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*Link Addition FAQ*
What level do I need to be to submit my link?
spacer You must be at Henshin Brooch level or higher to submit your link to the Crystal Key.
What does my site need to be submitted here?
spacer Mainly, it must be complete. If there are many sections that are incomplete or "under construction," it will not be accepted.

Also, please submit the link in its appropriate section.
My site wasn't added, why not?
spacer The most common reason a site is reject is because of three things; broken images and links, lack of content, or inappropriate content.

As mentioned above, any unfinished site will be rejected. This also includes broken images and links that lead the reviewer to a 404 error (a 404 error means that the page could not be found). Faulty HTML also applies here. A finished page should have no broken tables or cause our web browsers to crash more than once or twice. Please look into our Luna's Purrings section for help on creating a working website. Not everybody uses IE, so making a site that only other IE users can see isn't very nice and any site that is not friendly to all browsers has a point against it from the start.

Lack of content is another big problem. For any site to be added to our database, there must actually be a site. One page with two pictures and a paragraph on it does not count as having enough substance for us to link to.

Inappropriate content is the catch all catagory. This allows the reviewer to reject any site that they deem to be, well, inappropriate. The majority of visitors to Grep Sailormoon* are children, and as such any site with profanity, nudity, or excessive violence will not be linked to. For-profit sites are in this section as well. We aren't here to help you make money, so please don't ask. Massive use of java applets or .mp3 background music could also cause your site to be rejected. If we find your site so terribly annoying that it is beyond toleration, it will not be added.

Your site may also be turned away if you submit it to the wrong section. Picture archives, character shrines, even other link lists each have their own catagory. Please place your link request in the proper place.

Also, if your site is rejected, do NOT submit it again repeatedly. This is rude, and will almost certainly result in the Neptune staff ignoring any further links to that site. You may resubmit after you modify your page, but do so only once. You may feel free to email the Neptune team to ask why your site was rejected, but be warned, we will answer truthfully.
My site has changed it's URL, name, or I've simply gotten rid of it all together, so how do I get my link in the database updated so it shows the correct information?

spacer Find your link in the database, and you will see a link called Edit, and a red X. Click on edit to change information like the site name or URL (although this will cause it to lose its approval, and it must be looked over again). If you don't want your link in our database for whatever reason, clicking the X will remove it. Only the person that added the link will be able to remove it however.
You changed my description, why?
spacer This is one area that should be used sparingly.
Do not put comments to your friends, messages to the Neptune team, long comments, or comments that simply aren't true (let us judge if you have the best site in the world, you are a bit biased after all). Remember, the Neptune team can easily change or erase any comment that we find questionable.

The best way to make sure your comment sticks is if it is short and helpful. For example, if your link is in the Galleries section, and you only have pictures of Sailor Mercury, then put something like "Mercury picture shrine". Its short, and tells a user exactly what to expect. If you happen to have episodes for download, you could say "Several episodes for download". Simple, no?
Wait, hold up. Just how exactly do I submit the link again?
spacer This one is really simple.
Just go to the section of the Crystal Key you want your link to be in, like Galleries or Sailor Pluto. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and if you are at Crystal Star or above, you'll see two boxes you can type in. Just type in your site's name and the URL in the appropriate boxes, and click the submit button ONCE. That will add the link to the list of others waiting to be reviewed and accepted.
Can I submit links to all my other favorite Sailor Moon sites?
spacer Yes you can. Please feel free to submit the link to any site you want to be added the appropriate list. Before you do so, PLEASE check to make sure that link isn't already submitted.

A website will be removed from the list if its owner requests it to be removed.
I just found a bad link in the database, what should I do?

spacer Although the Neptunes do try to check the links already in the database from time to time, they can't find every link as soon as it goes bad. If you find one that returns a 404 (page not found), or the link is unnacceptable (it turned into an adult site), please email SailorNeptune and tell her to fix it.

When you send the email, please list the section (Galleries, Other, Multimedia, etc) the bad link is in, the site's name, and the site's URL. Example:

Section: Sailor Mercury
Site Name: Mercury's Bubblebath

This makes finding the link quick and easy, and means it will be removed promptly.
Just giving the Neptune team a URL for the bad link means they have to scroll through every section one by one until they find it. This is not good, and slows everybody down considerably. Be nice and tell them where to look.

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