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Topic: Talk about anything related to the Dr. Who and Torchwood universes. Were you a fan of the old series? Have you hopped on board for the new seasons? Talk about your favorite characters and moments from the show! Anything Dr. Who or Torchwood is welcome here.

Please do not post spoilers for anything that has not aired in North America yet; we want to minimize spoilers as much as possible.

Finally, respect each other and play nice. All other site rules and ToS apply here.
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Have there been a lot of cuts and changes from British Dr. Who to US Dr. Who? I don't think I've seen any of the British episodes if they're different to know what, and how much has been changed. I have already seen all of Torchwood season 1, however, and I am quite interested in how that's going to end up over here. I have a feeling it's going to be censored to death over here, though. -_-;

I actually really liked the Torchwood characters a lot. They seemed to have a lot more depth, and I really liked how they explored the darkness in people that everyone can relate to on some level. It was also interesting to see the differences between the Captain Jack of Dr. Who and the Captain Jack of Torchwood, considering it's the same character. I'm curious to see how they're going to portray him when he comes back in this season of Dr. Who.

Speaking of which, I almost died when I realized last week's episode was a 2-parter. Darn them: the suspense! The anticipation! @_@
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Yes, season 1 has completely aired in North America now, so talk about it all you want.

*Updated topic header*

Captain Jack is SO hot... =D
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They better post... if they know what's good for them. =D

So far so good on season 2 though. I really like how they've started out strong and kept up the momentum, unlike season 1 where they started out slower and worked their way up. I guess it's because they figure people already know what's going on in general, and they're not really introducing any new main characters up front either. I guess you could argue whether or not Martha is a main character, but regardless, most people should already know who she is anyway, personality, etc.

Looking forward to find out where this one is ending up!
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So far I've only really liked one episode in series 2, where they let their imagination go a bit wilder and where they came closer to the kind of sci-fi I like (it involved memories). Otherwise I tend to find a lot of action in Torchwood, but not much to really challenge my views of the world.
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So just in case anyone hasn't seen yet, April is going to be a big month:

Dr Who Season 4 starts on Sci-Fi April 18, and The Sarah Jane Adventures begin on April 11.

w00t! *_*
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Agreed. Between that and the Torchwood season finale, you needed a box of tissues. So many characters dying; I can't believe it ended like that. Toshiko was my favorite character, and Owen already died once, so it wasn't as big of a deal for me. And I just didn't like him as much as Tosh. ;_;
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For me, I didn't like that Sci-Fi is lauding the Christmas special as episode 1 of the new season, when it's something that stands on its own in between seasons every year. But then again, I get a little picky over things like that.

The end of the actual first episode had me screaming at the TV/*coughcomputerscreencough*. Two and Three were awesome as well, and I'm really looking forward to Four after seeing the preview at the end of Three.

No more discussion of those though ... they haven't been aired here yet I think.

I am totally ready to see what's going to happen with that little surprise they threw us though. *_* Youknowwho FTW!
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So I'm sad that Dr. Who is over for another season. I also don't care much for the fact that we're only getting like a half dozen specials next year. I have to say though, Donna has been my favorite companion so far. I'm glad that she didn't fall in love with the Doctor like Rose and Martha did; the whole head over heels thing is a bit trite in my opinion. I really felt sorry for Donna though; after all the incredible places she saw and things she did, and she doesn't even get to remember them all. So sad. ;_;
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I liked Rose best of the new ones because she got the best episodes. The first two seasons were just better than 3 and 4, story-wise. Also, Jackie. I LOVE Jackie. XD Martha was hottest. By a comfortable margin. Donna... just bothered me. Doesn't help that she can't act at all. She only has 3 expressions: confused, sad-panda, and LOUD.


ARGH! I don't like it switching between servers while I post. Whatever, you'll understand, my Joshity.
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For those who haven't seen yet, this was just announced about 30 minutes ago:

26-year-old actor Matt Smith has been cast as the Eleventh Doctor, as revealed in today's special broadcast of Doctor Who Confidential on BBC One. Smith will succeed David Tennant in the role for the fifth series, which begins filming this summer and will air in 2010.

Smith has appeared in various television productions, including alongside Billie Piper in the BBC's adaptations of the Philip Pullman novels The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North. He co-starred in the drama series Party Animals, and on stage was in Alan Bennett's acclaimed play The History Boys.

Smith was born and bred in Northampton, England, and later attended the University of East Anglia in Norwich. He is the youngest actor ever to have been cast as the Doctor in the TV series.

BBC News quotes Smith as saying: "I've got this wonderful journey in front of me where I've got this six months to build this Time Lord - and that's such an exciting prospect." Executive producer Piers Wenger has said that: "It was abundantly clear that he had that 'Doctor-ness' about him. You are either the Doctor or you are not."

The BBC Press Office, meanwhile, has a full release with quotes from new chief writer Steven Moffat, who was one of those behind Smith's casting. "The Doctor is a very special part, and it takes a very special actor to play him. You need to be old and young at the same time, a boffin and an action hero, a cheeky schoolboy and the wise old man of the universe. As soon as Matt walked through the door, and blew us away with a bold and brand new take on the Time Lord, we knew we had our man."

(Taken from The Dr Who News Page -

David Tennant will be missed, but the new Doctor is YUM!
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I think I'm going through withdrawals... Children of Earth isn't supposed to air on BBC One until sometime this summer, and the next Dr. Who (Easter special) is too far away. ;_;
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