar: me too ;_; dammit already ;_;
Usako: ;o my cousin and his friends stayed at my SISTERS apartment for aX
Usako: andd didnt even tell me about it
racergrrl: but chibi-usa here doesn't like me
PinkSugar: why can't money be free? ;_;
racergrrl: poor usagi ;_;
PinkSugar: ...
racergrrl: poor chibi-usa ;_;
PinkSugar: ...
racergrrl: i'm still going next year though
racergrrl: with or without chibi-usa and minako >P
PinkSugar: i'm not saying i'm going anywhere
12:20 AM
PinkSugar: until i have plane tickets in my hand
racergrrl: and you can come with me usagi
Usako: :)
oh, i heard AX sucked this year anyway
Usako: -_- if i can go to a convention
racergrrl: it sucks every year
racergrrl: so does fanime
PinkSugar: well, this year more than ever
racergrrl: and comic con sucked too
racergrrl: except for the part where i saw rei
PinkSugar: i really loved your costume *_*
PinkSugar: *random*
racergrrl: it was a good costume
racergrrl: i might remake the sleeves
racergrrl: and since the dress zips up the back, i might try to make it a little slimmer
PinkSugar: it had boots, right?
racergrrl: yep
PinkSugar: what kind of boots?
PinkSugar: >_>
PinkSugar: <_<
racergrrl: i'm not used to dresses that make me look fat
PinkSugar: hey haruka show us your bobs
PinkSugar: boots*
PinkSugar: >

PinkSugar: they weren't the painful kind of boots, right?
racergrrl: no, those were okay
Usako: i effing want some
PinkSugar: i was asking to see if you were planning on wearing those ones over and over >_>
12:25 AM
Usako: i eat at minato with my friends sometimes
Usako: *_* i ate there 8 times, i filled up my card
Usako: now i can have an entree of SASHIMI for free
racergrrl: umm, way to go?
PinkSugar: i don't like food from the sea
i don't like any of the japanese restaurants around here
PinkSugar: i like fake chinese food
PinkSugar: that's full of MSG and fat
racergrrl: i found an all you can eat chinese buffet here where it's actual chinese food
PinkSugar: but other than that, i think seafood is the nast
Usako: rofl
PinkSugar: STFU
PinkSugar: ... @_@
PinkSugar: lol!
PinkSugar: but yeah, minako and i were comparing what kind of foods we liked

12:30 AM
PinkSugar: and it was scary how similar of tastes we had >_>
PinkSugar: kind of picky <_<

racergrrl: that's because you're really just one person chibi-usa
PinkSugar: but she likes a lot of seafood... and i like mashed potatoes (and she doesn't)
PinkSugar: so it evens out >
PinkSugar: YES
PinkSugar: I AM REALLY minako

PinkSugar: ... X_X
PinkSugar: so yeah
PinkSugar: i think i missed the meteor shower
Usako: rofl
PinkSugar: i wonder if it's still going on
PinkSugar: yeah
PinkSugar: uh huh
PinkSugar: i think
PinkSugar: i will go and see

Usako: <emits>
PinkSugar: XoX
racergrrl: *gags*
racergrrl: *dies*
racergrrl: oh my
racergrrl: it's like you haven't grown up at all usagi >D
PinkSugar: ...ROFL
Usako: lol
PinkSugar: die for us usagi
Usako: <lives>
PinkSugar: >:O!
PinkSugar: aww, she died
PinkSugar: just like old times
racergrrl: *resurrects usagi*
Usako: <emits>
Usako: .
Usako: do you guys still go to neopets? O_o
racergrrl: no
Usako: hahahah
PinkSugar: good
Usako: D:
again: goo
PinkSugar: d
PinkSugar: GOO!!!
PinkSugar: GOOY
Usako: gooy?
PinkSugar: x_x;
Usako: gooey?
PinkSugar: yeah
Usako: eww
Usako: it was my webcam >_>
12:40 AM
PinkSugar: :-* = tossed salad = jail
racergrrl: poor ami
PinkSugar: oh yeah
PinkSugar: lol, yeah poor ami
racergrrl: she still hasn't gotten over that tossed salad thing
PinkSugar: after all these years >D
racergrrl: i know i haven't
racergrrl: thhat was funny stuff
racergrrl: rofl
Usako: i cant believe its TWO STORIES!! its like for a freaking family
racergrrl: ...
racergrrl: you're a little weird usagi
PinkSugar: ...
Usako: and barf
Usako: i just think its hilarious
PinkSugar: sorryyyyyy <_<
MizunoAmi: BACK
racergrrl: you missed it
Usako: omfg WB
PinkSugar: WB
MizunoAmi: and i just read part of the chat
MizunoAmi: i'm too scared to continue

MizunoAmi: projectile vomit
PinkSugar: lol
Usako: rofl
PinkSugar: and let me tell you
PinkSugar: it's goodtimes
racergrrl: *dies*
MizunoAmi: *dies*
Usako: <dies>
Usako: darn
MizunoAmi: whee
MizunoAmi: >X
12:55 AM
MizunoAmi: dammit
MizunoAmi: now i want a chocolate martini ;_;

MizunoAmi: i'm going home sunday morning *_*
MizunoAmi: until then...CODEDEBUGCODEDEBUGCODE x_X
1:00 AM
racergrrl: i'm glad i don't have to do that
MizunoAmi: lol
Usako: >_<
1:05 AM
Usako: <eats something>
MizunoAmi: ...
Usako: 3 dots
Usako: straight from the ocean *_*
MizunoAmi: SUSHI *_*
MizunoAmi: mmm
1:10 AM
MizunoAmi: brb
MizunoAmi has left this chat.
PinkSugar: we're all dummies
racergrrl: yeah you are
Usako: yep
racergrrl: *is so much better than you it's just funny*
racergrrl: >D
PinkSugar: you are so great
1:15 AM
MizunoAmi has joined this chat.
Usako: wb ami
MizunoAmi: i'll do it again chibi-usa, just for old time's sake - invite?
MizunoAmi: ty
Usako: ROFL
Usako: >_>
Usako: <_<
MizunoAmi: >D
Usako: that too
PinkSugar: ami you're yellow
MizunoAmi: nooooo
MizunoAmi has left this chat.
PinkSugar: haruka's a nice shade of grey
1:20 AM
MizunoAmi has joined this chat.
MizunoAmi: better?
PinkSugar: deep purple >_>
MizunoAmi: what'd i miss?
PinkSugar: i guess so <_<
MizunoAmi: better
Usako: x_X
MizunoAmi: i am a margarita
MizunoAmi: at least i'm free now

racergrrl: rofl
1:25 AM
MizunoAmi: electrical engineering, w00t
MizunoAmi: brb
racergrrl: what are you majoring in usagi?
Usako: cognitive science for now
Usako: neuroscience is like #2 at ucsd for grad schools
Usako: but i cant do that
Usako: its too damn hard
racergrrl: if i ever go back to college, i think i'm going to major in pottery or something, just so i'm not like the rest of you
Usako: B.A. in basket weaving
PinkSugar: lol pottery
PinkSugar: x_x;;;;;;;;;
racergrrl: o_o
PinkSugar: that's great
racergrrl: brb
MizunoAmi: back
PinkSugar: wb
Usako: wb
Usako: <gasp>
MizunoAmi: back
PinkSugar: i wonder why the occipital lobe involving vision is in the back of the brain o_O
MizunoAmi: i'm at home
PinkSugar: it's so weird
racergrrl: they're discecting the brain
MizunoAmi: nerd conversation, eh?
MizunoAmi: it's because that's where light refracts
Usako: isnt it because thats where its being transcribed O_O
Usako: oh wait
PinkSugar: it's just where the optic nerve leads
Usako: hm
MizunoAmi: the way the light enters our eyes, the image is upside down, but then it bounces off at the back and the image is righted again
Usako: well yea
MizunoAmi: wait - reflects or refracts?
PinkSugar: isn't that in the eyeball?
MizunoAmi: dammit, physics haunts me yet again
Usako: yes physics ap was awful >_>
MizunoAmi: i need to pull out my optics notes now >_<
PinkSugar: and the switching left/right happens on the crossing over intersection of the optic nerve behind the eyes
PinkSugar: i think
MizunoAmi: darn you all to heck >O
Usako: the optics section was my best section actually O_O cause it had the least to do with physics XD
PinkSugar: lol, ok no more of this
1:35 AM
PinkSugar: my eyes are awful
Usako: and thermodynamics was my second favorite >_> cause it had the second least to do with physics
PinkSugar: i have bad myopia >_>
MizunoAmi: i love chem >_>;
Usako: sucks
SetYouOnFire has joined this chat.
MizunoAmi: there you are ;_;
racergrrl: oh crap it's rei
SetYouOnFire: twimmmm
PinkSugar: who's fire?
MizunoAmi: GAH
MizunoAmi: you're blinding yellow X_X
SetYouOnFire: stop talking crap about me haruka
PinkSugar: oh wait, are you galaktis on grep?
racergrrl: crap crap crap
PinkSugar: hi, i'm chibi-usa
SetYouOnFire: rofl
PinkSugar: i'm a moonatic
SetYouOnFire: hi pink
Usako: rei!!!!!!!!!!!
Usako: O_O_O
SetYouOnFire: Usako!!!!!!!!!!!
SetYouOnFire: LA
PinkSugar: TOLD YOU
PinkSugar: usagi i told you like two times already

racergrrl: but rei has to tell her
MizunoAmi: lol
SetYouOnFire: yes
PinkSugar: she doesn't want you to go there rei
racergrrl: so she can forget
SetYouOnFire: because chibi-usa's a liar
SetYouOnFire: >.>
SetYouOnFire: <.<
Usako: i had to hear it from rei XD
Usako: DUDE
racergrrl: and ask again every time he sees her on
PinkSugar: i don't lie >
racergrrl: because she is usagi
SetYouOnFire: rofl haruka
PinkSugar: *dies*
MizunoAmi: omg
Usako: .
racergrrl: see
racergrrl: lovely
1:40 AM
MizunoAmi: I have ridiculous calves
SetYouOnFire: rofllll
Usako: rei, i have a gay uncle who lives near hillcrest
SetYouOnFire: usagi that's literally the fifth time you've told me
PinkSugar: ROFL
racergrrl: rofl
PinkSugar: hey usagi, i'm from canada
SetYouOnFire: rofllll chibi-usa
Usako: i'm from normal
SetYouOnFire: ::respectful silence::
SetYouOnFire: >.>
SetYouOnFire: <.<
racergrrl: crap on that
racergrrl: no more silence
racergrrl: entertain me
PinkSugar: what we need
PinkSugar: (and haruka is going to hate me for this)
PinkSugar: is the following:
PinkSugar: GO
MizunoAmi: blue
PinkSugar: ...
racergrrl: red
PinkSugar: >
PinkSugar: STOP
PinkSugar: haruka
PinkSugar: DOORS
1:45 AM
MizunoAmi: *dies*
racergrrl: *dies*
racergrrl: i forget the rules!
SetYouOnFire: pick a door >D
PinkSugar: >!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
racergrrl: uhm, door one
PinkSugar: OMG
MizunoAmi: I said "stops" to stop talking about it...and then I lagged >_<
PinkSugar: IT'S A TOY BOX
MizunoAmi: I was going to say "ok, i'm done"
MizunoAmi: wait - the toybox?
PinkSugar: lol i dont know ami, i totally forget
MizunoAmi: i remember too well, having modded it enough -_-
racergrrl: uhm... my hello kitty massager?
PinkSugar: OMGGGG
PinkSugar: too scandaloussssssss
SetYouOnFire: roflllllllll
MizunoAmi: >_>
Usako: hello kitty
racergrrl: hey, it's still in the box
SetYouOnFire: i know
MizunoAmi: oh <_<
PinkSugar: that was so sudden
SetYouOnFire: >.>.>
SetYouOnFire: usagi i love you
PinkSugar: minako has a boyfriend
PinkSugar: i found out a few days ago or whatever
Usako: XD love you too
SetYouOnFire: that was one of the first things she told me
SetYouOnFire: which is just so minako -.-;
MizunoAmi: when i talked to her a few days ago, she started out with telling me that she was getting married
SetYouOnFire: ME TOO
MizunoAmi: and i was like HOLEE SHEET
MizunoAmi: and then she laughed at me ;_;
SetYouOnFire: i knew she was lying <.<
Usako: dude
SetYouOnFire: that ho >.>
Usako: is she really
Usako: oh
racergrrl: rofl
Usako: n/m
MizunoAmi: *DIES*
SetYouOnFire: roflll
PinkSugar: she told everyone that i think
MizunoAmi: i <3 usagi
PinkSugar: she told me that she was getting married
PinkSugar: and i was like
PinkSugar: "OMG!!!!! @_@"
PinkSugar: and she's like "yes"
SetYouOnFire: she was like "I'M GETTING MARRIED"
SetYouOnFire: and i said "don't eff with me @.@"
SetYouOnFire: and then she stopped
SetYouOnFire: i am not gullible anymore -.-
racergrrl: she told me her boyfriend goes to cambridge or something next month
MizunoAmi: she told me that too
PinkSugar: yeah x_x
racergrrl: and that it's going to suck
SetYouOnFire: yes
PinkSugar: not really
racergrrl: and nothing about marriage
PinkSugar: not for you
Usako: our minako is growing up
Usako: _-_
PinkSugar: last time i spoke to her she wasn't dating anyone
1:50 AM
PinkSugar: and that was months ago
SetYouOnFire: but she was obsessed with tim
PinkSugar: like in april/may
SetYouOnFire: or whatever
MizunoAmi: but other than that

racergrrl: why does april suck?
SetYouOnFire: yes tell us
MizunoAmi: it was a stressful month
PinkSugar: well
MizunoAmi: especially the last two weeks
MizunoAmi: and i'd rather not go into all the would just kill the chat.
SetYouOnFire: we're so cool ;.;
Usako: <dies>
PinkSugar: O_O
SetYouOnFire: >.>
SetYouOnFire: <.<
MizunoAmi: >D
MizunoAmi: >D
1:55 AM
PinkSugar: i found all your houses on google
MizunoAmi: speaking of google
SetYouOnFire: o.o;;
MizunoAmi: did you guys check out the moon?
PinkSugar: you and your freaky hous
PinkSugar: with the different roof
PinkSugar: I KNOW rei.
PinkSugar: I KNOW.
SetYouOnFire: you do ;.;?
SetYouOnFire: chibi-usa stop ;.;
PinkSugar: lol >
PinkSugar: puu lives in the boonies
PinkSugar: *plays on google maps*
MizunoAmi: *gagchokdie*
racergrrl: rofl
racergrrl: *knows where rei's house is*
racergrrl: *is under her bed*
SetYouOnFire: ::knows that::
SetYouOnFire: *okay
SetYouOnFire: we all buy sweatpants from walmart
racergrrl: not i
MizunoAmi: *dies*
2:40 AM
SetYouOnFire: ::cheap::
PinkSugar: can't
PinkSugar: breathe
SetYouOnFire: roflllllllllllllllllll
PinkSugar: omg
PinkSugar: i just dropped a can
PinkSugar: on the floor
PinkSugar: and i'm pretty sure everyone is awake
MizunoAmi: ...
PinkSugar: because i tried to catch it and i like
PinkSugar: threw it down and it crashed >_>
PinkSugar: loudly <_< and bounced >_> STUPID METAL <_<
SetYouOnFire: ROFL
MizunoAmi: OMG
SetYouOnFire: >D
PinkSugar: OMG
MizunoAmi: TBW
PinkSugar: WET CARPET!!!
MizunoAmi: MAMOCHAN >_>
racergrrl: ...
racergrrl: ew
MizunoAmi: I need to read that now...
MizunoAmi: DAMMIT
racergrrl: you can't rush good pizza
2:45 AM
Usako: <dies>
racergrrl: you perverted piece of crap
MizunoAmi: nooooo
SetYouOnFire: at the end -.-;;;;
MizunoAmi: I can never order Papa Johns again ;_;
MizunoAmi: >O
PinkSugar: owww
PinkSugar: my shoulder

racergrrl: ewwwwwwwwwww
PinkSugar: and i am laughing so hard
SetYouOnFire: chibi-usa the last one is the BEST at the end
PinkSugar: oh i am reading them all
SetYouOnFire: roflmao it is SOOOOOO FUNNY
PinkSugar: if i can get threw it
PinkSugar: through*
PinkSugar: THREW
PinkSugar: lol
SetYouOnFire: threw >D
PinkSugar: but i must say
PinkSugar: no AOLish!!
PinkSugar: (yet)
PinkSugar: okay i must continue >_>

racergrrl: >D
SetYouOnFire: hey haruka
MizunoAmi: EWWWW
racergrrl: *dies repeatedly*
MizunoAmi: *screams*
Usako: rofl i just heard that someone who i dont like got pooped on by a bird XD
SetYouOnFire: nice >D
MizunoAmi: *dies*
SetYouOnFire: HARRRRRRRR omg rofl
MizunoAmi: I can't breathe X_X
racergrrl: *dies*
racergrrl: that was beautiful rei
racergrrl: and yay usagi
racergrrl: then i pour hot caramel over your head
racergrrl: i kick you in the face!
SetYouOnFire: roflllllll i can't type
racergrrl: it's beautiful
SetYouOnFire: i tear off your wooden peg leg
SetYouOnFire: omgggggggggg
MizunoAmi: Hey chibi-usa >_>
MizunoAmi: <_<
2:50 AM
SetYouOnFire: she's reading
SetYouOnFire: >D
MizunoAmi: thought so
MizunoAmi: omg, that was effing hilarious
MizunoAmi: my stomach hurts
racergrrl: my face hurts
MizunoAmi: i just hurt
SetYouOnFire: hurts from the peg leg
PinkSugar: oooomg
MizunoAmi: >D
PinkSugar: yes i am reading
PinkSugar: and dying
racergrrl: brb
MizunoAmi: hey mamochan
MizunoAmi: dammit, i can't keep setting it up
MizunoAmi: it's not funny anymore -_-
PinkSugar: i'm so sorry ;_;
PinkSugar: usako ;_;
MizunoAmi: seriously
Usako: o.o are u guys okay
MizunoAmi: all i wanted to say was "Wanna touch my lettuce?"
MizunoAmi: is that too much to ask????
SetYouOnFire: o.o;;
MizunoAmi: >_>
MizunoAmi: <_<
MizunoAmi: my jaws are still in pain _XX
MizunoAmi: XX_
Usako: X_X*
MizunoAmi: thank you
MizunoAmi: @_#
Usako: XD
PinkSugar: i'm starting to get that painful barbie smile ;_;
SetYouOnFire: bleh i have to gooo
2:55 AM
SetYouOnFire: byeeeeee my loves ;.;
Usako: i need to go too X_X
SetYouOnFire: night!
SetYouOnFire: final note for chibi-usa
Usako: ;_; we gotta keep doing these chats guys
SetYouOnFire has left this chat.
Usako: night ;_;
Usako has left this chat.
MizunoAmi: damn
MizunoAmi: missed
MizunoAmi: and it's almost 5
MizunoAmi: poop
MizunoAmi: stupid programs can die
MizunoAmi: oh wait, they already do
MizunoAmi: they need to live
MizunoAmi: ;_;
MizunoAmi: but i need a nap before i can continue
MizunoAmi: so on that note, goodnight!
MizunoAmi: *touches chibi-usa's spinach*
MizunoAmi has left this chat.
racergrrl: rofl
racergrrl: good morning chibi-usa
racergrrl: have a nice day at work
PinkSugar: oh man
PinkSugar: just finished
PinkSugar: once the poo nuggets were discovered
PinkSugar: that was it
PinkSugar: haruka?

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