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Fanfic Contests FAQ
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Fanfic Contests FAQ
How do the contests work?
spacer Please read below for information on all contests run in the Fanfiction Library. As contests are added, so will the instructions.
Mad Libs
spacer 1. SailorUranus will find an excerpt, product description, review, etc. and convert it for use as a Mad Lib.
2. SailorUranus will post a list of words for you to provide.
3. You will have 2 weeks to post a list of words.
4. SailorUranus will plug your words in and post the results.
5. All members of will have 2 weeks to read the resulting entries and vote for the one they like best.
6. The winner will be added to a special winners' team and hopefully get a badge like the other contest winners. :)

Well, that was the original idea. Since the site was down for so many years, just go read the entries and rank how good you think each one is on a scale of 1(bad)-10(awesome) and eventually I'll pick a winner if we actually get votes!
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